Marketing & design proposal templates

Using an app like PandaDoc allows you to create dynamic, colorful proposals with photo examples of your work, to send your proposal online, and to know immediately when someone opens it and what they’re looking at.

Marketing Brief Template

Marketing Brief Template

To list the essential details and conditions for a fruitful marketing strategy, download this Marketing Brief Template. Details concerning essential information pertaining to your marketing initiatives are included in this Template.

Marketing Agreement Template

Marketing Agreement Template

Customize the Definitions of the free Marketing Agreement Template and you are sure to put your best face forward. Make sure to jazz it up with visual examples of your awesomeness.

Advertising Agreement Template

Advertising Agreement Template

Customize this free Advertising Agreement template, designed for companies or individuals who wish to enter in an agreement with an advertising vendor or website.

Social media policy

Social Media Policy Template

Use this social media policy template to show off how your social media marketing company is the best to fulfill this crucial marketing role.

social media strategy template

Social Media Strategy Template

Adapt this social media strategy template to do just that or as part of a larger marketing plan. Adapt to include any social networks that suit the various B2B or B2C clients.

Joint marketing agreement template

Joint Marketing Agreement Template

Joint marketing is common among brands who share a target audience and offer products that complement each other. This joint marketing agreement template will help establish a formal relationship between two parties who wish to engage in joint marketing efforts.

Marketing and Design Proposal Templates

Services offering is a crucial deal-making tool that must be clear, intuitive, and to the point. Especially when it comes to design and marketing services proposal pitches. On top of being able to grab the attention and really interest a potential client, it is important to compose well-structured documents without much downtime (which comes out expensive). 

Business-Boosting Digital Paperwork

The below collection of pre-made free marketing proposal templates, design services outlines and offers, and other related agreement and project kick-off forms are a perfect solution. These can help you automate the unnecessary paperwork routine and guarantee top pitch quality every time with well-thought-out structures, digital signature fields, and print-readiness.

Types of Templates You Can Get

From simple marketing proposal template options to full-on website design proposal templates to pre-made docs for striking advertising proposals, offers focused on different forms of marketing (e.g., email marketing, affiliate marketing, advertising, PR, joint marketing, etc.), and digital papers that promote other crucial aspects of the deal (e.g., SEO, tech audit, SMM, branding, and research offers).

Everything to seal the web development or marketing service provision deal as well as regulate all the related specifics of implementing a new website or marketing strategy. You can edit and use the following templates to your liking or simply refer to them for an example of marketing proposals and design offers that take the cake.

Browse the range of marketing and design proposal examples to pick the forms you need and easily re-edit them for your purposes.


What is a digital marketing proposal?

Writing proposal templates is a common task of business, project, and product managers, marketing specialists, and freelancers, allowing them to engage potential clients and elaborately describe and promote their service provision practices. In simple words, well-formed service offers and agreements help secure deals and handle paperwork aspects. PandaDoc helps automate this task and save tons of time, money, and nerves by providing a vast range of free marketing templates and design services provision forms.

What makes a good marketing proposal?

The whole marketing or design proposal layout should speak for itself – the design of your service offering demonstrates your professional attitude and take on marketing and/or design specifics. A good offer is detailed, to the point, and focused on particular client pains. You can get a perfect sample of marketing proposals that hit the spot by browsing the above readymade templates or simply downloading pre-made forms. 

What should a design proposal include?

As you can see from the proposal design examples above, a valid services provision offer should include all the underlying specifics of the future project, including workflow stages and descriptions, strategies, deliverables, pricing, services outline, etc. Legal terms and obligations are a great bonus, albeit only sometimes necessary. You can get basic templates for specific services (like marketing material templates) and legally bounding forms for future contracts separately.