Georgia Lease Agreements

A lease agreement template Georgia landlords use describes the relationship between landlord and tenant. It outlines the responsibilities of both and how the lease will work. Use this template to ensure your contract contains all the legal clauses and terms.

Georgia Lease Agreements

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Georgia Residential Lease 

Residential Lease Agreement Georgia

Residential Lease Agreement Georgia

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Customize your free lease agreement template for Georgia and learn about all the required terms that apply in this state.

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Georgia Lease to Purchase 

Use this Lease to Purchase agreement when you want to set a rental arrangement with the option for the tenant to buy the property in Georgia.

Georgia Room Rent 

This Room Rental agreement lets you establish a formal arrangement for renting out a room in a residential property in Georgia.

Georgia Apartment Lease 

This Apartment Lease agreement for Georgia lets you formalize the terms and conditions for renting an apartment in the state. 

Understanding Georgia Rental Laws

Georgia’s rental laws are fairly landlord-friendly, as you can adjust various clauses while still complying with the law. However, there are a few terms and regulations you must remember to ensure you create a legally binding document.

Rent and Payment Terms in Georgia

The rent laws are fairly loose in Georgia, as there are no real rent control laws. As such, landlords can charge a rental amount they believe is appropriate for the property. There’s no grace period for late rent, meaning landlords can immediately evict tenants who don’t pay rent. 

While they must disclose any late fees, there’s no limit on these fees. The only limit is the fee for bounced checks, which is limited to 5% of the check, or $30, whichever is greater.

Security Deposit Regulations in Georgia

There’s no limit to how much a landlord can ask for the security deposit. However, if they do ask for one, they must hold that deposit in an escrow account that they set up exclusively for the deposit. 

When the landlords make any deductions on the security deposit, they must present it in an itemized list and return the remaining balance within 30 days of the contract termination.

Duration of the Lease in Georgia

The duration of the lease depends entirely on the lease’s terms. It can be month-to-month, have a fixed term, and any other duration. However, while the duration is quite flexible, it must comply with Georgia’s eviction laws. 

These laws mean tenants must give a 30-day written notice when they terminate the contract. Landlords, on the other hand, must give tenants a 60-day written notice to evict them from the property.

Maintenance and Repairs in Georgia

The landlord has the responsibility to keep the property in good repair. Any wear and tear, annual maintenance, or repairs not due to the tenant’s negligence is the landlord’s responsibility. They’re also responsible for any improvements they want to make to the property. 

While they don’t have to fund it, landlords are liable for any substantial improvements the tenants make to the property with their consent.

Additional Clauses for Georgia

Other clauses you should add are the following:

  • The landlord’s right to enter the property
  • Abandonment terms when the tenant breaks the lease
  • Renewal clauses on how the tenant can renew the lease
  • A clause on the right to fair housing

Legal Considerations and Compliance in Georgia

A lease agreement template Georgia uses has four required disclosures. The first is identification, where the landlord must add a person of contact, their name, and address. The second is move-in and move-out inspection forms, which clearly detail all damages on the premises prior to the tenant paying their security deposit. A lead-based paint disclosure is required by federal law, and a flooding disclosure is required if the property has flooded three or more times in the last five years.

Residential Lease Agreement Georgia

Residential Lease Agreement Georgia
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