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Business Letter Template

PandaTip: Include your company logo in the top left corner, or add your company name above your address below.








Attention: [NAME]


References: (a) [REFERENCE 1]


PandaTip: What do we mean by references? Here you will provide any documents, papers, etc. that you expect to reference in your letter. Perhaps this business letter is in response to a business letter you received from the recipient previously. You may want to reference that. Be as exact in your citations of these documents as possible. For example: Recipient Letter dated XYZ containing the subject line ABC. Then, in the body of your letter you can refer to the references listed above as “Reference (a)” and “Reference (b)”, rather than spelling them out each time within the body of your letter.

Enclosures: (a) [ENCLOSURE 1]


Dear [MR. OR MS.] [SURNAME]:

PandaTip: Be direct in this opening sentence and paragraph and state exactly what the business letter is concerning. Elaborate on the “subject line” provided above.

PandaTip: Let’s be honest, most business letters are a “pitch” of some sort, and we suspect the business letter you have in mind follows suit. Well, the best pitches or proposals always show an underlying understanding of a need or problem, as well as an understanding of the audience or recipient. Even legally minded letters “set the stage”, so to speak. It is no different here. In this second paragraph, demonstrate your understanding of the problem or need, or set the backdrop (as applicable). This will set you up to provide the pitch, proposal or position in the next paragraph.

PandaTip: After you have delivered the pitch, argument, proposal, etc., you may want to end with more emotional language, in order to show interest, excitement, sincerity, seriousness or other emotions. For example, “Our company very much looks forward to the opportunity to work with your organization…”

Should you have any questions or concerns related to this letter, please don’t hesitate to contact the undersigned at [EMAIL] or [PHONE].






     (b) [NAME] ([COMPANY NAME])


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