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Roommate Agreement Template

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Living together can always be kind of rough. With our sample dormmates or roommates agreement template, you can smooth everything out before moving in together.

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Roommate Agreement Template

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The following contract (herein referred to as the "Roommate Agreement") made on the (Number) Day of (Month) , (Year), is made between [Roommate 1.FirstName][Roommate 1.LastName], (herein referred to as "Roommate 1"), and [Roommate 2.FirstName][Roommate 2.LastName], (herein referred to as "Roommate 2").

Both Roommate 1 and Roommate 2 (collectively known as Parties) have agreed to share a dwelling at (Rental Address) for the period of (Lease Duration).

Parties who sign the Roommate Agreement must abide by the following guidelines:

1. Terms of the lease

The Parties must abide by the terms of the Lease Agreement at all times. The Lease Agreement is attached hereto as Exhibit A. If any Party knowingly or unknowingly breaches the Lease Agreement, the breaching Party shall be responsible for any and all monetary penalties incurred due to the breach of the Lease Agreement.

2. Financial obligations

A. Rent

Each Party is obligated to submit rent payments in the amount of (Rent Price) to the landlord per the Lease Agreement no later than (Rent Due Date) of each month for the duration of the Lease Agreement. Any failure to submit rent payments by either Party will require the offending Party to cover any and all late fees or penalties as described in the Lease Agreement.

B. Security deposit

Parties agree to split the cost of the security deposit as set forth in the Lease Agreement evenly. The remaining security deposit available at the end of the lease term will be evenly distributed among the Parties.

C. Utilities

Parties agree to split the cost of utilities evenly, including but not limited to bills for electricity, water, sewer, gas, internet, and cable service.

D. Move-out costs

Parties shall evenly split the financial costs pertaining to moving out of the rental property, including but not limited to cleaning fees, replacement fees, damage fees, or any other penalty as assessed by the landlord.

3. Rental upkeep

Parties agree to keep the rental property clean and tidy during the duration of the Lease Agreement. Parties agree to keep shared items clean and sanitized, including but not limited to dishes, sinks, toilets, floors, and counters. Parties agree to keep common areas, including but not limited to the kitchen and living room, clean and tidy. Parties agree to distribute household chores evenly on a rotating weekly basis.

4. Personal property

Parties may not under any circumstances consume, use, or borrow the personal property of the other Party unless agreed upon in writing via text message, email, or written contract. Damage to personal property by either Party will require the harmed Party to be compensated for the damage, including but not limited to the fair market price of the item damaged.

5. Visitor provisions

Parties may allow visitors at the rental property for a period of up to 2 consecutive days. If the period exceeds 2 consecutive days, Parties must consent to the terms of the visitation in writing via text message, email, or written contract. All visitors must abide by the applicable terms of this Roommate Agreement.

6. Pet policy

If a Party wishes to bring a pet into the dwelling, they will need to amend this Roommate Agreement with a Pet Policy addendum. Until such an addendum is signed and dated, no pets will be allowed at the rental property.

7. Sublet provisions

If one of the Parties wishes to sublease their room to another individual, the sublease process must commence as such:

A. Notice

A 30-day notice of the anticipated sublease must be given to the Party who will remain at the rental property.

B. Subletter qualifications

To qualify for the sublet, the anticipated subletter must meet all requirements as set out in the Lease Agreement, earn a monthly income of no lower than (Income Amount) dollars per month, and receive written approval from the Party who will remain at the rental property.

C. Failure to pay rent

In the instance that the subletter fails to pay their rent, the Party who initiated the sublet is responsible for paying any and all missed rent payments.

D. Subletter responsibilities

The anticipated subletter is held to all requirements as set forth in this Roommate Agreement. The subletter must sign an addendum to the Roommate Agreement upon approval.

8. Prohibited conduct

Any and all illegal conduct is strictly prohibited from occurring at the rental property.

9. Dispute resolution

Parties agree to settle disputes with a third-party, neutral mediator if the Parties cannot resolve the issue among themselves.

10. Modifications to the roommate agreement

Any modification to this Roommate Agreement must be made in writing and attached as an addendum to this Roommate Agreement. Modification addendums must be signed by both Parties to be enforceable.

11. Violations of the roommate agreement

Any violation of the Roommate Agreement may result in the removal of the offending Party from the rental property. The offending Party must find a qualified subletter and shall not be entitled to the return of rental payments or the security deposit.

12. Severability

If any provision in this Roommate Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in effect and valid.

Exhibit A – Lease Agreement





Roommate Rental Agreement Template

Used 5,019 times

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