Employment Contract Templates

We offer recruiters, human resources departments and small businesses some help with our array of free employment contract templates, making it easy for temporary and long-term employees to join your team.

Employee Retention Agreement Template

Employee Retention Agreement Template

An Employee Retention Agreement Template is a written agreement that institutions use to possess high-achieving workers who have been with them for an ample period.

Employee Stock Option Agreement Template

Employee Stock Option Agreement Template

The Employee Stock Option Agreement Template permits corporations to quickly and efficiently create an extensive agreement that outlines the terms of granting reserve options to workers.

Work From Home Policy

Work From Home Policy

There are many people who work from home, therefore they should be aware of the rules to make sure that qualified workers are productive while doing so. Start with this sample work from home policy.

Employee Confidentiality Agreement

Employee Confidentiality Agreement

Employers frequently permit their staff to accept new positions after a predetermined amount of time. Utilize this sample employee confidentiality agreement.

Simple Job Offer Letter Template

Simple Job Offer Letter Template

This Simple Job Offer Letter Template is downloadable and can be customized to match your company’s branding. It includes some of the essential clauses.

Dress Code Policy Template

Dress Code Policy

This Dress Code Policy is a corporate document that specifies expectations for appropriate and inappropriate clothes for employees reporting on-site.

Employment Rejection Letter Template

Employment Rejection Letter

When you must reject a job candidate, use this Employment Rejection Letter Template. To demonstrate empathy, respect, and confidence in your candidates, download this template in PDF.

Anti Corruption Policy

Anti Corruption Policy

Anti-corruption policies are documents that businesses use to deter and prevent employee corruption. Any business can utilize this template to develop its Anti Corruption Policy by altering and expanding it as necessary.

Compensation Agreement Template

Compensation Agreement

A Compensation Agreement Template is a legal contract that spells out the terms and circumstances of the trade of products or services for cash between two parties.

At-will Employment Agreemen

At-Will Employment Agreement

Do you require defense against breaking state and federal employment rules and avoiding pricey legal actions? Download this At-Will Employment Agreement to provide yourself the freedom to terminate their employment at any time and without cause.

Cyber Security Policy Template

Cyber Security Policy Template

A company’s requirements for implementing and safeguarding its networks and databases are covered by a collection of guidelines or regulations known as a cyber security policy. Create one for your business quickly using our Cyber Security Policy Template.

Computer Use Policy Template

Computer Use Policy Template

Employees must adhere to the rules and regulations in this sample computer use policy. You can download this Computer Use Policy Template for free, and it acts as a safety measure for the employer.

Bereavement Leave Policy Template

Bereavement Leave Policy

One of the typical leave benefits that businesses offer to their employees is bereavement leave. Download this free Bereavement Leave Policy Template.

Company Credit Card Policy and Procedures Template

Credit Card Policy and Procedures Template

The usage of the corporate credit card is governed by a contract between the employer and the employee, so this Credit Card Policy and Procedures Template for Company Credit Cards is a collection of rules and regulations on how the employee should appropriately use the card.

Conflict of Interest Policy Template

Conflict of Interest Policy Template

When a company representative or employee prioritizes their own interests over the company’s or utilizes their position to further their financial or personal interests outside of the firm, a conflict of interest may result. In this case, a Conflict of Interest Policy Template may be required.

Letter of Reprimand Template

Letter of Reprimand Template

A letter of reprimand is an official document that is given to employees to stop undesirable behavior in the workspace. It is also known as a warning letter, that effectively communicates to an employee that they should improve their actions at work.

Work Contract Templates

Long gone and forgotten are the times when people applied for a job, got hired (sometimes with little formalities), learned the ropes via in-work training or grapevine, and stayed with one organization for their entire life without any further red tape. In the quick-paced world of the early third millennium, employment regulations are so numerous, and the relationships between stakeholders are so diverse and multi-faceted that sending a job contract letter and signing a worker’s agreement contract of some kind is a regular practice and a must for all parties involved. 

Zooming in on the Employment Contract and Its Benefits

Also known as a work agreement template, terms of employment, or employee contract template, this legally-binding document specifies the obligations, rights, and responsibilities of the employer and the employee during their cooperation period. It is not only the major point of reference for workers, managers, small business owners, HR experts, and recruitment officers. A new employment contract ushers in a number of boons to persons and organizations.

Multiple aspects of relationships between agents in the sphere of employment require dozens of various employment templates and labor contract samples. In our digitally-powered age, you don’t have to rack your brain over each of them. It is much more convenient to make use of ready-made simple PDF employment contract forms you can find here.

Employee Contract Examples Offered by PandaDoc

Job contracts templates we provide cover virtually all situations requiring official agreement and regulation related to headhunting, applying for a job, hiring staff, and governing pipeline activities and policies within an organization. Our printable employment contract templates can be grouped into the following categories.

Streamline Your Employment Procedures with PandaDoc

Modern civilization is extremely agile and mobile. Both employees and employers don’t like to waste their valuable time on red tape, where it can be avoided. Instead, they prefer to automate and streamline document handling and have all necessary papers in digital format always at their fingertips. By visiting our site, individuals and organizations can download various free employee contract templates that dramatically facilitate your employment routine and let you focus on more essential things that demand your close attention and prompt actions. 

Let PandaDoc take care of formal moments while you can direct your energy to the areas where creativity and expertise matter.

Employment Contract FAQ

What should I include in a new Employee Contract template?

The must-have elements of a contract if a person is hired to fill the vacancy are employee and employer profile, job title, employment type (full-time, part-time, or casual), employment period, hours of work, compensation, vacation time, and notice requirements. Very often, the contract mentions a probationary period during which the employer can stop cooperation with the employee without any cause or notice.

How do you write a simple work contract?

Start with giving the agreement the proper title, then identify parties to the contract. After that, list the terms and conditions of the contract, such as working hours, confidentiality policy, and severance package. Next, give a detailed outline of job responsibilities. Don’t forget to include compensation information (salary, annual bonuses, holidays, overtime payment, etc.). Finally, to avoid conflicts and litigations, it is recommended to consult an employment lawyer before submitting the contract for signing.

Can I write my own employment contract with PandaDoc?

This is the most sensible option. We have an array of close to 40 templates that cover the entire gamut of employment documents – from proposals and application forms to classical hiring contracts and internal regulatory papers. By downloading them from our site and printing them out, small entrepreneurs, managers, HR specialists, and employees can solve all red tape issues in no time and essentially automate document handling.