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  • 87% increase in closed deals per month
  • 54% increase in documents sent per month
  • 50% decrease in document creation time
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Scott Haney

The biggest plus with PandaDoc is the 28% increase in close rates our reps have seen, followed closely by the nearly 12 hours per week we’ve been able to save when creating, storing, and sharing documents.

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minutes saved per contract
increase in close rates
hours per week
Kelsey Boyd

Having approved content and standardized workflows in place, allows our people to optimize their use of time! PandaDoc is making this so much more efficient than it once was. The Hiring Packages are a breeze to send to candidates… this would’ve been a time-consuming administrative burden if it weren’t for PandaDoc.

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saved per month
hours saved per month
decreased onboarding time
Tate Stone

The biggest differentiator with PandaDoc is we loved how slick it looked and how easy it is to use. With the other tools, it felt like you were signing divorce papers which is not a great impression when you’re trying to establish a new business relationship.

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less time to get a document out
hours saved per month
decreased onboarding time
Scott Taylor

Our experience from day 1 has been absolutely amazing, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed everyone we’ve worked with at PandaDoc. We’ve only ever had to submit a handful of support tickets which speaks to how well the product just works. We truly feel like we’re the only client PandaDoc has.

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hours saved per week
increase in close rate
increase in doc accuracy