Looking for an alternative to HelloSign API?

Learn why PandaDoc can give your business more advantages over the other API tools for document generation and eSignatures.

Looking for an alternative to HelloSign API?
HelloSign APIPandaDoc
Basic Fields
Embedded Signing and Sending Gold plan +
Branding Gold plan +
Powerforms Gold plan +
OAuth 2.0 Silver plan +
Templates 1/ 5/ 15/ unlimited Unlimited
Sandbox API Test mode
Signer Authentication

Simplify the eSign process with embedded signing

eSignatures are great – but they work even better when they’re woven into your normal business processes. A comprehensive alternative to HelloSign API eSigning is the PandaDoc Embedded document Signing feature. You create the template, decide where you’d like it to live within your app or in web, and we’ll take it from there. HelloSign only offers its embedded feature in the more expensive HelloSign Silver Plan.

Put your best foot forward with branding settings

Here’s another thing you’re not likely to find in a HelloSign API standard plan: A unique utility for maintaining brand continuity. PandaDoc branding functions let you upload custom images and company logos for use in your emails and Workspace settings. HelloSign might be able to do that for you, but they’ll do it for an added monthly fee.

See the difference in flexibility between PandaDoc API and HelloSign API

Reach up to 1,000 clients at once with bulk send

Also not readily available with HelloSign (not even with a HelloSign Gold Plan) is the ability to send requests to hundreds of recipients in one fell swoop. Our Bulk Send option lets you repurpose one single template thousand times over and send personalized documents to as many as 1,000 clients, customers, or other signees in one go. Simply prepare the template and recipients list to generate and deliver your necessary files into the appropriate inboxes. If you opt for PandaDoc over HelloSign, you’ll never again have to organize tedious multiple rollouts of essential documents once your network expands beyond a few hundred colleagues or consumers.

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Get hooked into your business activity with PandaDoc API webhooks

When things happen within your business, you want to be aware of them. PandaDoc API keeps you in the know with webhook functions tailored to your specific needs. Want to know when a recipient has completed a document? We’ll send you an alert. Want to know when a document has been approved by one of your staff members? We’ll send you an alert for that, too.

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Enjoy the freedom of unlimited templates

HelloSign Bronze Plan restricts you to 5 document templates to run your business. HelloSign Silver Plan gives you only 15. But if you choose PandaDoc API’s standard plan over HelloSign API, we’ll let you build an unlimited array of templates across a number of fields – from marketing proposals to sales agreements and beyond. Need help getting started? We even have 450+ pre-set templates for your convenience. Whichever template you choose, there’ll be no limits to your creativity or business functionality and no added strain on your budget.

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Keep sensitive data secure with OAuth 2.0 integration

Paging all developers: Transmitting sensitive information between apps? The PandaDoc API is formatted to integrate safely and seamlessly with OAuth 2.0 authorization, keeping your private data private and your business signatures secure. Again, this feature comes standard with PandaDoc but is only available at a higher-level plan with HelloSign.

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