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Business Letter Template

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Business Letter Template

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Dear [Client.FirstName],

I’m writing to you today in order to issue (a letter of recommendation, a thank you note, an application for XXX position, to terminate a contract, etc.) for [Candidate.FirstName][Candidate.LastName] the position you’re applying for, the thing you’re thanking someone for, etc.) because [Candidate.FirstName][Candidate.LastName]would be an excellent candidate, (we need to terminate our relationship, etc.).

I have[Candidate.FirstName][Candidate.LastName] (worked in a certain field, etc.) for (time period)as (relationship between you and person you’re writing about, name of the role you’ve had, etc.), and I believe (they are/I am the best person for the job, etc.).(If possible, include a sentence or two that relates a personal anecdote or example that contains verifiable facts or data and relates to the topic being discussed).

In the time I/we spent (working together, in a past role, etc.), I (observed name of person’s skills/qualities, personally demonstrated certain skills/qualities, etc.), and I believe these qualities/skills would be extremely useful in this role. Specifically, (relate an example of these skills or qualities being demonstrated personally or by the person you’re writing about).

In conclusion, I understand that there may be numerous candidates for this role and that you no doubt wish to select the best candidate in a timely manner, and to that end, I firmly believe that[Candidate.FirstName][Candidate.LastName]is the best person for this (name the project, position or role). I would be happy to discuss this in more detail and answer any questions you may have via email or phone if preferred.

Thank you kindly for your time.




(Insert the title of any documents you’re including with your letter, such as a resume, if applicable.)

Business Letter Template

Used 5,050 times

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