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Boat Slip Lease Agreement Template

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Boat Slip Lease Agreement Template is used when renting a boat slip where someone can dock their boat.

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Boat Slip Lease Agreement Template

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Boat information

Boat name:

Boat type:

Model and year:

Boat ID number:

Lessee information

Lessor information

Name: [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName]

Phone: [Client.Phone]

Email: [Client.Email]

Address: [Client.StreetAddress][Client.City][Client.State][Client.PostalCode]

Name: [Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName]

Phone: [Sender.Phone]

Email: [Sender.Email]

Address: [Sender.StreetAddress][Sender.City][Sender.State][Sender.PostalCode]

Rental details

Start lease date: (date)

End lease date: (date)

Hourly/daily/monthly rental fee: $(amount)

Total rental amount: $(amount)

Security deposit amount: $(amount)

Payment method: (check, credit, debit, electronic transfer, etc.)

Terms and conditions

1. Limit on use

This Agreement only allows dockage of the vessel described in this document. If Lessee desires to dock a boat other than referenced above, Lessee must complete a new agreement, be bound by the conditions of the new agreement, and pay any additional charges that arise therefrom.

2. Extension

If Lessee wants to extend this Agreement beyond the previously agreed upon time period, the Lessee should contact the Lessor to make a formal request. If the Lessor agrees, additional payment(s) will be made at the onset of the new period of extension, and a new agreement might be issued and executed at the discretion of the Lessor.

3. Termination

a. Termination by Lessee

If Lessee wishes to terminate the agreement prior to the previously agreed-upon termination date, they shall give the Lessor thirty (30) days written notice before departure. Failure to do so will result in the Lessee's continuing adherence to the previously agreed upon rental period and payment schedule. If the rental period is less than 30 days, termination is not available unless the Lessor decides to make an exception.

b. Termination by Lessor

(i) For cause. The Lessor may terminate this agreement for cause if the Lessee violates any terms or conditions of this agreement. If the Lessee violates any of the terms and conditions in this agreement, the Lessor shall have the option of terminating this agreement with three (3) days notice, without waiving any other rights hereinunder. Lessee must remove their boat from the slip before the end of the notice period.

(ii) Not for cause. The Lessor retains the right to terminate this agreement without cause, at any time, upon ten (10) days written notice to the Lessee. In such cases, any charges, prepaid fees, or expenses shall be prorated, and any surplus returned to the Lessor, and Lessor shall remove their boat by the termination date issued.

4. Damages

Any damages that occur to the boat slip as a result of the Lessee or the Lessee's boat will be the sole responsibility of the Lessee, and the fees for repair or replacement will be charged to the Lessee's credit card on file with notification but not requiring consent.

5. Risks

Lessee acknowledges that unforeseeable and uncontrollable risks exist when parking their boat in the Lessor's boat slip, such as tides, winds, water flow, or foul weather, and agrees that Lessor bears no responsibility for any damage that occurs as a result.

6. Rules and regulations

Lessee agrees to be bound by the most current [Sender.CompanyName] rules and regulations that have been set forth by the Lessor and provided to the Lessee in tandem with this agreement and available on [Sender.CompanyName]'s website at all times. This includes having all the required forms completed and on file before the vessel arrives in the marina.

The rules and regulations may be lawfully changed from time to time at the sole discretion of [Sender.CompanyName]. Lessee agrees that it is their responsibility to be aware of and abide by these rules and regulations at all times. If any conflict arises between the rules and regulations and this agreement, this agreement will take precedence.

7. Insurance

Both the Lessee and Lessor are responsible for maintaining the appropriate insurance coverage for the boat slip and vessel respectively at all times. The insurance required by both parties is specified in the rules and regulations document. The Lessee's personal property is not covered against loss, theft, and/or negligence by the Lessor's insurance.

8. Waiver release

The Lessee is required and agrees to sign a waiver before taking possession of the boat slip.

9. Indemnification

The Lessee agrees that the Lessor cannot be held responsible for any liabilities, including but not limited to accidents, injuries, loss of property, and/or death of any person.

10. Governing Law

This agreement will be governed under the laws of [Sender.State].

11. Severability

If any provision of this agreement should be held to be void, voidable, or unenforceable by the appropriate courts, the remaining portions hereof shall remain in full force and effect.

The parties signing this document hereunder agree that they have read this boat slip lease agreement fully and agree to all of the terms and conditions.





Receipt of deposit

[Sender.Company] hereby acknowledges receipt of the security deposit money to be held until directed by both parties to do otherwise.


Receipt of relevant documents

The Lessee hereby acknowledges the receipt of the following documents in connection with this agreement:

Waiver release: __________ (initials)

Rules and regulations: __________ (initials)

Boat Slip Lease Agreement Template

Used 5,141 times

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