Good Work increased close rate by 30% and cut proposal creation time by 80%

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Good Work is a web development agency with a bulletproof project management process. Founded in 2014, Good Work’s team is based in Texas and located across the U.S., England, and France. Garrett Winder is Good Work’s founder and managing director.

increased close rate
cut proposal creation time

The problem

While the Good Work team has had the development process nailed down for years, their sales process was far less organized. Garrett’s team struggled to stay on top of opportunities, especially during the proposal and contract stages, when documents needed to be created using Pages and emailed to clients for review. The frustration of using a word processor to create these documents meant that a single proposal could take up to an hour to write and getting documents signed and back from clients was a constant headache.

The solution

As you’d expect from a developer, Garrett turned to technology to solve his problems. After reviewing some competing platforms, Garrett selected PandaDoc & Pipedrive CRM as the technology tools he’d use to create a better sales process. Using Pipedrive & PandaDoc, Garrett created a workflow that leverages software to streamline and standardize Good Work’s approach to proposals and contracts.

The results

Using PandaDoc has had a strong positive impact on Good Work’s sales performance. According to Garrett, the biggest improvement has come in the form of time savings. Previously, proposals took up to an hour to create, and most proposals took several days to be reviewed and signed by clients. With PandaDoc, new proposals take less than 10 minutes on average to create, and proposals and contracts are signed and returned faster than ever.

“We’ve seen at least a 30% increase in close rates. Right now we’re closing 70-75% of opportunities, versus 45% before.” Garrett Winder, Good Work’s founder and managing director.

By creating standardized proposal templates and sending them through PandaDoc, Garrett says he’s been able to increase his close rates as well, helping Good Work grow faster than ever.

The combination of time savings and increased close rate has led to Good Work 4x-ing his operations headcount since 2016. Moving forward, Garrett says he’s looking forward to using PandaDoc to maintain the same efficiency and sales results as he continues to grow the company.

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