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Website Analytics Proposal Template

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Website Analytics Proposal Template

Prepared by:[Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName][Sender.Company]

Prepared for:[Client.FirstName][Client.LastName]​ ​[Client.Company]

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Cover Letter

Dear [Client.FirstName],

It was a pleasure to receive your request for a web analytics proposal! We are sure you have many worthy contenders who are looking to help you with this requirement, and we are delighted to be a part of the mix.

My name is [Sender.FirstName], I am the [Sender.Title]​ at [Sender.Company], and I wanted to write a personalized letter to thank you for reviewing our proposal and to guide you through the contents of the proposal.

In this document, we have included all the necessary details to help you understand the what, whys, and whens of our web analytics process, and what sets us apart from our competitors. Beginning with an About Us section, we have covered topics like project details, your current website ranking, project pricing, client testimonials, etc.

If, at the end of the proposal, you are satisfied with our service offering presentation and the prospect of working together, I respectfully request that you accept the terms of the agreement and sign this proposal (we accept both eSignatures and physical signatures).

Looking forward to onboarding you as a new client!




About Us

With over (X)+ years in the industry, [Sender.Company] is [Sender.City]’s leading marketing agency for web analytics. In (year you were founded), we began our journey with only (X) amount of team members.

Fast forward to today: we now have a team of (X) people, and our clients are situated all over the globe, including countries such as the United Kingdom, Dubai, Japan, Singapore, and Mexico. What started as a humble beginning now has accumulated noteworthy names such as (Client A, Client B, Client C, etc.), as part of our client list.

We believe that we’re still in the early stages of our development, and our plan from here on is to only grow further!

Team Members

Image 10


Job Title

Image 5


Job Title

Image 6


Job Title

Client Testimonials

We’re incredibly proud to be associated with all the names on our client list. Since its inception, [Sender.Company] has partnered with companies who are industry leaders in their niche. And here’s what some of our past clients have to say about our work:

(Client Testimonial 1)[Client.Company]


(Client Testimonial 2)

(Client2.Company) (Client2.FirstName) (Client2.LastName)

(Client Testimonial 3)

(Client3.Company) (Client3.FirstName) (Client3.LastName)

Our Services

Traffic Analysis

We use Google Analytics and other metrics to understand website performance via-a-vis page visits, conversions, and additional key insights.

Conversion Tracking

We analyze website traffic and cross compare it with the number of impressions, clicks, and conversions that traffic is able to achieve

Keyword Gaps

Through a keyword gap report, you will be able to understand what keywords you should rank for and what gaps in keywords you have in comparison to your competitors

Data Integration

With data integration, we are able to collate data from multiple sources to help you gain a 360-degree understanding of your web presence

Content Gap

To create a seamless user experience, you need to push the content that your audience wants to read. With our content gap report, you will be able to analyze potential topics you can cover.

Social Media Analysis

We use multiple metrics to understand if your current social media strategy is engaging enough for your audience.

KPI Forecasting

We can help forecast how your website would perform with future marketing strategies. With this service, we cover metrics like traffic, engagement, click-through, conversions, etc.

Conversation Optimization

Through our industry experience, we help you create strategies that will result in conversions. We will also A/B test future campaigns to evaluate their potential to help you realign strategy as needed.

Keyword Analysis

Understanding how you rank with current keywords is essential for any SEO strategy — we conduct keyword analysis to see how keywords on your website compare with competitors.

Website Analysis

We use multiple metrics to conduct an in-depth analysis of your website, including, but not limited to, areas of focus such as errors, backlinks, usability, and ranking of all web pages.

Your Website At A Glance

As per an audit conducted on (MM.DD.YYYY), your website presently ranks at (Number). It has over (Number) of errors and (Number) of critical issues. As far SEO rankings are concerned, [Client.Company] ranks (Number) on Bing and (Number) on Google.

Why Do You Need Web Analytics?

Image 3

Website analytics helps you:

  1. Improve user experience.

  2. Understand where your audience is coming from.

  3. Decipher which pages convert and which don’t.

  4. Decipher which website copy converts and which doesn’t.

  5. Improve website SEO.

  6. Get a 360-degree understanding of all website traffic.

  7. Track referrals.

  8. Improve partnership opportunities.

  9. Track ecommerce metrics and improve sales.

Why Us?

We have the experience

With over (X) years in the industry, [Sender.Company] has seen every trend and understands every metric as far as website analytics are considered. We know our way around the web and ecommerce sites, and we combine experience with expertise to fulfill your expectations.

We have the talent

Image 2

Our team consists of highly collaborative and talented individuals who have a particular niche of extensive knowledge in identifying website metrics, understanding how to analyze a website, and knowing how to improve its look and feel such that it leads to optimization of the sales process.

We deliver a no-nonsense solution

We know what our solution offers — and that is a well-guided understanding of how your website works and how you can align your strategies using the data we provide you to achieve effective and efficient results.

Our prices are affordable

We only charge what our time, experience, and expertise warrant us billing. That’s to say, we don’t price our projects per hour or per piece of work — we charge a full project fee based on the value we provide.

Our communication is top notch

[Sender.Company] prides itself on being more than a marketing agency. In our view, we don’t look only at the facets of digital marketing and website analytics; rather, we aim to become a collaborator with our clients to help them fully achieve their goals.

Project Details and Deliverables

As per the RFP [Client.Company] submitted, we understand you have a requirement in the following areas:

  1. Add details about the requirement.

  2. Add details about the requirement.

  3. Add details about the requirement.

Based on these requirements, we have come up with a solution, which includes the following deliverables:

  1. Deliverable A

  2. Deliverable B

  3. Deliverable C

Project Pricing

Based on the above deliverables, the total price of the project would amount to $(X). This payment is the total project fee, and it includes taxes. There are no additional costs whatsoever. A detailed cost breakdown of the project pricing is given below.





Item 1

Description of first item




Item 2

Description of second item




Item 3

Description of third item




The payment schedule would be as follows:

  1. 50% upfront payment before the project is initiated.

  2. 20% within two days after the final report is submitted.

  3. The remaining 30% within 30 days of the initial project submission.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Both parties agree that they will maintain confidentiality for all matters discussed during the collaboration of the project. The results arising from the project will also remain confidential.

  2. [Sender.Company] agrees to submit the final report within 5 weeks of when the document is signed. Deadlines can be modified based on written or verbal agreement from [Client.Company].

  3. [Client.Company] agrees to the payment schedule mentioned by [Sender.Company]. If there are any revisions in payment deadlines, they need to be communicated and agreed upon by [Sender.Company]. Failure to send payment within the expected deadline will result in a 10% late fee.

  4. [Sender.Company] guarantees to provide accurate information. However, [Sender.Company] will not be liable for any disputes arising out of the application of the results achieved from the project.

  5. The project will begin once the proposal or its following agreement is signed and payment is received, unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.

  6. For any unresolved disputes or disagreements, the matter will be taken up for review based on and in accordance with the laws and jurisdiction of [Sender.City][Sender.State][Sender.Country].

  7. Once the results have been shared, the project and its results become a property of [Client.Company], and they may use it in marketing material or any way they choose.

  8. [Sender.Company] can only relay project details or results achieved if consent is expressly given (either written or verbal) by [Client.Company].

Acceptance and Signatures

Please provide confirmation of agreeing to the terms of this agreement by signing the signature block below.





Website Analytics Proposal Template

Used 5,067 times

Reviewed by Olga Asheychik

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