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Interpreter Contract

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Interpreter Contract

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[Client.FirstName], [Client.LastName]




The Parties

This interpreter contract is between [Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName] from [Sender.Company], "the interpreter," and [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName] from [Client.Company], "the client."

Start Date and Duration

This contract will begin on (date).

This contract will be valid for: (choose one)

A one-time event – This contract shall only be in effect for the following event: 

Name of event: (enter name)

Date and time: (enter date and time)

Place and address: (enter place and address)

A fixed term – This contract shall end on (date). After this date, both parties will no longer have any liabilities or obligations to one another.

An ongoing term – This contract shall remain in effect until either one of the parties terminates the contract, providing that (number of days/weeks) notice is given to the other party. After this date, both parties will no longer have any liabilities or obligations.

Interpretation Services and Scope of Work

1. Type of interpretation service required

Check all that apply:

Language interpretation   (Specify: Spanish to English)

Oral interpretation

Medical interpretation

Legal interpretation

Sign language interpretation   (Specify: ASL to English, French to LSF) 

Guide interpretation

Conference interpretation

Whisper interpretation

Other (Specify)

2. Interpretation delivery type

Check all that apply:

Live – simultaneous

Live – consecutive



Other (Specify)

3. Tasks

The interpreter shall provide (type of interpretation) interpretation service to the client, (client name or description, for example, the students of the School of the Deaf), every (day of the week) / on (specific date) at (time), during (event/meeting/occasion). The interpreter will (meet the client at [Client.StreetAddress][Client.City][Client.State][Client.PostalCode] / online / call the client) and provide interpretation service during (event/occasion)). 

The interpreter shall be responsible for interpreting (describe the content).

The interpreter shall also be responsible for providing interpretation during any emergency situation that occurs on-site.

(Add any other tasks).

4. Equipment or material needed



Digital notetaker



Other (Specify)

5. Expenses and reimbursement

(Choose one)

The client will provide all materials and equipment needed.

The interpreter will provide all material needed.

The client will reimburse the interpreter for any purchases necessary. The interpreter shall send the client a receipt for the material or equipment by (method), and the client shall reimburse the interpreter by (method) no later than (number of days) days after receipt.

Independent Contractor Agreement

1. The parties agree that the interpreter is hired as an independent contractor, and this contract does not create a partnership, joint venture, or employment relationship between the interpreter and [Client.Company].

2. The interpreter shall be responsible for paying all taxes under existing law. This includes local income taxes, federal, state, social security, and unemployment. The illustrator agrees to pay all taxes to the appropriate government agencies and indemnify [Client.Company] against any claims, liabilities, costs, or expenses that may arise.

3. The interpreter will not be covered by any insurance or benefits that [Client.Company] provides to its regular employees.


1. During the term of the contract, the interpreter shall comply with the terms of (insert name of code of conduct or regulation name).

2. The interpreter shall keep all information given and recorded in/at (company name, event, meeting) confidential and shall not disclose them outside of this setting.

3. The interpreter shall keep all documents, recordings, and any other media containing information or work relating to (company name, event, meeting) (at the office/company, in a locked container). 

(add any other confidentiality clauses)

Qualifications / Licenses / Accreditations 

The interpreter must possess (name of certification, accreditation, or license). [Client.Company] will not provide any compensation required for the interpreter to obtain this. 

Before the contract begins, the interpreter agrees to pass a criminal background check. [Client.Company]​ will (pay/not pay) for this.  


1. The client agrees to pay the interpreter the full amount of $(amount) / based on the following pay structure (enter pay structure).

2. The client agrees to pay a deposit of $(amount) by (date).

3. The interpreter agrees to send the client an invoice by (specify when).

4. The client agrees to pay the interpreter no later than (number of days) days after receiving the invoice. Any late payments will result in (list the consequences).

5. The client agrees to pay by (method).

6. Late fees are as follows: If payment is late by more than (number of days) days, an extra fee of $(amount) will be charged.


Any changes or modifications to any part of this contract will only be in effect once approved in written form by both parties.


1. This contract shall automatically terminate on (date).

2. Either party may terminate this contract at any time by notifying the other party in writing.

3. This contract will be considered terminated in the event of any of the following:

The interpreter is suddenly unable to work due to a medical condition (physical or mental);

The death of either party;

[Client.Company] closes down due to bankruptcy or insolvency laws.

4. Upon termination, the client agrees to pay the interpreter for all completed work until the termination date. 

5. Upon termination, the interpreter shall return to the client all material and equipment belonging to them and permanently delete all company information and programs from all their devices. 

Force Majeure

Neither party shall be responsible or liable for any delay, malfunctions, or failure to complete any work due to forces beyond their control, including strikes, accidents, acts of war or terrorism, nuclear, natural, civil or military disturbances, or acts of God.

Governing Laws

This contract shall be governed by the State of (state) laws. 

IN WITNESS THEREOF – This contract is hereby executed by the parties as follows:





Interpreter Contract

Used 4,936 times

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