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Program Proposal Template

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Program Proposal Template

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Program Proposal Number:(insert number)

Executive summary

[Sender.Company] appreciates the opportunity to submit this program proposal to (insert the organization/agency name) for consideration.

Our program, entitled "(Program Title)," aims to improve outcomes for (insert target audience or community). The program will help (insert the number of people/whom it serves) achieve (insert what the program aims to achieve). It will solve (insert the problem/need it aims to address) by (insert how it will achieve this).

[Sender.Company] has previously delivered similar programs to (insert number of people/which previous projects it delivered) and has a proven track record of delivering successful outcomes. Previous programs in (insert geographical areas) have resulted in (insert results) demonstrating our expertise and commitment to positively impacting (insert whom you'll help). We believe we can help [Client.Company] make a real difference by delivering this program.

The rest of this proposal will cover the program's objectives, funding requirements, program background, and expected outcomes in further detail. We look forward to discussing this proposal with you and working together to make a positive impact on your target audience.

Program objectives

Objective #1:

(State your objective – Example: Increase employee engagement and satisfaction with the working environment by implementing new wellness programs and initiatives.)

Objective #2:

(Example: Reduce workplace injuries and improve staff safety by providing regular training and resources on injury prevention, safe work practices, and emergency response.)

Objective #3:

(Example: Improve employee productivity by providing mental health services and support to address common stressors in the workplace.)

Overall background

[Client.Company] operates in a highly competitive industry, and we understand that this can create stress for employees. As a result, many employees struggle with mental health issues, burnout, and work-life balance challenges. This, in turn, can increase employee turnover, reduce productivity, and negatively impact the company's bottom line.

Our program aims to address these challenges by implementing new wellness initiatives and promoting a culture of healthy work habits. Through regular training sessions, tailored resources, and support services, we will help employees achieve better physical and mental health, maintain a positive work-life balance, and enhance overall job satisfaction.

[Client.Company] is committed to investing in its employees and providing them with the tools they need to succeed. This program will help enhance employee performance and job satisfaction, ultimately improving organizational outcomes.

Scope of work

Our program will involve the following key activities and milestones:

  1. Development of a comprehensive wellness plan that outlines specific goals, objectives, and strategies for achieving them. We will create this plan with relevant organizational stakeholders, including management teams, HR staff, and frontline employees.

  2. Implement several wellness initiatives, including stress management workshops and training programs on injury prevention, safe work practices, and emergency response.

  3. Provision of mental health services and support to help address common workplace stressors such as job insecurity, heavy workloads, high expectations from colleagues/supervisors, and poor work-life balance.

  4. Collection of employee feedback on the program to evaluate its effectiveness and identify any areas for improvement.

  5. Ongoing monitoring of program outcomes regarding staff engagement, job satisfaction, and organizational productivity. This will involve regular surveys, interviews, focus groups, and other data collection methods.

Success measures

At the end of the program, [Client.Company] will have conclusive data on the impact of our program in the form of (insert relevant metrics or KPIs here).

Program deliverables will/will not include (insert relevant information here)

[Sender.Company] estimates the program will take approximately (insert duration here) to complete and will be delivered by a team of (insert number of staff members involved here).


Beginning date:

First milestone:

Second milestone:

Third milestone:

Outcome/deliverable date:

Additional milestones, if applicable:

(insert date)

(insert date)

(insert date)

(insert date)

(insert date)

(insert date)






Item 1

Description of first item




Item 2

Description of second item




Item 3

Description of third item





1. HR staff with expertise in wellness programs and/or mental health services

2. Consultants or contractors to help design/implement specific program activities (e.g., safety training, stress management workshops)

3. Funding sources for program costs (e.g., grants, cost-sharing agreements with the client organization)

4. Other relevant resources (e.g., partnerships with relevant organizations or agencies, physical space for program activities)


Your signature below indicates that you agree to support this program proposal by providing (insert details about any resources or funding needed) and entering into a formal agreement with [Sender.Company] for the management and implementation of this program at your organization. Thank you for considering our proposal, and we look forward to working with you on this important initiative.







Program Proposal Template

Used 5,913 times

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