Window Cleaning Proposal Template

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Window Cleaning Proposal Template

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About Us

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[Sender.Company] is a locally-owned window cleaning service. We offer commercial and residential window cleaning to homes and businesses located in and around city name. We believe that crystal clear windows greatly enhance the curb appeal, internal atmosphere, and overall cleanliness of any building, and we are proud to offer work of the highest quality at an affordable price.

Here are just a few examples of our work:

As you can see, our staff are skilled at turning even the dirtiest glass panes into flawless windows. We look forward to serving you!

Why Hire Us?

This section of the proposal template focuses on showing potential clients WHY they should hire your company. Feel free to add more information or edit the existing paragraphs as needed.


When you hire [Sender.Company], you get a team with years of experience in window cleaning for commercial and residential properties.


[Sender.Company] is properly insured, protecting you from unnecessary liability. We carry workers’ compensation coverage for our employees and a liability coverage amount general liability policy.


Proper safety is important in window cleaning, particularly in commercial settings. We adhere to OSHA safety standards, and put every employee through rigorous training courses for ladder safety, chemical use, and harness safety.

Professional Approach

You won’t be embarrassed to have our staff on your property. Our employees are always dressed in clean, company-issued uniforms, their equipment is well-maintained, and every staff member is thoroughly trained in how to interact with clients and their guests in a safe, courteous manner.

Window Cleaning Proposal Pricing

We offer standard window cleaning rates based on the size of your windows and their elevation from ground level. The pricing table below details the fees associated with cleaning the windows at your property.





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Description of first item




Item 2

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Item 3

Description of third item




Let’s make that glass sparkle!

Ready to hire the best window cleaners in city? Sign below to let us know!






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Window Cleaning Proposal Template

Used 5,152 times

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