Invoice templates

Invoicing is an often tedious but necessary part of growing your business. Therefore automate your invoicing process by applying cloud-based tools to get it all done! Use a free invoice template to bill and get paid faster, printed or offline.

Invoice Template

An invoice is a document that is created by an entity selling goods or services to another individual or company.

Rental Invoice Template

You as the landlord, landlady or property manager can use this free rental invoice template to bill your tenants.

Commercial Invoice Template

Use this free sample of a commercial invoice template to process any trans-border shipments. You can use this along with our tax invoice template to process the different VAT or sales tax.

Sales Invoice Template

Use this traditional sales invoice template as a sample on which to base all the sales invoicing of your product or service.

Blank Invoice Template

Quickly update this free blank invoice template to reflect your business and what service or product you're providing.

Tax Invoice Template

This is a free example of a standard tax invoice template that you can edit for the purposes of charging VAT or sales tax.

Proforma Invoice Template

Use this proforma invoice template as a sample to give your customers before providing a product or service.

Freelance Invoice Template

Are you a freelancer? This free Freelancer Invoice Template was designed to help you get paid faster for the work you have been contracted to do. Customize it to your liking; add a cover page or images to identify your brand.

Invoice Template

This general-purpose invoice template can be used by anyone to invoice for goods or services. Create and send a detailed invoice in less than a minute!