Construction proposal software from PandaDoc

Create and send accurate proposals in a fraction of the time it usually takes. PandaDoc provides you with everything you need to streamline your workflow, save time, and boost your close rate.

Get your construction projects off the ground

Here’s how our construction software can win more construction businesses

A complete suite of tools for construction proposals

PandaDoc provides construction companies with everything they need to create, send, and track professional proposals that save time and cut down on resources. Rather than create proposals from scratch in Microsoft Word, for example, you can use our tested construction proposal templates. You can also easily place electronic signatures in proposals, leverage a content library to add images and videos, and track every new proposal from the analytics dashboard.

Document Content Library

eSignature software for construction companies

Collecting signatures is time-consuming and usually involves numerous instances of printing, faxing and scanning. PandaDoc is a fully paperless solution and our industry-leading electronic signature software allows you to collect legally-binding signatures without the need for your construction managers and prospective clients to go anywhere near a printer.


Accurate quotes and construction estimates

Use PandaDoc to quickly create quotes and estimates. By using the content locking feature, which prevents changes of content stored in your content library, you can ensure that document creators are using the correct legal materials. Whether you need to include a service level agreement (SLA), terms and conditions (T&Cs), pre-approved pricing or discount structure, or any other piece of non-editable content in a proposal.

Document Content Locked

Real-time analytics

The PandaDoc analytics provides all the data you need to stay up-to-date with your construction proposals, whether you want to receive an instant notification when a proposal is signed or calculate your close rate. You can also monitor document statuses and even measure team performance making improvements throughout your entire construction process.

Contract Analytics

Construction proposal software built for collaboration

Creating a proposal invariably requires input from many different people. This can often lead to confusion and wasted time. PandaDoc was built with collaboration in mind, and we provide an array of features which allow numerous individuals, whether construction managers, sales reps, or legal advisers, to work efficiently on the same document. Among the most useful features are commenting tools, automated approval workflows, and an easily-accessible content library.


Get up and running in hours

Many construction businesses worry about a lengthy implementation period when it comes to new software. Most of our clients are up and running in less than a day. We’ve built a library of integrations, allowing PandaDoc to slot into your existing software infrastructure without any hassle. And an extensive Help Center makes onboarding your team a breeze.

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Access a library of powerful integrations

PandaDoc will be right at home in your existing construction management software and document management infrastructure. You’ll have access to numerous integrations, allowing you to share information across a range of third-party tools. Work from your CRM like Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce, automatically store PDF copies of completed proposals in your cloud, and send data to your analytics platform. Our API and Zapier integrations add a further layer of automation and efficiency to your proposal workflows.

Access a library of powerful integrationsAccess a library of powerful integrations
Access a library of powerful integrationsAccess a library of powerful integrations

Is PandaDoc secure?

The security of your documents, data and clients’ details is a top priority for us. We use AWS (Amazon Web Services) data-handling services because of their reputation for adhering to industry-leading security practices. We are SOC Type 1 certified and fully GDPR compliant.

What documents can I create and send with PandaDoc?

When you use PandaDoc, you’re not just limited to sending proposals. You can create a variety of documents, including contracts, quotes, brochures, estimates, and more. We also provide a number of templates alongside those for construction proposals. PandaDoc can be used to streamline creation and tracking processes for a wide range of different types of documents.

How much does PandaDoc cost?

We offer three pricing plans. The Individual Plan is ideal for small companies. The Business Plan is for medium-sized companies and smaller companies experiencing fast growth. Our larger Enterprise Plan is best-suited for larger businesses. You can see a full comparison of features on our pricing page. Don’t forget to take advantage of our 14-day free trial (no credit card required).

Can I upload my current proposals and templates to PandaDoc?

Yes. You can transfer your current documents over to PandaDoc as long as they’re in a file format we support (.pdf, .doc, .docx, etc.) and you can also download documents from PandaDoc in PDF.