North Dakota Lease Agreements

It’s important to remember that these North Dakota Lease Agreement Templates are more than just documents. They’re legally binding commitments that detail the unique relationship between a landlord and a tenant. They clearly outline both parties’ rights, responsibilities, and obligations, serving as a guiding light throughout the lease.

North Dakota Lease Agreements

Key Takeaways

  • Lease or rental agreements are essential in defining the terms when leasing or renting your property in North Dakota.
  • The nature of these agreements can vary based on the lease type, duration, and property, each having its legal implications.
  • Using predefined templates can simplify the process. They offer a ready-made structure that caters to your specific leasing scenario, reducing the need for extensive customization.
  • Opting for a template specific to North Dakota law can provide clarity and legal protection for landlords and tenants.
  • PandaDoc can be beneficial as they offer free North Dakota Lease Agreement Templates, ensuring clarity, legal protection, and the creation of comprehensive contracts.

North Dakota Lease Agreement Templates

Residential Lease Agreement

Residential Rental Agreement

Residential Rental Agreement

Used 5,261 times

Save time and resources by using this customizable residential rental agreement to create legally binding contracts with your tenants. It includes detailed sections about all aspects of a typical tenancy, including terms, responsibilities, rent, duration, insurance, maintenance, and more.

Use Residential Rental Agreement

This agreement acts as a formal handshake between landlords and tenants in North Dakota, ensuring both parties understand their roles and responsibilities clearly.

North Dakota Apartment Lease

Specifically curated for apartment rentals in the North Dakota State, this lease agreement serves as a guidebook, detailing the ins and outs of apartment living, from community rules to shared amenities

North Dakota Room Rental

Designed for those looking to rent out or rent a room within a dwelling, this template lays down the ground rules for cohabitation.

North Dakota Month-to-Month Lease

Opt for this agreement template to offer flexibility without the commitment of a long-term lease in North Dakota. It allows for short-term rental arrangements while maintaining a professional and legally binding contract.

Commercial Lease Agreement

Crafted for business-minded individuals leasing commercial spaces, this agreement template lets you document strategic partnership, outlining the terms and conditions that govern the relationship between landlords and tenants in commercial leases.

Lease to Purchase Agreement

Consider this agreement template for lease-to-own arrangements in North Dakota. It offers a structured framework for tenants to potentially purchase the property in the future.

Sublease Agreement

Utilize this agreement template to facilitate subleasing arrangements in North Dakota. It ensures that all parties involved understand their rights and responsibilities in a professional and legally binding manner.

Understanding North Dakota Rental Laws

Under North Dakota law (ND Century Code Ch. 47), a mix of federal, state, and local rental property regulations, including eviction laws, shape landlord-tenant relations in New Jersey. These laws outline what lessors and lessees must do and offer ways to handle any issues that may arise. It’s important for lessors and lessees to follow these laws to avoid any potential penalties and legal action.

§ 47-16-07.1Security Deposits Oversees security deposit gathering, management, and reimbursement, including maximum permissible amounts and detailed deductions.
§ 47-16-07Rent Increase NoticeExtra rules concerning rent hikes and evictions in areas with rent control laws.
§ 47-16-20Rent controlAs agreed in the lease agreement or at the end of the regular term
§ 47-16-13Habitability and repairsIt covers the unspoken guarantee of livability and details the tenant’s privilege to fix and subtract costs under specific conditions.
§ 47-32-01Termination noticeSets up the necessary notification procedures for property owners and renters to end lease contracts.
§ 47-16-07.3Landlord’s right of entryDetails the circumstances in which property owners may access rented units, safeguarding tenants’ privacy rights.

Security Deposit Limits

  • Deposit Limits: The state doesn’t regulate a maximum limit; however, in most states, an amount of one (1) to two (2) months’ rent is considered reasonable.
  • Permissible Deductions: Rent that hasn’t been paid, damage expenses, and cleaning charges
  • Deadline for Return: Within 30 days
  • Detailed Deductions: Mandatory
  • Penalty for Delayed Return: Triple the amount due plus legal expenses

Legal action can also be taken against landlords for:

  • Not providing a detailed statement when deductions are made
  • Not keeping the deposit in a financial account
  • Not paying due interest
  • Making unreasonable deductions

Eviction Procedures

In North Dakota, eviction without a valid reason isn’t permitted. Valid reasons for eviction include:

  • Delayed rent payment
  • Overstaying beyond the lease term
  • Breaching lease conditions
  • Engaging in unlawful activities

Depending on the reason for the eviction, the landlord must provide appropriate notice and allow the tenant to rectify the issue.

Eviction Grounds, Notice Period, and Possibility of Rectification:

  • Nonpayment of Rent: Three (3) days, Rectifiable
  • Lease End or No Lease: 30 days, Non-Rectifiable
  • Lease Violation: Three (3) days, Possibly Rectifiable
  • Illegal Activity: Three (3) days, Non-Rectifiable

Right to Enter (Landlord)

  • Justifiable Grounds for Entry: Inspections, enhancements (including decoration), maintenance, property viewings, emergencies
  • Notice Requirement: Adequate prior notice (minimum 24 hours); no notice required for emergencies
  • Consequences for Unlawful Entry: Court order, compensation for damages, legal costs (at the discretion of the court)


  • Move-In Checklist: Applies to all units
  • Lead Paint: Applicable to all units constructed prior to 1978

Optional disclosures:

  • Asbestos: Tenants are notified about potential asbestos risks in the property and advised to avoid disturbing asbestos fibers.
  • Bed Bugs: Tenants are informed if the property or neighboring units have had suspected bed bug infestations and are reminded to report any suspicions promptly.
  • Landlord’s Contact Information: The landlord or authorized agent’s name and address are provided for seamless legal communication.
  • Late/Returned Check Fees: Late or returned check fees related to the lease are specified. In North Dakota, late payments are unregulated and returned check fees are capped at $40 per check.
  • Medical Marijuana Use: Tenants are informed about the property’s policy on medical marijuana use. Some states allow landlords to limit marijuana use to non-smoking methods or designated smoking areas.
  • Mold Disclosure: Tenants are informed about any known or suspected mold contamination on the property and any remediation efforts.
  • Non-Refundable Fees: Any charges not agreed upon in the lease may be refundable upon lease termination. For North Dakota landlords to charge a non-refundable fee, it must be disclosed and agreed upon in the lease.
  • Shared Utility Arrangements: When multiple rental units share a utility meter, the method of billing individual tenants for utilities is disclosed. This ensures fair charges and helps tenants understand their bills.
  • Smoking: Tenants are informed about designated smoking areas that don’t disturb other tenants’ peaceful enjoyment of the property.

North Dakota Residential Rental Agreement

North Dakota Residential Rental Agreement
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