Gain control over your content with document tracking

Get insights into how users interact with your document.

Gain control over your content with document tracking

Track data on documents effortlessly

Track progress

Tap into a dashboard that shows what changes have been made in a document even after it’s been sent out. Set up automatic notifications to remind recipients that an action is needed on their end.

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Level up your documents

See which parts of your proposals and quotes get the most and the least engagement to analyze what helped you win or lose deals — and come up with even more effective documents in the future.

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Act at the right time

Receive automated email notifications the moment your document is opened and completed by a recipient. Stay on top of your documents and know exactly when it’s time to follow up.

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Enhance security

Keep an auditable record of all document activities to prevent security breaches and unintended disclosures. Use these records to ensure compliance with industry regulations.

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Manage access

Create a list of recipients and collaborators and decide what they can do with a document — view, comment, or edit. Get a detailed record of their changes and actions in an audit trail.

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How to set up document tracking

Create and send a document

Create a document from a template or via upload, then send it via email or link to your chosen recipients.

Find document analytics

Open your document and click the Analytics tab on the right to get to the Recipients Analytics section.

Examine tracking data

Tap on the recipient’s name to see detailed analytics, such as the number of document views, total time spent on a document, last time viewed, view depth, and more.

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Frequently asked questions

What document analytics are available?

The document tracking feature includes the following statistics: times viewed, total time spent, last view, PDF download, and if any links were clicked.

Which plan should I purchase to use document tracking?

To start using the document tracking feature, sign up for either the Essentials, Business, or Enterprise plan.

Is document tracking available via the mobile app?

Yes! Tap inside the Timeline section to see detailed tracking data, and use the Dashboard section to see an overview of your document activity.

How do I send a reminder to a recipient?

Tap into a recipient’s name to see activity statistics. Click the Send manual reminder button to forward a notification to a recipient’s email.