Store and manage all your documents in one place

Our Document Repository lets you bring, store and organize all contracts and other documents in a single, convenient location. Enjoy powerful search and filter capabilities that make it easier to find them in the right place, at the right time.

Store and manage all your documents in one place

Maintain document control

Even if your legacy documents were built without Pandadoc, our cloud-based repository allows you to import them in bulk, with multiple files as separate documents.

“PandaDoc is great for small organizations that need one place to manage all their documents through the entire business lifecycle, including digital signature. Source: TrustRadius”

Cloud Based Repository

Locate agreements quicker

Save time by using a powerful search engine with ranking logic to find documents. Combine that with filters that can sort by status, date, owner and recipients. 

“PandaDoc allows you to quickly and easily route contracts to your clients. Easy to use so you can create folders and quickly find all of your completed documents. If you are starting from scratch, they have a content library that will help get you started. The workflows have been flawless! Source: TrustRadius”

Search Filters

Stay in the know after you click send

Get real-time status updates on your documents, including the recipients involved, audit trails and more. Knowing where your documents are in their respective workflows will allow you to quickly take action when needed.

“PandaDoc will be well suited to companies that are dealing with multiple documents on a daily basis and need to edit or amend these documents quickly and easily. It also allows users to jump back into documents very easily, so companies who need to go back and make alterations to previous documents will find this process easy and smooth. The archive list of previous documents stored in PandaDoc is easily viewable and accessible, so anyone needing to check historical work will be able to use that function. Source: TrustRadius”

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Cloud Based Repository

Features that ensure everything’s 

Bulk Import

Import your documents from other tools as separate files, or as a bundle to manage them within your workflow. Add the destination folder and document status to keep them organized.

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Utilize specific criteria, such as status, date, owner and recipients.

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Locate your agreements through an algorithm with powerful ranking logic that allows a more granular search. Plus, you can see historical search, folders and tags associated with search results.

Document Info

Get the main information at a glance, by accessing recipient analytics, audit trails and other document details without opening them.

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Customer stories

Thousands, 50,000 actually, use PandaDoc each day to make their document process painlessly simple.