Contract templates

The process of document creation is boring but it's an essential part of running and growing your business. We reviewed thousands of examples and created fully designed contract templates that include everything you need. Use one of our standard contract templates to ease the pain of document creation by automating your business document workflow.

Plumbing Contract Template

Contractors should use this plumbing contract template as a standardized contract form for all new residential and commercial plumbing customers.

Bartending Services Contract Template

Use this template as a formal contract when you’re providing on-site bartending services for clients. The template includes a customizable pricing table, electronic signature fields, and detailed terms and conditions.

Outsourcing Services Contract Template

This template should be used as an outsourcing services contract between a company and any freelancer or agency hired for outsourced work. Use it to detail the services, compensation, and terms of any outsourced work.

Residential Roofing Contract Template

This residential roofing contract template is perfect for the roofing company offering roof replacement services to homeowners. Your sales team will be able to create, send, and e-sign their contracts faster than ever!

Wedding Photography Contract Template

This wedding photography contract is perfect for freelance photographers or photography agencies looking for a solid contract to put in place with wedding clients.

Freelance Graphic Design Contract Template

This freelance graphic design contract serves as a legally-binding document between a freelancer and a client. Using this contract template will help you appear professional, and will clearly define the terms and limitations related to your graphic design services.

Computer Service Contract Template

Use this digital computer service contract template to allow clients to select the services they’d like to purchase from you, and esign to indicate approval.

Auto Repair Contract Template

This auto repair contract template can be used by any automotive service shop as a legally binding service contract between the shop and a customer. It includes pricing, terms, and an area for the customer’s electronic signature.

Food Service Contract Template

If your company provides staffing for client’s cafeterias, concession stands, or kitchens, then this food service contract template is for you!

Home Repair Contract Template

Use this home improvement contract template as a formal service agreement with homeowners for minor repair or remodel projects.

Employment Contract Template

Both recruiters and small businesses can use this standard employment contract template to hire new members to their teams, adding whatever other terms they wish.

Temporary Employment Contract Template

Perfect for human resources departments and small businesses alike, this temporary employment template has all the necessary wording to contract your temps. All you need to do is update contact info, length of contract and pay.

Landscaping Services Contract Template

This landscaping services contract template is great for if you're hiring a landscaping company or individual or if you are running your own landscaping business.

Day Care Contract Template

This day care contract template makes it easy for any day care provider to create and sign a digital contract with new customers.

HVAC Contract Template

This HVAC contract template contains areas for scope of work, client details, pricing, and legal terms. It can be used by any contractor offering repairs or maintenance for HVAC systems.

Bookkeeping Contract Template

This bookkeeping contract template may be used by an independent accountant, bookkeeper, or agency as a service contract with new commercial clients.

Email Cover Letter Template

Customize this email cover letter template to sell yourself and get that recruiter or future boss to look at your resume or CV and then call you for an interview.

Freelance Contract Template

If you are a freelancer you'll want to download this free freelance contract template to lay out the scope of the job you will perform as well as the terms and conditions of the work you will be doing for your client.

Living Will Template

Life is unexpected, so you must be prepared. Use this living will template to outline what steps you want and don't want to be taken, in those worst case scenarios.

Service Contract Template

Like a business proposal template, this service contract template outlines the agreed upon services to be provided.

Subcontractor Agreement Template

This Subcontractor Agreement Template is normally between a contractor and subcontractor to outline the sample perimeters of specialist work to be done.

Consulting Contract Template

Simply add a Statement of Work to this free consulting contract template and customize it to fit the services you offer.

Business Contract Template

This standard business contract template is the perfect jumping off point for you to do things the proper and legal way.

Formal Letter Template

In this age of email, writing a formal letter can seem overwhelming. Use this sample formal letter template to get the job done well.

Business Letter Template

You want to make your company shine in all ways and certainly folks judge a book by it's cover. Use this Business Letter Template to put your best face forward.

Articles of Incorporation Template

While laws vary by state and country, use this articles of incorporation template as a starting off point to register your non-profit organization.

Business Requirements Document Template (BRD)

You want to make sure your business requirements document or BRD is clear so your applicants know what must be delivered upon. This template will help you easily organize just that online, in Word or in a Google Doc.

Bylaws Template

The bylaws of a company are the rules and regulations set out to provide a framework for its operations. Use this Bylaws Template for your company today.

Offer Letter Template

Found a great candidate? Time to offer them a job! Use this Offer Letter to get them on your team.

Deed of Indemnity Template

If this, then this. This Deed of Indemnity Template helps you develop the actions and consequences if something should happen.

Nanny Contract Template

This Nanny Agreement template outlines the scope of agreement regarding each side’s duties and expectations relating to employment as a nanny for children.

Term Sheet Template

Use this sample term sheet template to negotiate the important terms of your deal, and then use PandaDoc to know exactly which parts your potential partner is considering!

Purchase Order Template

Put this free purchase order template (aka P.O.) to good use with electronic signature, tracking the entire purchase online.

Delivery Order Template

This delivery order template will not only help you process deliveries efficiently, but it will also allow you process it all online with PandaDoc for electronic signature.

License Agreement Template

This license agreement template breaks down how to authorize another person or organization to have rights or royalties to your property.

Agile Software Development Contract Template

Agile software development is executed and billed differently than traditional software development projects. This agile software development contract makes that clear, and provides a solid foundation for a successful client-developer relationship.

Freelance Design Contract Template

Need a contract for your freelance design services? This contract includes the terms necessary to protect you as a freelance designer, and be customized and sent to your client in minutes!

IT Support Contract Template

The IT Support Contract Template describes the services you offer as well as the scope of the job that you are providing to the customer. This sample template outlines the terms and conditions of the contract to protect both you and the client.

Statement of Work Template

Use this free Statement of Work (SOW) Template to identify and define work activities, deliverables, and timetables for a specific job. Customize it where you need.

Cease and Desist Letter Template

Being harassed by debt collectors? This cease and desist letter will make it clear that you know your rights, and put the constant calls and letters to a stop.

Promissory Note Template

Promissory notes are basic loan agreements, usually signed for non-business loans in small amounts. This promissory note template will help you outline loan amounts, interest rates, and payment terms.

Computer Repair Contract Template

If you offer computer repair services, it’s wise to have every new customer sign a contract before you begin your work. This computer repair contract template makes it easy to create, send, and sign detailed contracts from anywhere!

Photography Session Contract Template

This general-purpose photography services contract template can be used by any freelance photographer or photography agency as a service contract with new clients.

Freelance Video Editing Contract Template

This freelance video editing contract template will help you put your best foot forward with new clients, and protects both you and your clients during video editing projects.

Commercial Photography Contract Template

Use this contract template for your commercial photography services. This template allows you to create and send a polished commercial photography contract in less than five minutes!

Event Photography Contract Template

Use this template as a legal contract for your agency’s event photography services. This contract includes the legal terms necessary for a photographer providing on-site services during an event, along with a customizable pricing table and electronic signature fields.

Newborn Photography Contract Template

Newborn photography services are more popular than ever. Make it easy for expecting parents to hire you as their newborn’s personal photographer with this newborn photography contract template!

Editor Contract Template

This editor contract template makes it easy to offer detailed contract terms, service descriptions, and pricing details to your clients.

Photography Order Form Template

This photography order form template will allow your clients to select packages and a la carte options after a photo shoot. If you use Stripe, you can accept credit card payments right inside the order form!

Handyman Services Contract Template

Need a way to offer professional contracts to your handyman service’s clients? This contract template makes it easy to create, send, and sign professional, detailed contracts that your customers can sign from any device.

DJ Services Contract Template

Need a contract for your DJ Services? This DJ Services Contract Template can be customized and e-signed by you and your customer in minutes!

Accounting Contract Template

This accounting contract template can be customized in minutes and includes electronic signature fields for you and your client.

Dog Walking Contract Template

If you offer dog walking services to pet owners, this contract will save you a ton of time and demonstrate that you’re a professional. Use this template to send a detailed, customized contract for electronic signature in just a few minutes!

Loan Agreement Template

Use this detailed loan agreement template as a legal record of the loan amount and repayment terms for a loan between two parties.

Flooring Contract Template

This flooring contract template can be used for flooring replacement or installation projects for commercial or residential clients.

Photography Services Contract Template

This general-purpose photography services contract template can be used by any freelance photographer or photography agency as a service contract with new clients.

Lawn Service Contract Template

Use this lawn service contract template with your residential clients to allow them to receive and sign a contract on their computer or mobile device.

Release of Liability Template

Use this release of liability template for any voluntary activity that places participants at risk. The template makes the risks associated with the activity clear while also placing strict limitations on the organizer’s potential liability and exposure to risk.

Performance Contract Template

This performance contract template can be used by any venue as a binding contract with a hired act, such as a musician, comedian, magician, or other entertainment act.

Demolition Contract Template

This demolition contract template can be used as a legally binding contract between a demolition contractor and a property owner.

SaaS Metrics Report Template by ChartMogul

This report is designed for investors, potential investors, advisers, and executive teams — anyone you trust who has vowed to help you through product and growth challenges. There might be some proprietary information or internal metrics that you want to reserve only for investors and the board.

Meeting Minutes Template

Using a standard template for meeting minutes ensures that every meeting’s conversation is recorded completely and accurately. Use this meeting minutes template to record what happens in your meetings, and easily share it with anyone who needs a copy.

Portrait Photography Contract Template

Create a detailed portrait photography contract in less than 5 minutes using this template. The template includes a customizable pricing table, detailed terms and conditions, and electronic signature fields for you and your client!

Endorsement Agreement Template

Use this endorsement agreement template as a binding contract between your company and an individual who has agreed to endorse your brand.

Modeling Agency Contract Template

Your representatives can use this modeling agency contract template to expedite the process for adding new models to your agency’s portfolio.

Horse Boarding Contract Template

This horse boarding contract template can be used by a horse stable as a legal agreement prior to accepting horses for boarding from new clients.

Snow Removal Contract Template

This snow removal contract can be used by a contractor providing ice and snow removal services to homeowners or commercial property owners.

Birthday Party Contract Template

This birthday party contract template can be used by a venue offering party reservations to the public. The template includes a pricing table which can be used to offer multiple party packages and optional add-ons.

Painting Contract Template

This painting contract template can be used by a company or individual offering professional painting services. The contract includes sections for a detailed scope of work, pricing, and legal terms.

Photo Release Form Template

This photo release template offers you to permit designated individuals to use and produce your photo as deemed necessary.

TV Show Pitch Template

This tv show pitch template is designed to help you pitch your show idea to a television network. It provides a basic framework that will make it easy for you to develop a pointed, concise pitch.

Insertion Order Template

The insertion order template is used to enter into a legal binding agreement between a client and publisher for the running of the agreed upon advertisements.

Escrow Agreement Template

Using an escrow agent during a business transaction introduces an impartial intermediary who agrees to hold funds until goods have been delivered. This escrow agreement template can be used to identify an escrow agent and establish an escrow agreement between a buyer and seller.

Housekeeping Contract Template

This housekeeping contract template serves as a basic document for companies providing regular housekeeping services to commercial or residential clients.

Remodeling Contract Template

This remodeling contract template is intended for use by contractors providing residential remodeling services. The document includes areas to detail the scope of work, pricing, and legal terms.

Gardening Contract Template

This gardening contract template may be used by a landscaping company providing gardening services to residential clients. It includes a customizable pricing table and electronic signature fields.