Car Wash Proposal

Car Wash
Services Proposal


Proposal for Vehicle Wash & Detailing Services for [Client.Organization]

Prepared on [Created.Date] by [Sender.Name] [Sender.Company]

Contact Information:
Phone: [Sender.Phone]
Fax: [Sender.Fax]
Email: [Sender.Email]

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Proposed Services


While filling out tokens customizes most of this proposal template immediately, it’s a good idea to personalize the content on each page. Start by adding a bit more detail to the introduction.

This proposal is in response for a stated need for car wash and detailing services by [Client.Organization]. [Sender.Company] operates full-service car wash facilities in the following areas:
As such, [Sender.Company] is fully capable of providing the following services to [Client.Organization]:

  • Drive-through washing of cars, SUVs, and light duty trucks
  • Hand washing of heavy duty trucks and class A vehicles
  • Interior vacuuming and detailing of cars, SUVs, light and heavy duty trucks, and class A vehicles

Proposed Services

Tables are a great way to communicate information in an organized way. This proposal template includes several tables that communicate service schedules, pricing, and insurance coverage in a visually appealing manner.

Service Schedule

Cars, SUVs, & Light Duty Trucks
Drive-through wash

1x weekly


1x weekly

Full Interior Detailing

1x monthly

Heavy Duty Trucks & Class A Vehicles
Hand Wash

1x weekly


1x monthly

Full Interior Detailing


Service Availability

[Sender.Company] will provide the services listed above during the following operating windows:

Drive-through washMonday-Saturday 8am-7pm
Hand washMonday-Friday 12pm-5pm
VacuumMonday-Saturday 8am-7pm
Full Interior DetailingMonday-Saturday 8am-7pm

To ensure that [Client.Organization]’s vehicles’ downtime for car wash services is limited as much as possible, [Sender.Company] guarantees the following service completion windows:

ServiceCompletion Time
Drive-through wash15 minutes
Hand wash1 hour
Vacuum30 minutes
Full interior detailing1 hour

Equipment & Solvents Used

[Sender.Company] is committed to using energy efficient equipment in conjunction with eco-friendly solvents to minimize the impact our facilities have on the environment. The following table lists the equipment and solvents used in our facility:



Be sure to customize the coverage table below with your company’s policy limits.

[Sender.Company] maintains the following insurance coverage, and will add [Client.Organization] as additional insured on all listed policies as of the signing date of a binding contract for the services proposed:

Type of CoverageLimits of Liability
Workers’ Compensation

Statutory Coverage

Employer’s Liability
Per Accident


Per Disease

$100,000/employee, $500,000 policy limit

Comprehensive General Liability
Bodily Injury

$250,000/person, $500,000/occurence

Property Damage

$100,000/occurence, $100,000 aggregate, $500,000 combined single limit

Comprehensive Auto Liability
Bodily Injury

$100,000/person, $500,000/occurence

Property Damage

$100,000/occurence, $100,000 aggregate, $500,000 combined single limit

Certificates of insurance naming [Client.Organization] as additional insured shall be submitted to [Client.Organization] for approval prior to services being rendered by [Sender.Company]. Each policy listed above shall extend for a period equal to, or longer than the length of the legal binding contract for services listed in this proposal. [Sender.Company] shall be required to submit written notification 30 days prior to cancellation of any of the above listed policies.


PandaDoc’s tables include optional line items, editable quantities, and discounts. This pricing table includes a 7% discount on all services, which you can remove using the menu on the right.

NamePriceEstimated QTYDiscountSubtotal

Subtotal: $237,591.20
Total: $220,959.82


[Sender.Company] will affix unique identifying barcodes to each vehicle serviced under the terms of this proposal. An invoice will be generated every 30 days for actual services rendered during the previous 30 day period. All invoices will be payable on a net-20 basis via check, credit card, or wire transfer.

Intent to Proceed

PandaDoc proposals can be viewed and signed from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. Once you’ve customized this template to your liking, assign the signature and date fields below to your client and send using the button on the right.

Signing below indicates [Client.Organization]’s intent to proceed with the proposal outlined above. Upon receipt of a signed proposal, [Sender.Company] will draft and send a legally binding contract.

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