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General Contractor Services Proposal


Prepared for:
[Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName]

Prepared by:
[Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName]

Welcome to our general contractor services proposal! This proposal is designed for the general contractor who offers both residential and commercial services, although it can be modified to meet the needs of any general contractor. To get started, you’ll fill in the yellow fields, called tokens. To make things even faster, tokens can be automatically filled using data from any system you integrate with PandaDoc.


This document is intended to serve as a proposal for [Sender.Company] to provide general contractor services related to [Client.Project]. This document is not a contract. In this document, you will find information related to [Sender.Company]’s history, past projects, and qualifications related to this project.

In addition, you will find a detailed project timeline as well as a cost breakdown per project milestone. If the terms of this proposal for general contractor services are agreeable, applying your electronic signature at the end of the document will signal our staff and a formal contract will be drafted and sent for your signature.

[Sender.Company] Background

[Sender.Company] is a fully licensed and bonded general contractor operating in [Sender.State]. We are capable of supporting both commercial and residential projects from planning through execution and completion.

We started our journey with a commitment to building trust between our clients, our team, and our subcontractors above all else. This focus has allowed us to build great relationships and great buildings for more than [Sender.CompanyAge] years.

[Sender.Company]’s Certifications

We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded to operate as a general contractor in [Sender.State]. Our certifications include:

  • [License.1]
  • [License.2]
  • [License.3]

We are a participating member in [Sender.Organization] and are sworn to uphold their standards for project management, quality, and execution.

Past Projects

This document is designed to cover the high level items that every general contractor services proposal should cover, while making it easy for you to fill in information specific to your company, such as your certifications, memberships, and past projects.

Commercial Projects

  • [Commercial.Project1]
  • [Commercial.Project2]
  • [Commercial.Project3]

Residential Projects

  • [Residential.Project1]
  • [Residential.Project2]
  • [Residential.Project3]

[Client.Project] Project Timeline

Project Phase




Completion Date



The process of preparing the jobsite for construction, including fencing off the site and bringing all necessary facilities and equipment to the site




Leveling, clearing, bench-marking, etc in preparation for construction of the structure




Laying Foundation for the structure




Construction of above-ground core structures, such as columns, staircases, beams, etc




Masonry wall work, tile work, etc




Various specialized services, including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc




Painting, trim, and other finishing work




Cleaning, Final Inspection, & Handover




A period wherein [Sender.Company] will remedy any issues related to construction deficiency or defect, per the terms of the project’s contract


[Client.Project] Project Costs

Feel free to modify either of the tables on this page to meet your specific needs. Our pricing tables are extremely flexible. You can add or remove columns or rows, add discounts, and make line items optional or quantities editable.

Throughout the project, [Sender.Company] will generate invoices at each milestone per the terms of the project’s contract. Invoices will be generated in the following amounts for each milestone.


By electronically signing below, you indicate your willingness to move forward with [Sender.Company] as the general contractor for [Client.Project]. This is not a contract. Once we receive this signed proposal from you, we will generate a formal contract for your review and signature.

Once you send this proposal, both recipients will receive a copy via email for signature. PandaDoc documents can be signed from any computer, smartphone, or tablet!


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