Dress Code Policy

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This Dress Code Policy is a corporate document that specifies expectations for appropriate and inappropriate clothes for employees reporting on-site.

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Dress Code Policy Template

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[Sender.Company] is striving to achieve a work environment that is productive and free from unnecessary distractions caused by clothing or pieces of clothing. To resolve this particular issue, [Sender.Company] requires all employees to preserve their professional presence and formal image that is well-appropriate in the workplace. All employees are encouraged to comply with this policy to accomplish its purpose.


This dress code policy was created as the security measure of [Sender.Company] to keep the workforce presentable and professional. To ensure there will be no reputational risks that may damage the company’s long-standing image.

Employee Responsibilities

It is imperative to every employee and employer that they have read, acknowledged, and agreed to adhere to the policies and guidelines the company has set. Listed below are some of the specifications of the dress code that is acceptable within the company premises.

Below is the dress code schedule for employees under [Sender.Company]:

Monday – Thursday:

Formal or professional wear

Friday – Saturday:

Smart casual wear

Proper Dress Code

In this context, this term refers to the acceptable pieces of clothing for an employee while he/she is in an office. This also reminds employees that they are the company's brand ambassadors, which is why the way an employee presents themselves is one of the essential factors in their employment.

Below listed are pieces of clothing considered proper:


  • Shirts (t-shirts, polos, blouses, button-downs, sweatshirts, turtlenecks)

  • Coats (trench coats, suits, collared blazers)

  • Jackets (hoodies, varsity, leather, denim, fleece, pullover)

  • Dresses (no shorter than mid-thigh)


  • Pants (jeans, slacks, trousers)

  • Skirts and Shorts (no shorter than mid-thigh)

  • Leggings or tights (acceptable if paired with a dress, please refer to letter


  • Closed-toe (shoes, sandals, flats, rubber shoes, boots, stiletto)

  • Open-toe (wedges, sandals, flip flops)

  • Socks (any color as long as it is hidden under pants and not too flashy or distracting)


  • Rubber & snow boots, especially in the rainy or winter season

  • Flip flops in the rainy season

  • Allowed heel height for stiletto (h) should be 3 inches or below only

Improper Dress Code

In this context, this term refers to the unacceptable pieces of clothing of an employee while he/she is in an office. This also reminds employees to wear what is appropriate in the workplace.

Listed below are pieces of clothing considered improper.


  • Sleeveless (Sandos, spaghetti strap tops, jerseys)

  • Shirts (see-through shirts, pajama shirts, v-neck, backless)

  • Crop tops, midriffs, and low-cut tops that indecently expose any part

  • Dresses (pajama dresses, lingerie, bath robes, see-through, beach)


  • Pants (low-waist pants, ripped jeans, pajama pants)

  • ​Skirts and Shorts (shorter than mid-thigh, jersey shorts, sweatpants)


  • Slippers

General Notes:

  1. It is unacceptable for any piece of clothing to visibly bear another company brand/logo, especially those companies within the same industry.

  2. Revealing and provocative clothing or pieces of clothing is strictly not allowed.

  3. Any clothing or pieces of clothing with inappropriate and scandalous prints are undesirable.


Employee compliance will begin at the entrance of the company vicinity. We ensure that the security officers are well knowledgeable about the terms and conditions of the dress code implemented in [Sender.Company].

We also ask for the cooperation of the employees to immediately report if they notice an employee who doesn’t comply with this Policy.

Office: Human Resources – Employee Relations (or the company’s designated office)


Contact Number:[Sender.Phone]


Failure to adhere to all the above-mentioned policies and guidelines will result in sanctions specified below:

  1. 1st offense: Notice of explanation (to be submitted within five (5) business days)

  2. 2nd offense: Suspension from work from 10 to 15 business days without pay

  3. Final offense: Termination of employment contract






Dress Code Policy

Used 4,900 times

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