PixelFLEX grew 300% with PandaDoc

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PixelFLEX is a provider of high-quality LED displays. Their award-winning products have powered the visual experiences at concerts, sporting events, and retail outlets around the world including South by Southwest, MLB’s Allstar Game FanFest, and Luke Bryan’s nationwide Kill the Lights tour.

proposal volume
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The problem

David Venus is PixelFLEX’s Director of Marketing. His primary focus is to strengthen Pixel Flex’s reputation as a nationally recognized brand known for delivering quality products and solutions. As a marketer with sales experience, David recognized the need for sales and marketing alignment within a successful organization.

When David joined the PixelFLEX team, he found a sales process that was stuck in yesterday’s methodology and was suffering as a result. While PixelFLEX has used Salesforce CRM for years, their sales results were being undermined by poor line-item focused proposals and outdated sales document workflows. David immediately set to work searching for a way to turn PixelFLEX’s sales team into a more efficient, intelligent version of themselves.

The solution

After weeks of careful research, demos, and trials, David confidently chose PandaDoc as the technology to fuel his efforts. PandaDoc’s seamless integration with Salesforce, drag and drop document builder, template & content libraries, and advanced document analytics, fit right into PixelFLEX’s existing sales process while solving the inefficiencies that were keeping the sales team from excelling.


Today, PixelFLEX’s sales team uses PandaDoc to close deals ranging from $10,000 to over $1 million and the results are far greater than what anyone expected. Since deploying PandaDoc, PixelFLEX has grown by 300% and has done so with zero turnovers in the sales department. Sales reps have tripled their proposal volume while simultaneously cutting the average sales cycle length in half.

David gives PandaDoc a lot of credit for PixelFLEX’s unprecedented success. The sales team can now build proposals and agreements that are detailed and refined in minutes and can use templates and the content library within PandaDoc to ensure that every document received contains consistent and accurate branding and messaging. He credits the PandaDoc team for listening to clients and using their feedback to improve the platform and claims that the platform’s ROI has only improved over time as new features and integrations are deployed.

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