Set your signing order easily

Automate the process and collect e-Signatures quickly.

Set your signing order easily

The signing process simplified

Arrange according to viewing privileges

Set up a distribution list so that your documents get to the people with appropriate levels of access and responsibility.

Distribution List

Control a list of recipients

Click and drag recipients in the order you want them to receive a document. Modify a list by adding or removing recipients, assigning roles to them and customizing their personal information.

Recipient Settings

Set up email notifications

You decide the order in which recipients get email notifications. When you place a cc role before a signer role, both will get an email with the document simultaneously. By placing a cc role after a signer role, the cc role be notified after the document is signed.

Send Document

Automate document distribution

Once you set up a signing order, the document will automatically be sent out to recipients one by one. Checking your email notifications enables you to stay up to date with the document signing process.

Email Notifications Check
Distribution List

More ways to e-Sign effortlessly

Add recipients and assign roles

Open a document and click Manage in the top right. Start typing the recipient’s name or email address on the right, and assign specific roles: client, sender, cc, signer, etc.

Enable the signing order feature

Under the Roles section, go to the Signing Order section. Switch on the toggle to set the signing order. You can switch it off while editing a document.

Place recipients in the right order

Change the default order of recipients to highlight the one you need first in the sequence. Place a cc role before a signer role and both of them will receive a document at the same time.

See where this feature truly excels
Do your contracts require multiple signatures? With a signing order enabled, you can get a contract signed by key stakeholders first, and then by other parties in the order you define.
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Contracts Template
Do you need a quote to be sent with different permissions? Modify receiver roles and decide who is a signer and who gets a view permission (also known as a CC role). You can tweak the order in which recipients get email notifications, too.
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Quote Template
Do you want a proposal to be signed by specific people? With a signing order enabled, recipients will get email notifications when it’s their turn to sign. You can send repetitive notifications if someone is holding up the process.
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  • Contracts Template
  • Quote Template
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Frequently asked questions

What is a signing order?

A signing order is the sequence of people that are expected to sign a document. PandaDoc’s signing order feature helps you set up a document distribution list so your document gets sent to one person at a time.

How do I edit a signing order in a document?

Click and drag users one-by-one in the order you want them to receive a document. Make these changes before you send out a document, as you can’t modify the order afterward.

Can I add multiple signature fields?

Yes, you can. Drag and drop several signature fields from the toolbar. Assign each field to particular recipients by clicking the Add Recipient button.

How do I send a document for signing?

After you complete the signing order, click on Send at the top. You have two options here. The first one is to send your document via email. In that case, your recipient will get an email from PandaDoc which will include access to the document. You can add a personalized message too. The second option is to share the document link. For example, you can drop in a link via messenger.

Do signers need a PandaDoc account to sign my documents?

No, they don’t. When opening a document, they should click Start at the top of the screen. It will bring them to the required fields for signing. After all fields are filled in, they should click Finish. The document will be sent to the next person in the order. If there is no one left, the document will be completed.

How do I turn off the signing order?

You can turn off the signing order before you send out a document. Just switch off the toggle and your document will be sent out to all your recipients at once.