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Employee Performance Review Template

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End of the fiscal year and conducting annual performance reviews? Use this comprehensive Employee Performance Review template.

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Employee Performance Review

Prepared by:[Reviewer.FirstName][Reviewer.LastName][Reviewer.Title][Reviewer.Company]

Prepared for:[Employee.FirstName][Employee.LastName][Employee.Title][Employee.Company]

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Employee Name: [Employee.FirstName][Employee.LastName]

Reviewer Name: [Reviewer.FirstName][Reviewer.LastName]

Employee Title: [Employee.Title]

Reviewer Title: [Reviewer.Title]

Employee Department: [Employee.Department]

Today's Date: (MM.DD.YYYY)

Date of Last Review: (MM.DD.YYYY)

Use the following job description as a basis for this Employee Performance Review:

The following employee goals were set at the beginning of the Performance Review Period and used as a basis of this Employee Performance Evaluation:

(We provided some examples, but please update with whatever works best for your business)

• Increase the number of customer calls completed per day by 15%.

• Decrease incidents where a supervisor is involved by 25%.

• Increase the volume of customer reviews by requesting a review at the end of each call.

• Train a minimum of 5 new employees.

• Achieve an attendance rate of 95% or higher.

• Decrease total per diem expenses by 5%.

Rating definitions for this employee performance review

The following ratings have been used to provide more detailed feedback for [Employee.FirstName][Employee.LastName] in relation to specific functions of their role:



The Employee consistently performs far beyond expectations. They demonstrate outstanding skill, knowledge, and initiative in all areas. They make genuinely exceptional contributions to the organization within the scope of the position and consistently add value to their department.



The Employee regularly exceeds most position requirements and management expectations. They achieve high-quality results on even the more difficult and complex parts of the job and consistently work toward the overall objectives of their department.



The Employee's performance consistently meets expectations in the area of responsibility. They regularly achieve objectives. Viewed as someone who gets the job done and effectively prioritizes work.



Working toward gaining proficiency. The Employee's performance meets expectations in some areas of responsibility, and they usually complete work assignments but are not always on time or at an acceptable level. As a result, they may require additional development. (This rating may be used for new employees when they are still familiarizing themselves with their job duties, as appropriate.)



The Employee's performance fails to meet requirements. Serious performance deficiencies exist. Significant, immediate, and sustained improvement is required if employment is to continue.

These ratings have been assigned to [Employee.FirstName][Employee.LastName] in the applicable areas below. If the criterion does not apply to the employee's position, "n/a" has been marked in the comments.

Employee performance review factors

JOB KNOWLEDGE Possesses skills and abilities to perform assignments. Demonstrates understanding of systems and processes. Understands and applies technical/administrative skills related to the position.

Rating: 4 Comments:  

WORK RESULTS/QUALITY Accomplishes assigned work as scheduled while meeting standards for quality and productivity. Demonstrates accuracy, thoroughness, and neatness of work.

Rating: 4 Comments:  Always arrives on time for work, including meetings and conferences


Develops practical plans and schedules for meeting objectives. Uses efficient work, planning, resources, time, and organizational skills. Demonstrates attention to detail. Effectively handles changes in workloads, priorities, and work assignments. Dependable attendance.

Rating: 4 Comments:  

CUSTOMER FOCUS Understands who the customer is, their needs, and expectations. Seeks out customer input regularly and keeps the customer informed. Assigns the highest priority to meeting customer requirements. Works well with others to accomplish team objectives. Shows respect for team members and their ideas. Expresses own views and opinions. Builds relationships.

Rating: 3

Comments:  Should work on building and maintaining professional relationships

COMMUNICATIONS Keeps appropriate people informed. Listens effectively and seeks to understand different viewpoints. Clearly expresses ideas and information in both verbal and written forms.

Rating: 5 Comments:  Often suggests new ideas in meetings and on projects

BUSINESS CONDUCT Accepts personal responsibility for performance commitments and objectives. Sets and maintains high professional/ethical standards.

Rating: 4 Comments:  

OVERALL RATING ▢ Satisfactory Needs improvement Unsatisfactory

Based on Employee's performance, identify and summarize the most significant results and explain how they influenced your overall rating of the Employee:

(Enter value)

Suggested areas of improvement

Suggested areas of improvement have been broken down into Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to help establish goals that can be measured and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with target numbers that demonstrate how progress can be monitored.

(Examples of OKRs and KPIs are provided below, but you'll want to make these relevant to your business and individual employee)

Objectives and key results

• Eliminate or significantly minimize personal calls while at work so that the number of customer-facing calls can be increased.

• Improve email response time to a minimum of 1 business day to create more positive customer experiences.

Key performance indicators

• An average of 20 customer calls per day are completed.

• The number of emails replied to in greater than 1 business day are less than 10%.

Goals for next review period

(We provided some goals as an example, but please write in whatever works best for your business)

1. Increase the number of customer service phone calls per hour by 5 percent until reaching six calls per hour.

2. Keep the number of service calls that last more than ten minutes to under five per day.

3. Fulfill all eight customer service training modules before next year's performance review.

4. Work on conflict management skills and reduce the number of confrontations with co-workers between each performance review until no more quarrels arise.

Employee comments

The Employee would like to review with the next-level supervisor:

☐ Yes

☐ No

The Employee would like to review with HR:

☐ Yes

☐ No


Employee's signature indicates neither agreement nor disagreement with the summary. It indicates that the reviewer discussed the summary with the Employee.










Employee Performance Review Template

Used 4,973 times

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