Service Agreement Templates

Download a thoughtfully structured PandaDoc service agreement template. Group the information about your servicing and turn it into a full-fledged contract in a few minutes. Send the ready-made treaty to another arrangement party or print the document to sign a deal.

Service Agreement Templates

GlobeNewswire said the world’s services market was more than $10,814 bln in 2020. The Business Research Company claims that the specified branch hit $15,223 billion in early 2023 and is projected to reach $20,650 bln by 2027. That’s why specialists consider the servicing sector an up-and-coming field for doing business. However, you should prepare qualitative contracts to succeed in this industry. Otherwise, your company may gain legal problems.

Service agreement template usage will help you avoid numerous different troubles. But this is fair only if entrepreneurs get the samples from reputable platforms, such as PandaDoc experts carefully track current legal and business trends and make the necessary changes in each service contract template. So, if you need verified treaty samples, visit

Service Agreement: Document Overview

Such papers allow formally fixing an arrangement between clients and servicing providers. Parties can outline the essential details about their duties as a part of cooperation. That, for instance, implies agreement duration, shipment terms, ownership, and pricing. Servicing contracts protect clients and providers by fixing enforceable and clear guidelines parties should follow.

Giant telecommunication corporations, consultancy companies, software development teams, and freelancers may act as purveyors. They can offer assistance to ordinary clients or enterprises. The statuses of parties should be indicated in a contract. Any PandaDoc professional service agreement template contains legal details to ensure you and your clients with all necessary guarantees as a part of cooperation.

Why Use Service Agreements

The fundamental purpose of any service contract is to provide purveyors with an all-purpose document that can handle most client relationships. However, the specified agreements may also be used if a person or organization orders servicing. Such an approach allows noting the specific points that a client needs.

Using PandaDoc service contract templates, you can highlight primary reciprocal obligations and mutual benefits. Along with clear cooperation conditions, this enables avoiding potential disputes in the future. Providers and consumers can save time and money when employing a free service contract template at That’s because they don’t need to look for trustworthy lawyers and pay such specialists in this case.

Service Agreements by Type

There are several kinds of such treaties. Each type has its specific features and legal requirements. At, you may find a service agreement contract template to sell or order the most popular assistance worldwide. The platform proposes the following samples to its visitors: 

  1. Example of a master servicing agreement. This form allows the creation of contracts delineating general cooperation terms and the development of a schedule of lower-level treaties. It enables parties to quicker perform small deals and transactions as a part of cooperation.
  2. Contractor service agreement sample. Such treaties are especially popular in the building sector. As indicated in a report by Statista, the world’s construction industry will reach $14.4 bln, compared with $6.4 billion in 2020. If you want to succeed in this branch, use a corresponding PandaDoc service agreement sample.
  3. HVAC servicing contract form. The global HVAC sector was valued at $136.3 bln in 2022. And it’s expected to grow by more than 6% annually by 2030. Take advantage of a chance to launch an HVAC maintenance company using an appropriate service contract sample at
  4. Example of a managed service agreement. Such treaties allow companies or ordinary clients to get assistance in managing their equipment, employees, software, materials, and so forth.
  5. IT service agreement sample. Each website, online application, or powerful corporate software needs proper maintenance. MarketWatch analysts report that the global web development industry was about $56,000 mln in 2021. They expect this market will reach $89,013 million by 2027. Such growth causes the necessity for maintenance specialists. Start your business in this sector using a PandaDoc free service agreement template.
  6. Example of a makeup artist service contract. This sample lets you sign treaties with fashion houses, photo studios, ordinary designers, theaters, and film studios. Furthermore, makeup artists may employ the specified template to work with regular clients when they need to make greasepaint, for instance, to attend significant occasions.
  7. Home care service agreement sample. Experts of MarketsandMarkets claim that the revenue of the world’s home healthcare branch was approximately $226 bln in early 2022. The mentioned sector will grow by 8.5% annually by 2027. You will surely get a piece of that vast financial pie by signing the mentioned agreements based on PandaDoc forms.

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How to Write a Professional Service Contract

To create an agreement that meets all current rules and regulations, you should be able to do the following things:

  • Deeply understand legal terms;
  • Know how to provide parties with secure protection that guarantees the contract conditions fulfillment by purveyors and clients;
  • Check the contract for compliance with the law. 

You may avoid diving into all those details using a PandaDoc simple service agreement template. Platform users can get the sample without any hidden payments. So, visit and download a complete service treaty form to create contracts for your business!


A service-level agreement (SLA) is a contract that defines the quality of servicing that a purveyor has to provide a client with, using specific metrics by which the assistances are measured. This treaty fixes penalties and legal remedies which should be applied if a provider doesn’t achieve the agreed service levels. The specified agreements are typically between separate companies or organizations and ordinary clients. Less often, different departments of the same enterprise sign such treaties.

The SLA has to contain the following elements: overall objectives and purposes; detailed service description; necessary performance standards (set by clients); description of penalties in case a provider won’t be able to ensure a client with agreed service levels; information about critical failures (conditions under which a client may terminate a contract). The specified treaty can also include additional points like terms of contract management, pricing changes, and so on.

To make SLA with, you should perform the following things: sign up or authorize at; go to the section with service agreement templates and find there the needed sample; click on the service-level contact form; download the template by pushing the same name button; fill out the empty lines in the downloaded document. After that, you may print the ready-made contract or send the agreement to another party to view it.

Service Contract Template

Service Contract Template
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