Vitally Case Study- PandaDoc serves as the conductor providing a seamless operation

Vitally Case Study- PandaDoc serves as the conductor providing a seamless operation
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The Problem

Vitally is a Customer Success platform that aggregates CRM, billing, product usage, and other key data into an easily digestible and actionable format for B2B companies.As a result, customer success teams can quickly identify customers at risk of churn and possible expansion opportunities, as well as monitor customer retention rates. 

Before PandaDoc, the Vitally document creation and management processes were all over the place. Vitally was reliant on the wealth of inherited knowledge to copy and paste existing Word document contracts. This practice led to a bigger risk of errors, the search for a previous customer request impossible due to lack of naming conventions, and the need to proritize to get the contracts right each time. Their existing process was a complete time-suck so an immediate search began to find alternative solutions to streamline the process. 

When I started in January, it was a bit all over the map. Very early on I knew it just wasn’t going to scale.” Jason Richman, VP of Sales

Jason Richman, Vice President of Sales, knew early on that it would be difficult to scale their business without a streamlined document process. That’s when their search for a complete document management solution began. The business needed a solution that worked well with their current Hubspot CRM – a CRM integration would also help them keep tabs on all of their documents easily. Vitally users could start to build a document, as well as pull important information into the document. By PandaDoc working with HubSpot, it would eliminate the back and forth and ease the exchange of information between the two systems. The PandaDoc and HubSpot integration was the key to unlocking Vitally’s bottlenecked process. 

The Solution

“PandaDoc stepped in as the conductor of their processes.” Jason Richman, VP of Sales 

Vitally implemented PandaDoc for both the Sales and HR Teams. The new process practically builds documents for sales reps. The sales team can link documents to an opportunity in HubSpot, thus allowing a rep to track a sale from start to finish. Reps can now have a deeper understanding of where their deals are in the sales process. 

In addition to their newfound insights, the sales team can generate contracts, order forms with MSAs, templates for different plan types, NDAs, DPAs, and the HR team can create employment contracts and agreements within their department. 

A designer customized their templates to incorporate the Vitally brand. The new look and feel of the documents made all the difference because now the documents were a reflection of the website. Speaking of the website, the new documents were also an extension of the customer experience as they were made to connect all customer interactions into a single source. 

“We have the templates pre-built and saved in a folder called Vitally Order Forms. Directly in HubSpot, they go in, choose the template they want to use, and get redirected to PandaDoc.” Jason Richman, VP of Sales.

The Results

PandaDoc has had a profound impact on the Vitally sales process. Because PandaDoc gives the option for contract review prior to a customer’s signature, the sales process and experience move much more quickly. Through the use of PandaDoc, Vitally can address customer needs quickly, ensure customer consistency across departments, and streamline processes across every team within the business.

“It’s all on a case by case basis depending on the deal. It does definitely save time, there’s consistency in terms of what they send due to use of the templates, and we are less prone to error.” Jason Richman, VP of Sales

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