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[Sender.Company] is a proven leader in affiliate marketing. We have a track record of optimizing our clients’ current affiliate platform to help them realize an average increase in clicks, conversions, revenue, and average order value. Our affiliate strategy is tailored for each client depending on the goals set forth by the client and include a combination of publisher recruitment and commission optimization.


Use this section to provide examples of clients that you have worked with in the past. To increase the effectiveness of this section, provide case studies and testimonials that explain how great you really are!


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We know that you have great recommendations that will bring customers success! Fill in this section to let customers know all about your tactics and strategies.


Based on preliminary findings of [Client.Company]’s current affiliate program within [Affiliate Network], we have put together the following recommendations to ensure optimum performance:

Publisher Recruitment and Optimization
One of the first things [Sender.Company] will do is analyze the publishers that are currently within [Client.Company]’s affiliate network to determine the top performers and optimize the offers and content provided to those publishers. We will maintain open communication with the top performers to ensure that they always have what they need to properly promote [Client.Company].

Trademark Plus Term Bidding
We will work directly with one or two trusted publishers and allow them the exclusive rights for trademark plus bidding. These publishers specialize in trademark plus terms and operate in a manner that will optimize your paid search campaigns as well as your affiliate program.

Commission Structure
With the assistance of [Client.Company]’s IT team, we will create custom parameters that will allow us to set different commission rates for different products to ensure that you always see a positive return on all affiliate-generated sales. We will also set different commission rates for the different types of publishers. For example, we will set a higher commission rate for content and loyalty publishers and a lower commission rate for coupon publishers. In setting these commission parameters, we will ensure that you are not only seeing an increase in sales and revenue, but in your overall return as well.


Use this section to outline your strategy for bringing in the most revenue for each type of affiliate.

There are several things to keep in mind when creating deals and offers for your publishers. We have found the most effective way to communicate your brand/product offerings is by publisher group:

Content Publishers
The best way to ensure that content publishers have everything they need to promote your company and begin to generate sales is to set up a live data feed to your affiliate network. In doing this, content publishers will be able to see the products that you offer along with the prices of those products and will use that information to promote your company and drive visitors to your website. Because content publishers promote your products rather than discounts, we will push out higher commission rates than we will for coupon publishers.

Coupon Publishers
Coupon publishers promote your company by posting discounts and coupon codes for customers to find and apply to their online orders. To determine the best offers for your business, we will conduct an in-depth competitive analysis to find out what deals and discounts your top competitors are providing to ensure that you always remain competitive within the affiliate channel.

Loyalty Publishers
Loyalty Publishers offer customers cash back for purchases and promote both products and discounts. We will put in place a combination of the strategies outlined above to ensure that your program is successful across all publisher groups.



We will schedule time with [Client.Company] on a weekly basis to discuss publisher and offer performance and compare that performance to the goals that we will set upon the signing of this agreement.



The following depicts the total monthly cost breakdown for [Sender.Company] to manage [Client.Company]’s affiliate marketing program.

Flat Monthly RateCommission RateLength of Contract



By signing below, [Client.Company] enters into an agreement for services from [Sender.Company] to commence immediately. [Client.Company] has sole discretion over this contract, and will provide [Sender.Company] with 30 days’ notice upon termination.

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[Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName]Affiliate Marketing Proposal Template
Signed By:
[Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName]Affiliate Marketing Proposal Template
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