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Birthday Party Contract Template

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Birthday Party Contract Template

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This contract, along with a $ deposit amount non-refundable deposit is required to secure a booking with [Sender.Company]. The completed birthday party contract, along with the listed deposit, must be filed at least two weeks prior to the requested reservation date. Submission of this birthday party contract does not guarantee a reservation. Reservations cannot be confirmed until the contract and deposit are received and processed by our staff.

Please fill out each of the fields below completely and accurately to ensure timely processing of your requested reservation.

Child Name: 

Current Age: 

Requested Reservation Date: 

Requested Reservation Time: 

Parent Name: 


Phone Number: 

Email Address: 

Number of guests (not including child and parents): 

Party Package

We offer several packages to suit your needs. Please review the options in this birthday party contract and indicate which package you’d like to purchase. To arrive at an accurate final package price, please select your desired package, input the number of guests in addition to the child and parents, and select any desired additional services or amenities.


Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions in this birthday party contract template are commonly used by venues hosting birthday parties. You can add, modify, or remove terms as needed.

Venue Access

Parents will have access to the reserved area 30 minutes prior to the party’s scheduled start time. Guests will not be allowed into the reserved area prior to the party’s scheduled start time. All party attendees must leave the reserved area no later than 30 minutes after the party’s scheduled end time.


Parents are expected to place all trash and debris inside designated receptacles prior to vacating the reserved area. Failure to do so will result in an additional cleaning fee.

Parents may bring decorations as they see fit, with the following restrictions:

  • No decorations may be “pinned” or nailed to any surface.
  • No flames aside from candles on birthday cakes.
  • No glitter or confetti.

Additional Guests

This birthday party contract’s final price is based on the number of guests who attend the party. If this number exceeds the amount indicated on the first page of the contract, additional per-guest fees will apply.

Food & Drink

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on [Sender.Company] property at all times. You may bring food and non-alcoholic beverages to serve during the birthday party, and store them in our available refrigerators and freezers. All food and drink must be removed from the reserved area and [Sender.Company] refrigerators and freezers no later than 30 minutes after the party’s scheduled end time.

Guest Conduct

All guests are expected to behave responsibly at all times. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times. [Sender.Company] will issue a single warning for unruly conduct prior to asking guests to leave the premises.


By signing this birthday party contract, you release [Sender.Company] from any potential liability. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless [Sender.Company] and its employees for any damages, loss, or injury that may occur.

Should [Sender.Company] property be lost or damaged due to the activities of any of your party’s attendees, you agree to reimburse [Sender.Company] for replacement or repair of said property.

By signing this birthday party contract, you are submitting a formal request for a party reservation. Furthermore, you are agreeing to hold your entire party responsible for the terms of this contract without limitation. Please note that a reservation cannot be confirmed without full payment of the deposit listed in this contract.









Birthday Party Contract Template

Used 5,441 times

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