Real estate contract templates & rentals

The real estate industry is and should be a mobile one. You don’t have time to be picking up real estate contracts from your customers or tenants, nor do you have time to be stuck in the office copy-pasting from one contract to another. You will find that each real estate contract below is legal and can be customized to include photos and any other details you would like to add.

Real Estate License Agreement

Real Estate License Agreement

The PandaDoc Real Estate License Agreement Template assists you easily develop a customized consensus that sketches the terms and conditions for both groups.

Boundary Line Agreement

Boundary Line Agreement

Create a legal document that precisely delineates the boundaries between the properties of two or more landowners by using this Boundary Line Agreement. Every sort of land, including residential and commercial real estate, may be covered by this document.

Short-Term Rental Agreement

Short-Term Rental Agreement

When renting out your house, be sure to include all relevant clauses in this Short-Term Rental Agreement form. After downloading this document, you can modify it to better suit your needs by adding information where necessary.

Lease Termination Letter Template

Lease Termination Letter

The terms of the notice period, the day the lease ends, the cause for the end of the lease, and any other relevant information that may be required will all be stated in this Lease Termination Letter.

Rent Increase Letter Template

Rent Increase Letter Template

Use this Rent Increase Letter Template to notify the tenant that the rent will go up in the future or to send it after the lease has ended. You can get it for free from PandaDoc.

Real Estate LLC Operating Agreement Template

Real Estate LLC Operating Agreement

The members of the real estate limited liability corporation have signed this operational agreement. Use this Real Estate LLC Operating Agreement and make any necessary changes.

Mortgage Note Template

Mortgage Note Template

Download this Mortgage Note Template to give the lender assurance that the borrower and other parties responsible for the debt will pay the remaining balance on the mortgage.

Notice of Intent to Vacate Template

Notice of Intent to Vacate Template

You can use this Notice of Intent to Vacate Template to write an official letter informing the landlord or manager that you intend to break your lease. You may have it for nothing right now.

Rental Invoice

Rental Invoice Template

You as the landlord, landlady or property manager can use this free rental invoice template to bill your tenants.

Rental Receipt Template

Rental Receipt Template

Whether you’re invoicing or providing a receipt, this Rental Receipt Template is a jack of all trades! With this template you can handle transactions between yourself and your tenants legally and effectively.

Commercial Lease Agreement Template

Commercial Lease Agreement Template

This is your standard commercial lease agreement template, with all the important legal clauses you need. All you have to do is drag-and-drop your PandaDoc contacts and send them to sign.

room rental agreement

Room Rental Agreement Template

Whether for a dorm room, private rental, or building manager, this room rental agreement template helps smooth over disagreements before they happen.

Sublease Agreement Template

Sublease Agreement Template

Looking to sublease your apartment or home? Try out this standard and free sublease agreement template to keep it above the board.

Deed of Trust Template

Deed of Trust Template

This free deed of trust template is a sample of the formal agreement necessary for a discretionary trust.

Real Estate Contract Templates

Analysts of The Business Research Company claim that the world’s real estate market was over $3,694 bln in early 2022 and exceeded $3,976 billion at the beginning of 2023. They also observe a similar trend in the rental housing branch. It was valued at almost $2,376 billion in early 2022 and will reach about $3,389 bln by 2027 with annual growth of 7.2%. So, companies in the mentioned sectors make numerous deals and must sign plenty of contracts. 

Housing agreements have many legal subtleties and pitfalls that require much knowledge to avoid. In this regard, property contract samples better be created by qualified specialists. Fortunately, one can find qualitative templates of the specified documents at PandaDoc professionals constantly track the latest changes in legislation and adapt the available examples of real estate contracts under current laws. It allows you to avoid different problems when signing realty agreements.

What Makes Real Estate Contracts Valid?

Such agreements must be signed voluntarily. The other terms of the specified deals are the following:

Each PandaDoc real estate contract form is thoroughly checked to meet the specified requirements. You can use such samples to deal with ordinary people, small or medium business owners, and corporation holders.

Rental Housing Agreement Templates at PandDoc.Com

Among the most popular specified documents, the following ones should be noted:

You may find even more samples of free real estate contracts to formalize the rent-out deals at Remember to log in before downloading a suitable template.

PandaDoc Real Estate Purchase Agreement Samples

Here, three types of realty contract forms should be highlighted. The first one is a primary purchase agreement for the property template. PandaDoc experts correctly structured this sample and developed a creative design to attract more people eager to buy your housing. 

The second one is a simple land purchase contract template. Before creating such agreements, check the stead for legal disputes with neighbors. If the specified problems exist, you may prepare a boundary line agreement based on the corresponding PandaDoc example.

The third one is a rent-to-own agreement template. Such a realty contract allows you to buy land or a house after a particular time of its leasing. The latter condition is fair if a tenant makes timely rental payments.

Examples of Other Realty Documents at PandaDoc.Com

Initially, mentioning the housing assignment contract and power of attorney templates is necessary. The first ones are used to buy the rights to purchase a property. Ill or older people usually sign power of attorney.

Rent increase letter examples should be additionally noted. Localities develop incredibly intensively nowadays. Yesterday you had a house in a town; today, the town has become a full-fledged city. As a result, rental payments constantly increase. In such cases, you need the specified agreement samples.

According to Onedesk, at least 10% of US citizens paid professional cleaners to clean their homes in 2021. If you want to rent out your realty to similar people, use the PandaDoc housekeeping contract form. You may download the mentioned and many more free templates for real estate at sans any hidden fees. So, visit the online platform and create a property agreement right now.

FAQ: Real Estate Contracts

How do you write a contract agreement for real estate using Pandadoc?

Initially, a visitor should create a new profile or log in. After that, you have to choose the section with realty contract templates. Then, clients must view the available samples and pick a suitable one. Each PandaDoc real estate template opens on a separate webpage where you can download it by clicking the corresponding button. Customers should fill the empty lines in downloaded samples to create their agreements.

What are the four types of legal contracts for real estate?

  • The first one is a purchase agreement. It’s used when you are going to buy housing.
  • The second type is a realty assignment contract. Here, investors buy the rights to purchase a property.
  • The third one is a lease agreement. You can rent out your house using this contract.
  • Finally, power of attorney agreements should be highlighted. Such contracts are created in case of loss of legal capacity by the owner of the house.

What are the elements of a valid real estate contract?

Such agreements should include information about the parties involved, note legal purposes, and mention the conditions of a deal in detail. The specified documents also have to contain a section where the signatories confirm the voluntary conclusion of a contract. Occasionally, agreements should include additional elements. That’s because some regions have special laws on real estate deal-making.