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Parking Space Lease Agreement

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Know all men by these presents:

This Parking Space Lease Agreement (“The Agreement”) is made and executed as of this (Day) day of (Month), (Year) (“the Effective Date”) by and among/between:

Lessor(s): [Lessor.LastName], [Lessor.FirstName], (Age), of legal age, currently residing at [Lessor.StreetAddress], [Lessor.City], [Lessor.State], [Lessor.PostalCode], [Lessor.Country] (collectively “The Lessor” or “The Landlord”); and

Lessee(s): [Lessee.LastName], [Lessee.FirstName], (Age), of legal age, currently residing at [Lessee.StreetAddress], [Lessee.City], [Lessee.State], [Lessee.PostalCode], [Lessee.Country] (collectively “The Lessee” or “The Tenant”);


  1. The Lessor or the landlord is the party who owns the property or the one who lets a property be leased by another individual or company, particularly a parking space, under this Agreement.

  2. The Lessee or the tenant is the party who holds the lease to a property, particularly a parking space, under this Agreement.

WHEREAS, in consideration of the above recitals, the representations, warranties, covenants, and agreement stated in this Agreement and in good faith and valuable considerations, the receipt and accuracy of which are now acknowledged by both Parties.

WHEREAS, the Lessor is a duly registered and the beneficial owner of the [Lessor.Company], owns a property that is open to be leased out located at (property address: street name, city, state, postal code, country) established since (property acquisition date).

WHEREAS, the Lessee will rent out the space, particularly the parking space, to be rented out to another individual or company. The parking space is located at the premises of (property address: street name, city, state, postal code, country)

WHEREAS, the Lessor does hereby lease, assign the property, and make over unto the Lessee.

WHEREAS, the Lessor is hereby present and accepting the property assignment for a period of twelve (12) months from (start date) to (end-date).

WHEREAS, the Lessee agrees to pay the stipulated rent in advance that will serve as a security deposit equivalent to three (3) months to the Lessor with the amount of (amount in words), (amount in figures) in (currency) on (day – month – year)

WHEREAS, the Lessee agrees to pay the amount in installments on a monthly basis with the amount of (amount in words), (amount in figures) in (currency) starting (start date) the lease is due every (day) of the month. Failure to comply on the said due date will incur late payment fees which are 10% of the monthly due.

Lessor to lessee table

Lessor / Landlord

Lessee / Tenant


Billing Address

Office Address

Contact Number/s









Access ID Number

Vehicle Model

Plate Number

Vehicle Model #1

Vehicle Model #2

Vehicle Model #3

WHEREAS, the Lessee agrees to register all possible private vehicles that would access his/her parking space or designated slot and how many parking spaces the lessee would need. Designated parking space per tenant should be from one (1) up to three (3) maximum registered vehicles only.

WHEREAS, the Lessee agrees to use the parking space for vehicle parking purposes only as certain activities, such as camping, sleeping, or using the parking space as storage for personal belongings, are strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this rule may result in this Agreement being forfeited and the security deposit amounting to (amount in words), (amount in figures) in (currency) will serve as the penalty payment for the said violation.

WHEREAS, this Agreement should be signed in counterpart.

WHEREAS, any request for amendment from any party, Lessor or Lessee, should not be accepted if such requests are not stated or documented in written form.

NOW, THEREFORE, the Parties of this Agreement, the Lessor and the Lessee, acknowledge their part of this Agreement and hereinafter affix their signature.


State/Republic of [Lessor.State]

County/City of [Lessor.City]

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO BEFORE ME, a NOTARY PUBLIC from [Notary.Country], [Notary.State], this (MM.DD.YYYY) ; personally appeared bearing the government identification with details provided below, to wit;

Name ID Type/Number Date/Place of Issuance

[Lessor.FirstName][Lessor.LastName][Lessor.ID] (details)

[Lessee.FirstName][Lessee.LastName][Lessee.ID] (details)

Known to me and known to be the same persons who executed the foregoing instrument consisting of four (4) pages including the page where this acknowledgment is written, and they acknowledged that the same is their own free and voluntary act and deed.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and the notarial seal on the date and in the place herein above written.





Notary Public

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Parking Space Lease Agreement

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