Digital Remit spends more time teaching and less time doing paperwork

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Digital Remit is spearheading a pilot program for providing crucial workshops and education to business owners around Oxford, London, and other areas of the UK. Their workshops and events help British companies develop and implement business growth strategies to ensure long-term growth and success.

cut document creation time
gained time for teaching in each course

The problem

Because Digital Remit’s program is funded by the government, course registrants must complete and submit a variety of paperwork to ensure that they are eligible for courses and any subsequent training or support. Prior to deploying PandaDoc, Justin’s team had to print and hand out physical documents at the start of each course, and spend the course’s first hour completing them. This process took a full hour of training out of the three-hour course and led to hours of work for Digital Remit and their partners after each session.

The solution

Today, Digital Remit creates and sends documents to attendees prior to courses using PandaDoc.

Digital Remit deployed PandaDoc as part of a larger digital workflow to save time, streamline course registration, and offer greater value to course attendees. Rather than manually creating enrollment packages, printing them, and handing them out, Justin’s team now uses PandaDoc in conjunction with EventBrite and Highrise CRM to automate document creation and deliver digital enrollment packages prior to each course. The Digital Remit team can track documents as they’re viewed and completed, and they use the PandaDoc Slack integration to receive instant notifications as each course attendee completes their documentation.


This digital document process has almost wiped out enrollment package creation time and completely eliminated the hour of paperwork that previously took up the entire first hour of each course. As a result, Digital Remit now has 30% more time to teach during every course, allowing them to deliver much greater value to those who attend.

“We’d happily recommend PandaDoc to anyone looking to save time dealing with their paperwork.” Justin Jackson, Director

Completing enrollment packets prior to course dates has also impacted Digital Remit’s ability to build positive relationships with those who wish to attend their courses. Justin’s team can now discover any eligibility issues prior to an attendee’s arrival for a course, and work with them in a positive manner to offer additional workshops and assistance based on eligibility.

Finally, using PandaDoc to create a truly digital document process gives Digital Remit an advantage over other agencies competing for government funding for similar programs. The convenience and time savings that Digital Remit has gained through PandaDoc allows them to provide more education and support than agencies who still rely on print-and-sign document processes.

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