Looking for an alternative to RightSignature API?

We compare the API offerings of two providers of eSignatures software for documents such as proposals, quotes, and contracts.

Looking for an alternative to RightSignature API?
RightSignature APIPandaDoc
Embedded Signing and Sending
Templates Intermediate plan Enterprise plan
Basic Fields
OAuth 2.0

Both APIs have the basics

Both tools make it possible to integrate automated eSignature processes into your business document flows, so customers can easily sign without the need for pen or paper. OAuth 2 authentication is the coin of the realm, and both providers support this standard. We also both offer developer centers with a sandbox for integration projects pre-production.

Custom branding and templates

PandaDoc offers unlimited templates for virtually every imaginable business document. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything comparable at RightSignature, which only offers the basics. The PandaDoc makes it easy to add your logo, images, fonts, colors and other branding elements to your document arsenal. In our web application, we support drag-and-drop functionality so maintaining a consistent, impressive look for corporate correspondence is a breeze for even non-techies. With RightSignature, you receive basic branding tools but it’s unclear whether the API supports changing any default settings.

Embedded signing documents

PandaDoc API provides a REST solution that covers virtually every function required for seamless, streamlined eSignature embedding in an external document workflow. RightSignature does put a checkmark next to “embed in website” but it is not so clear the extent to which embedding in third-party software is supported.

API flexibility is key

Beyond ready-to-run integrations

The biggest strength of PandaDoc is that we integrate with dozens of business applications, from CRM to marketing, sales, and collaboration. Two-way sync capabilities let you share and merge data to and from your existing tools. The REST API makes it easy to add ESIGN and ETA-compliant electronic signatures to your documents. RightSignature has fewer than half the integrations and far less flexibility in customizing them at the API level.

Proposal - Integrations

Bulk Send for mass distribution

Developers can program sending of custom requests to hundreds of customers with a couple of clicks. You can repurpose a single template so it merges data from your CRM, personalizing each doc and then automatically sends your doc. The PandaDoc REST API supports this powerful functionality, expanding document distribution capabilities in a scalable way. RightSignature markets a “mass distribution” capability but it refers to simply maintaining a link to distributed documents.

Close Deals

Power forms for efficient data gathering

The PandaDoc API lets you easily modify commonly used forms and templates. eSignable orders, quotes, proposal, waivers, and more can be instantly recalled and changed so you can gather data efficiently without starting from scratch for each client or prospect. The RightSignature API does not support form modification at the programmatic level.

Document - Embeded

Webhooks for real-time document tracking

Webhooks help you keep track of what’s happening with your documents both before and after they are sent. The PandaDoc API provides webhook capabilities so you can control document statuses, such as opens and completions, with notifications according to your business processes as well as internal modifications made to forms and templates. RightSignature does not appear to support Webhooks, not in its product or its API.

Salesforce - Alert

Editable fields for customizable smart docs

The PandaDoc API allows developers to adapt documents to your custom needs by adding or deleting fields on any template. Editable fields include text, checkboxes, masked fields, signatures options, file attachments, and more. RightSignature does not appear to support this functionality, at either level, product or API.

Tokens - Client

Keep sensitive data safer and legally compliant

The PandaDoc API is SSAE16 SOC2 compliant, with cloud storage hosted on the industrial-grade AWS Cloud. PCI DSS Level 1 compliant payments are accepted via our Stripe integration. The audit trail feature tracks all document interactions, internal and external, and included in the API plan. We should note, RightSignature also runs on the same AWS cloud with 256-bit SSL encryption.


Live support on demand

PandaDoc provides developers with support on demand by email and live chat, along with access to our robust knowledge base. We also provide dedicated success managers to each API customer. Your own customer success manager can help expedite approvals for integrations and troubleshooting help. For RightSignature API, you can submit a form to Citrix Systems support and then you’ll have to hope for the best. You can get additional help with either APIs at Stack Overflow (http://stackoverflow.com).

API - Support

A clear choice for enterprises

If you are a freelancer or a small business operating on a shoestring budget with extremely simple electronic signature needs, RightSignature is worth a look. But if you are a fast-growing small business, or really any enterprise large enough to have an IT department, PandaDoc is the best choice. Our comprehensive feature set and robust REST API gives your organization an all-in-one, highly customizable eSignature solution out of the box, with dozens of pre-built integrations, and a powerful programmatic capability to customize virtually everything to your spec.