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Commercial Invoice Template

This is a Commercial Invoice Template. A Commercial Invoice is a special type of invoice used in cross-border goods transactions to allow customs officials to calculate proper import tariffs and taxes based on the value of the goods being shipped (or in other circumstances where it is important to establish the commercial nature of a transaction, such as to rebut the presumption of a gift or benefit in kind). If you would prefer to start from a blank invoice you can use our Blank Invoice Template. If you need an invoice which includes sales tax or VAT you should use our Tax Invoice Template. If you are looking for an invoice suitable for the sale of domestics goods or services you can use our Sales Invoice Template or our Services Invoices Template. This Commercial Invoice Template is drafted for a natural person however if you wish to use it for a company you should include all details from your company’s letterhead (full company name, registration number, logo etc). Finally, if you want to raise an informal request for payment you can use our Proforma Invoice Template. More invoices here: PandaDoc Invoice Template Gallery.









Invoice Number: [INVOICE NUMBER]

Many people get confused about what invoice number to choose. The only requirement is that each invoice should have a unique reference number (otherwise things get very confusing when it comes to doing accounts). The simplest way to number invoices is numerically starting from 1 (1, 2, 3, etc) and this is also the easiest method from a bookkeeping point of view however some people prefer not to use this approach since it gives their clients an indication of their number of transactions. Other options include using larger numerical increments (137, 146, 154, etc), using the year as part of the invoice numbers (2015/0001, 2015/0002, 2015/003 etc), using the client’s name as part of the invoice number (Jones001, Jones002, Jones003). If you are worried about keeping track of the numbers the simplest option is just to use the date in reverse (e.g. Invoice Number 140704 for an invoice raised on 4th July 2014).

Description of Goods Being Shipped:



Unit Price

Line Total

Drywall T Squares (Metric and Imperial) 1.80mX1.60m




Plasterboard Screws Medium Pack (50 screws each)






Since this invoice is designed for cross-border transactions and assessment of tax, it is very important that you make it clear in which currency the goods are valued. It can be helpful to use the full currency designation (for example USD, GBP, EUR etc).

Harmonized Code (WCO): [HARMONIZED CODE]

The assessment of customs tariffs/import duties may vary depending on the nature of goods being shipped. To aid with assessment the World Customs Organisation (WCO) has come up with a harmonised coding system which describes the sort of goods being shipped. You may be required to include the relevant harmonised code, or you may wish to include it voluntarily. In any case you can find the WCO databases here: www.foreign-trade.com/reference/hscode.htm and it will allow you to determine the correct code. Please feel free to remove this part if you do not wish to include a harmonised code.

Amount: [AMOUNT]

In our example above this amount would be $4,750. This commercial invoice would usually not include remittance details or payment terms since it is primarily aimed at complying with customs requirements and generally contains the minimum amount of information required to assess the value of the goods being shipped. Commercial invoices are generally accompanied by a normal invoice (sent to the client but not normally shown to the customs officials) which would show these extra details however there is nothing to prevent this commercial invoice also being the main fiscal invoice and showing those details if you prefer. If you wish to include these clauses you can take them from our Blank Invoice Template.

Shipping From: [NAME AND ADDRESS]


Shipping Firm: [SHIPPING FIRM]


Shipping Weight: [WEIGHT]

I, the undersigned, [FULL NAME], do hereby confirm that this invoice relates to a commercial transaction and this document contains a fair, complete and accurate description of that transaction and the relevant goods and/or services provided as well as a true and realistic description of their value.


The above wording is a generic example of the sort of declaration usually required. The exact wording of the above declaration may be prescribed by the customs officials in the country of export and/or import and so may need to be changed or adapted to suit the particular circumstances.

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