Rental Lease Agreement Templates

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Rental Lease Agreement Templates

Key Takeaways

  • Lease/rental agreements help you define crucial aspects of a deal when renting or leasing your property.
  • These agreements differ based on the lease type, duration, and domain with each one having its legal aspects.
  • Categorized templates offer ready-made structures that cover your specific leasing scenario without the need for extensive customization.
  • Choosing the template based on your state provides clarity and legal protection for both landlords and tenants in a specific state.
  • PandaDoc ensures clarity and legal protection, offering free rental lease agreement templates for creating comprehensive contracts.

What Are Rental Lease Agreements?

Rental Lease Agreements are legal documents that outline the terms and conditions of a rental arrangement between a landlord and a tenant. These agreements serve as a binding contract, specifying the rights and responsibilities of both parties during the lease period.

Rental Lease Agreements by States

When creating your lease agreement, it’s important to consider the state you’re in. State laws regulate specific aspects of lease and rental agreements. They usually have slight differences which must be taken seriously. Fortunately, you can find a free rental agreement contract template for your state of residence here.

By Type

There are several types of residential rental agreements, each catering to different rental situations, terms and needs. Here are some common basic types:

Standard Residential

Residential Lease Agreement Template

Residential Lease Agreement Template

Used 5,326 times

This Residential Lease Agreement Template is perfect and legal for a realtor or private homeowner looking to lease out their home.

Use Residential Lease Agreement Template

You can use this type of lease for a general period of 12 months. The contract includes the standard clauses which you can customize for a house, studio, duplex, townhouse, etc.


Commercial Lease Agreement Template

Commercial Lease Agreement Template

Used 5,282 times

This is your standard commercial lease agreement template, with all the important legal clauses you need. All you have to do is drag-and-drop your PandaDoc contacts and send them to sign.

Use Commercial Lease Agreement Template

Renting a property to manage a business can’t be efficient without a detailed contract. You can use it when renting an industrial facility, office building, dance studio, retail space, or something else. The main point is that the purpose of the leased property is commercial use.

Simple One-page

Simple One Page Lease Agreement Template

Simple One Page Lease Agreement Template

Used 5,020 times

Is it necessary to establish a legal agreement between a landlord and tenant? Use this Simple One Page Lease Agreement Template for your requirements by downloading it.

Use Simple One Page Lease Agreement Template

For informal leasing situations, where both the landlord and tenant are comfortable with a simplified agreement, a one-page template serves the purpose of documenting the basic terms of the lease.

Sublet Agreements

Car Lease Agreement Template

Car Lease Agreement Template

Used 7,649 times

Your customers can decide to lease a car from anywhere and you want them to sign it from anywhere. Use this car lease agreement template to let them.

Use Car Lease Agreement Template

Allows the tenant to sublet the property to another party. The original tenant becomes the sublessor, and the new tenant is the sublessee. The sublease agreement is typically subject to the terms of the original lease.

By Duration

Residential rental agreements can vary in duration, catering to different needs and preferences of landlords and tenants.

Short-term (vacation)

Short-Term Rental Agreement

Short-Term Rental Agreement

Used 4,948 times

When renting out your house, be sure to include all relevant clauses in this Short-Term Rental Agreement form. After downloading this document, you can modify it to better suit your needs by adding information where necessary.

Use Short-Term Rental Agreement

When holidaymakers rent a property for a short period (up to 30 days), they find a short-term rental agreement template containing the services they get upon arrival and the rules they follow during their stay. It works for any residence, from a studio apartment to a holiday villa.


This short-term lease works perfectly for those who want to rent their property briefly but still feel like protecting their rights. Getting a free rental agreement template on a month-to-month basis offers a lot of flexibility to both parties.

Automatic Renewal

Also known as a periodic tenancy, it gets renewed automatically after reaching the deadline. It can be done every month, every six months, or every 12 months. It stays valid until either a landlord or a tenant intends to end the deal.


You use this type of lease to rent a flat or house for a fixed price until a specified date. When the contract ends, both parties can sign a new one to indicate new dates and other related information.

Fixed Term Lease Agreement Template

Fixed Term Lease Agreement Template

Used 4,872 times

This fixed term lease agreement template streamlines the rental process for a fixed lease and comes with standard laws that can be adjusted to your state.

Use Fixed Term Lease Agreement Template

By Domain

These agreement templates serve as legal documents defining the terms and conditions of the respective type of rental subject, providing clarity and protection for all parties involved.

Apartment Lease

Car Lease

Car Lease Agreement Template

Car Lease Agreement Template

Used 7,649 times

Your customers can decide to lease a car from anywhere and you want them to sign it from anywhere. Use this car lease agreement template to let them.

Use Car Lease Agreement Template

Residential Rental

Residential Rental Agreement

Residential Rental Agreement

Used 5,261 times

Save time and resources by using this customizable residential rental agreement to create legally binding contracts with your tenants. It includes detailed sections about all aspects of a typical tenancy, including terms, responsibilities, rent, duration, insurance, maintenance, and more.

Use Residential Rental Agreement

Room Lease

Room Rental Agreement Template

Room Rental Agreement Template

Used 5,724 times

Utilize this basic room rental agreement on your next room rental to ensure all your rights as a tenant and landlord are covered by the legal laws in your state.

Use Room Rental Agreement Template

House Lease

House Rental Lease Agreement Template

House Rental Lease Agreement Template

Used 6,095 times

Perfect for a homeowner looking to sublet or a real estate agent, this house rental lease agreement template will help you close more quickly.

Use House Rental Lease Agreement Template

Land Lease

Land Lease Agreement Template

Land Lease Agreement Template

Used 4,887 times

You can construct a written Land Lease Agreement Template between a lessor landlord and a lessee tenant using a land lease agreement template. In return for regular rental payments, the landlord gives the lessee permission to use the property for a predetermined time.

Use Land Lease Agreement Template

Equipment Lease

Equipment Rental Agreement

Equipment Rental Agreement

Used 8,907 times

This equipment rental agreement template is an easy way for your equipment rental business to automate contracting.

Use Equipment Rental Agreement

Office Lease

Office Lease Agreement Template

Office Lease Agreement Template

Used 4,896 times

Create an Office Lease Agreement Template premises by using this template for lease agreements. For details on rent, a security deposit, and other costs, use our template.

Use Office Lease Agreement Template

Horse Lease

Simple Horse Lease Agreement Template

Simple Horse Lease Agreement Template

Used 4,885 times

A deed used between the owner of a horse and someone who wants to lease the horse for their use is known as a horse lease agreement. This Simple Horse Lease Agreement Template is an excellent method to make sure that both you, the owner and the lessee, are aware of each other’s obligations.

Use Simple Horse Lease Agreement Template

Venue Rental

Venue Rental Contract

Venue Rental Contract

Used 5,126 times

This template for a Venue Rental Contract can be applied to a wide range of locations and occasions, including weddings, banquets, dinners, workshops, classes, dances, and more.

Use Venue Rental Contract

Parking Space

Parking Space Lease Agreement

Parking Space Lease Agreement

Used 4,958 times

A parking Space Lease Agreement for the rental of a parking space is made between the landlord and the tenant who wants to rent the area so that it can be rented by another person or business.

Use Parking Space Lease Agreement

Boat Lease

Boat Slip Lease Agreement Template

Boat Slip Lease Agreement Template

Used 5,141 times

Boat Slip Lease Agreement Template is used when renting a boat slip where someone can dock their boat.

Use Boat Slip Lease Agreement Template

Food Truck

Food Truck Lease Agreement Template

Food Truck Lease Agreement Template

Used 5,000 times

In order to protect yourself and your food truck while also making sure the lessee is aware of and agrees to your terms, you should utilize a legally binding food truck lease agreement if you own a food truck and intend to lease it out.

Use Food Truck Lease Agreement Template

Facility Rental

Facility Rental Agreement Template

Facility Rental Agreement Template

Used 5,284 times

If you rent out your property for events or daily use by third parties, you can use this facility rental agreement template as a simple binding contract that clearly defines the terms of the facility rental and your client’s responsibilities during their use of your property.

Use Facility Rental Agreement Template

Storage Rental

Storage Rental Agreement Template

Storage Rental Agreement Template

Used 9,365 times

This storage rental agreement can be used as a binding contract for the rental of a storage unit to an individual.

Use Storage Rental Agreement Template


Furniture Rental Agreement

Furniture Rental Agreement

Used 4,999 times

An agreement for the renting of particular pieces of furniture is known as a furniture rental agreement. As there are many moving elements in the process of renting furniture, this Furniture Rental Agreement template performs the legwork for you by covering all necessary terms and conditions.

Use Furniture Rental Agreement

Studio Rental

Studio Rental Agreement Template

Studio Rental Agreement Template

Used 5,196 times

If you own or manage a studio space and want to rent it out, you should utilize a Studio Rental Agreement Template that safeguards both you and the studio while also making potential tenants aware of the conditions they must accept in order to rent the space.

Use Studio Rental Agreement Template

How to Fill Out a Lease Rental Agreement Sample

Now that you know what type of agreement you need, you can create one using a ready-made template. Here’s what the whole process looks like:

  • Name the parties. Mention the parties signing the lease, who they are, and where they live.
  • Describe the place. Indicate the exact address and renting unit when completing a lease contract template.
  • Clarify the terms. List the terms of the deal that work until the contract ends.
  • Set the cost. Calculate the daily, monthly, or yearly rental cost and specify the penalties for possible inconveniences.
  • Apply a security deposit amount. Landlords may request proof of intent to move in and stick with the responsibilities.
  • Put your signature. After discussing the details, make sure to print a ready-made contract template, sign it, and save it on a computer.

With PandaDoc, you can document your relationship with a tenant. A free rental contract template gives you confidence that you are signing a legit deal.

Legal regulations for rental lease agreements vary by jurisdiction, but there are common elements that are typically governed by law. Among the general regulations that you need to pay attention to when drafting your rental lease agreement template are the following ones.

Fair Housing Laws

Rental lease process prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or familial status. Landlords must adhere to these laws when selecting tenants. It applies to all states.

Tenant Privacy Rights

Rental agreements protect tenants’ right to privacy, outlining when and how landlords can enter rented premises for inspections or repairs. The entry notice period may be regulated state by state, however, in most cases, it’s more an informal agreement.

Entry Notice PeriodStates
2 daysAlabama, Hawaii, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Rhode Island
24 hoursAlaska, California, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington
Reasonable noticeConnecticut, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Wisconsin
1 dayNew Jersey, Oklahoma

Rent Control and Rent Stabilization

Some areas have rent control or rent stabilization laws that limit how much and how often landlords can increase rent.

Security Deposits

Rental agreements always clearly state the maximum amount for security deposits, as well as the rules for their return and deductions. The following states have specific laws that impose limits on security deposits.

StateSecurity Deposit Restrictions
CaliforniaMaximum of 2 months’ rent for unfurnished rentals, 3 months’ rent for furnished rentals.
IllinoisLandlords must pay interest on security deposits held for more than 6 months.
MassachusettsLimits on security deposits, and landlords are required to hold deposits in a separate, interest-bearing account.
New YorkRestrictions on the amount of security deposits, with a specific timeframe for return after lease termination.
New JerseyLimits security deposits to one and a half months’ rent, with specific procedures for handling and returning deposits.
WisconsinRegulations regarding security deposits, including the requirement for a written description of the rental unit’s condition at the lease’s start.

Eviction Procedures

Rental agreements generally specify the legal process for eviction. Eviction laws can be influenced by various factors, including the reason for eviction and local ordinances. The following states have specific eviction requirements, however, this list is not complete due to the complexity of eviction regulations in each state.

StateEviction Notice PeriodAdditional Information
CaliforniaTypically 3 to 60 days, depending on the cause.Varies based on the reason for eviction.
New YorkGenerally 14 to 30 days, depending on the cause.Notice period varies by the reason for eviction.
Texas3 to 30 days, depending on the cause.Varies based on the reason for eviction.
Florida3 days for non-payment of rent or lease violation.Period may vary based on specific circumstances.
Illinois5 days for non-payment of rent.Eviction notice periods vary based on the reason.
OhioTypically 3 days for non-payment.Notice periods may vary based on the cause of eviction.
Georgia7 days for non-payment of rent.Notice periods may differ based on the specific reason.


Landlords may be required to disclose certain information to tenants, such as lead-based paint hazards or known defects in the property. The standard list is given below, however, you may be required to add more information depending upon your property type and location.

DisclosureStates Requiring
Lead-Based PaintFederal (pre-1978 properties) and various states including California, New York, Florida, Texas, Illinois, and more.
Radon GasRequired in states with known radon risk, including Illinois, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and others.
Truth in Renting Act NoticeRequired in various states, such as Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, and others with specific landlord-tenant laws.
Bedbug DisclosureRequired in multiple states, including California, Illinois, Florida, New York, Texas, and others.
Security Deposit ReceiptMandated in several states, including California, Illinois, Florida, New York, Texas, and others.
Fire Safety and CO DetectorRequired in states with specific safety regulations, such as Florida, Michigan, Georgia, California, and more.
Rent Control InformationStates with rent control laws, including California, New York, Oregon, Washington D.C., and others.
Pest Control DisclosureRequired in states with specific regulations, such as Florida, Georgia, California, Texas, and others.

Lease Termination Rules

Another important aspect one needs to pay attention to is lease termination terms. Laws govern the conditions under which either party can terminate a lease, including notice periods and valid reasons.

Check our state-specific rental lease agreement templates that list detailed information on each important legal aspect. It ensures compliance with local laws and regulations, addressing nuances that may vary from state to state.

Why PandaDoc Templates

Creating your rental lease agreement can be a headache, especially with all the legal jargon. PandaDoc’s templates are a game-changer for a few simple reasons.

  • Easy Creation. Just fill in the details, and you’re done – no need to start from scratch.
  • Expert Craftsmanship. Our templates are made by legal experts, ensuring your rental agreements are legally sound.
  • Standardized Format. We provide a clear and standard way of laying out terms, making it easy for everyone to understand what’s in your rental lease contract.
  • Smooth Collaboration. Work together seamlessly with real-time edits, comments, and approvals, avoiding delays.

Electronic Signatures. Say goodbye to paper – our templates integrate electronic signatures, making the signing process quick and digital.


Start with collecting each party’s information, then include specifics about the property. After that, determine the rental deal in detail, such as the due date, additional fees, etc. Next, consider each party’s rights and obligations. If there are special rules for tenants, ensure they are mentioned in detail. Finally, it is recommended to review an agreement and sign it afterward.

Look through the available online forms and pick the most suitable one. PandaDoc’s printable rental lease agreement templates are legal and in sync with the state’s law. Download one to your device, print it out, and fill in the empty fields with the required information. And the deal is done!

The difference between a lease and a rental agreement might need some clarification. Although both terms seem synonymous, they mean different things. They are both legally binding but cover different timeframes. A lease is particular in detailing the obligations due to its long-term nature, which usually takes up to 12 months. Meanwhile, a rental offers a tenancy of a short duration that doesn’t exceed 30 days.

Simple One Page Lease Agreement Template

Simple One Page Lease Agreement Template
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