Keep track of document changes with an audit trail and history

Be aware of who did what and when with your documents.

Keep track of document changes with an audit trail and history

Manage document workflows precisely

Track recipient behavior

Monitor all the actions and changes with a document from draft to completion. See when your document is opened, viewed, and completed.

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Boost data security

Gain insights on whether a document was improperly modified or if there has been a security breach. Monitor activities per each user and eliminate unauthorized document access.

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Comply with industry regulations

Maintain an accurate electronic signature audit trail to meet industry-specific compliance mandates. Preserve a log of records to prove that appropriate processes and controls are in place.

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Optimize document workflows

Take a deep dive on page analytics to figure out how your team engages with a document. Find powerful insights in the document workflow and analyze your team’s performance.

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Enjoy easy setup and implementation

Create an account with PandaDoc

Sign up for PandaDoc’s 14-day trial.  The audit trial and history are available in every paid plan and enabled by default.

Review history for sent documents

Open the sent document, click audit trail in the top right and you will see the list of activities for this document — what event happened, who did it, and when.

Analyze your approval workflow

If you have enabled the Workflow Approval feature for a document, you will see a  respective action log — who sent a document for approval, who approved it and when.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an audit trail?

An audit trail is a step-by-step history of document status changes. It contains timestamps, user identifications, and detailed records of actions taken.

Why is an audit trail important?

To start using the document tracking feature, sign up for either the Essentials, Business, or Enterprise plan.

Is document tracking available via the mobile app?

Yes! Tap inside the Timeline section to see detailed tracking data, and use the Dashboard section to see an overview of your document activity.

How do I send a reminder to a recipient?

Tap into a recipient’s name to see activity statistics. Click the Send manual reminder button to forward a notification to a recipient’s email.