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Short-Term Rental Agreement

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Short-Term Rental Agreement Template

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This short-term rental agreement is made by and between [Owner/landlord.FirstName][Owner/landlord.LastName] (Owner/landlord) with an address of [Owner/landlord.StreetAddress][Owner/landlord.City][Owner/landlord.PostalCode][Owner/landlord.Country] (Insert address); and [Tenant.FirstName][Tenant.LastName] (Tenant) with an address of [Tenant.StreetAddress][Tenant.City][Tenant.PostalCode][Tenant.Country] (Insert address) on [Document.CreatedDate]. Both landlord and tenant will be referred to as party or parties throughout the document as necessary. With this agreement, the landlord agrees to allow the tenant to take possession of the property located at ______________________ (Enter property address) under the following terms:


The property is described as an (e.g., house, apartment, room, townhouse, etc.). At the moment of this agreement, the property is furnished and counts with: (describe amenities, e.g., microwave, fridge, air conditioner, etc.)


The tenant may take possession and make use of the property from _________ to _________ (add dates). The landlord agrees to give the keys and property access to the tenant on the first day of the rental period before or at 10 AM. The tenant agrees to give the keys and property access back to the landlord before or at 10 AM on the last day of rent. Both parties can ask for a modification of the arrival or departure times as long as they give the other party one week's advanced notice. Both parties have the liberty to either accept or deny such modifications.


The tenant must pay $_________(Insert amount) to the landlord in full due on __________ (add dates, if it is paid in advance, e.g., for a vacation rental, or date of the month if it is paid monthly). Rent must be paid in full and directly to the landlord in U.S. dollars through (insert payment method here).


A security deposit of $__________(Insert amount) must be given to the landlord as soon as this contract is signed by both parties and before the arrival of the tenant to the property. The security deposit will be returned to the tenant in full after an inspection of the property on the day of departure. If there is damage to the property or the rules and restrictions have not been respected, the landlord has the right to keep the security deposit.


The limited number of guests who are permitted to stay on the property during the rental period is __________ (Insert amount) according to fire code regulations and state and local laws. If the tenant allows other parties to stay on the property during the rental period, and any damages or injuries occur to the unauthorized guests, the landlord is exempt from any liability.


The tenant doesn’t have the authority to change or modify the structure of the property in any way, including painting, changing furniture, dividing the space, or modifying the space layout. The tenant also agrees to the property’s ___________ (Insert specific policies here) policies (e.g., no smoking, no pets, etc.). And agrees to avoid high amounts of noise after 10 pm according to local laws and the landlord’s common agreement with neighbors.


Rent paid five days, or more after the established dates will be considered late rent. If this happens, the tenant agrees to pay a late rent fee of $_____ (Insert amount). This late fee will accumulate every five days, added to the late rent period.


The landlord agrees to fix and provide maintenance for the property during the period of the rental as long as it is a structural problem. This includes water leaks, air conditioning or heating problems, and painting. If the property is damaged as a result of the actions of the tenant, the tenant must take care of the problem and will lose the security deposit.


The tenant agrees to rent the property solely for non-commercial purposes and cannot in any manner sublease the property to another party. The landlord has the right to immediately terminate the lease if the tenant fails to respect any of the terms stated in this agreement, including the payment of rent and rules and restrictions. If for any reason, the tenant needs to terminate the lease before the agreed date, they must give the landlord at least 30 days' notice. If the landlord fails to fulfill any of the agreed upon, the tenant has the right to immediately terminate the contract and claim the security deposit.





Short-Term Rental Agreement

Used 4,948 times

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