Looking for an alternative to DocuSign API?

PandaDoc and DocuSign both offer powerful tools for electronic signature software.

Looking for an alternative to DocuSign API?
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Beyond the basics

Collecting legally-binding eSignatures is a must-have for any document automation solution. Industry standard OAuth 2 authentication plus 256 bit SSL keep docs secure and comes standard with both DocuSign and PandaDoc. Both products also comply with UETA, ESIGN, eIDAS, and other standards that ensure legal compliance in the US, EU, and additional countries. Each organization also offers a robust developer center with a developer sandbox that includes coding examples. You’ll also be able to store as many docs as you’d like since both include cloud storage. But compared to DocuSign, PandaDoc packs advanced features into a single SDK and accompanying API. The DocuSign solution is spread over three tiers: bare-bones Basic API, middle-of-the-road Intermediate API, and its most pricey Advanced API offering.

Custom branding

Every organization wants to add its logo, colors, custom font, and other style elements to their sales and marketing documents to stay on-brand. This also includes the ability to upload images and video elements to make your quotes, proposals, and contracts more interactive. PandaDoc API’s supports drag-and-drop functionality so maintaining a consistent, impressive, and personalized look is a breeze. You’ll need to purchase at least the DocuSign API Intermediate plan to custom brand your documents.

API flexibility is key

Add eSignatures to your workflow

Integrated eSigning works best when it can be embedded into existing workflows and software like your CRM and sales and marketing tools. The PandaDoc REST API all-in-one approach provides a solution for every function on your developers wish list. If you want embeddability and accompanying advanced features, you’ll need at least the DocuSign Advanced API and you’ll have to pay $100 per seat or more and you still won’t get every feature in our more affordable solution.


API Bulk Send for mass mailings

PandaDoc doesn’t force you to start small and then upgrade packages as you grow. Bulk Send is a standard API feature with PandaDoc where your developers can program the sending of hundreds of documents. Our REST API also lets you send documents for eSignature more efficiently, further streamlining your process as your customer base grows. The DocuSign API makes you upgrade to the expensive Advanced package if you want to bulk send.
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Efficient data gathering

Both DocuSign and PandaDoc boast unlimited templates, but PandaDoc offers broader functionality. The PandaDoc API allows you to customize frequently used forms and documents. Save common orders forms, waivers, and quotes for instant recall so you can aggregate data more efficiently without needing to perform redundant tasks each time you approach a new client or prospect. DocuSign provides API support for PowerForms only in its Advanced API package.

Templates - Library

Use Webhooks for real-time document tracking

Webhooks let you keep tabs on what’s happening with your docs. The PandaDoc API provides all the rule-based Webhook functions that help to track custom events such as Sent, Viewed, Completed or Expired status of a document. DocuSign supports webhooks in its premium API packages.

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Editable fields for customized smart docs

The PandaDoc API lets your developers tailor documents to your specific needs by adding or subtracting data input fields to any template. Editable fields include text, checkboxes, and masked fields that you can designate required or optional. The PandaDoc API also offers various signatures options and the ability to attach files. DocuSign supports Word and PDF editing, but that’s available only with the company’s more expensive API packages.

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Keep sensitive data safe

The PandaDoc API is SSAE16 SOC2 compliant, with our cloud storage hosted in the industrial-grade AWS Cloud. PCI DSS Level 1 compliant payments are accepted via our Stripe integration. We also include an audit trail on every document you send which detail internal and external document interactions and comes standard with every plan.


Bottom line: All-in beats add-on

Both PandaDoc and DocuSign APIs are serious, top-tier options. But as we proved above, what comes standard with PandaDoc you’ll need to pay extra for with DocuSign. The per-seat cost of the PandaDoc API is just above The DocuSign Intermediate API, but PandaDoc includes all of the DocuSign Advanced API features plus some. DocuSign has a pay-per-envelope pricing model which may mean unpleasant surprises down the road for fast-growing businesses. Consider the simplicity and scalability of an SDK and API that has powerful features and software tools you need immediately. By choosing the PandaDoc API, your development team is likely to reward you with greater scalability and advanced functionality sooner.

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