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Executive Employment Agreement Template

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This Executive Employment Agreement Template will help companies to state the terms of employment for an executive position.

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Executive Employment Agreement Template

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This Executive Employment Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made and executed as of this (Day) day of (Month), (Year) (the “Effective Date”) by and among/between:

Employer(s): (Company Name), founded in (year), business office located at [Company.StreetAddress], [Company.City], [Company.State], [Company.PostalCode], [Company.Country] (collectively the “Employer”); and

Executive(s):[Executive.LastName], [Executive.FirstName], (Age), of legal age, currently residing at [Executive.StreetAddress], [Executive.City], [Executive.State], [Executive.PostalCode], [Executive.Country] (collectively the “Executive”); (each, a “Party” and collectively, the “Parties”)


  1. The Employer, [Employer.Company], incorporated and registered with a business registration number (business registry number), whose registered office is included in the above-mentioned preliminaries, with a mission statement “(mission statement)” wishes to employ the Executive, under this Agreement.

  2. The Executive whose academic profile, skill set, professional, and general experience are sufficient to administer and manage[Executive.Company]’s operations, programs, and personnel wish to be employed by the Employer under this Agreement.

WHEREAS, in consideration of the above recitals, the representations, warranties, covenants, and agreement stated in this Agreement and in good faith and valuable considerations, the receipt and accuracy of which are now acknowledged by both Parties.

WHEREAS, in connection therewith, the Employer and the Executive desire to enter and execute this Agreement, subject to the terms and conditions hereby stated.


  1. Employer will employ its [Executive.Title], hereinafter referred to as the Executive under this Agreement, and shall duly perform his/her duties and responsibilities as the [Executive.Title]

    sharing the same framework, values, mission statement, and vision as well as the articles, constitution, and by-laws of the organization.

  2. The Executive shall exercise his/her authority over the Employer, especially in the general supervisory and management aspects.

  3. The Executive shall perform other duties and responsibilities deemed necessary that could be accommodated by the position the Executive reasonably assigned to him/her by the Company’s Board of Directors.

  4. The Executive should be present for any possible training that is suited for his/her position to enhance his/her skill that may be beneficial for the Company.

  5. The Executive shall attend educational, academic, or philanthropic conferences related to the Company that the Board of Directors determine as mutually beneficial and should be appropriate for the image of the Company.

  6. The Executive shall be responsible for the hiring of his/her people that will be directly reporting to him/her or his/her designees that he/she thinks will be of great help to the organization, as well as the discharge of some personnel or contractor should the discharge deemed appropriate.

  7. The Executive should not commit to any other Company with the same executive position that may be a conflict of interest.

  8. The Executive should understand the importance of promoting public transparency that concerns the overall operations of the Company to its constituents.

  9. The Executive should maintain accurate records and complete books as well as all the records related to the business. He/she should preserve all corporate accounts and all the essential documents such as records, invoices, receipts, vouchers, books, and all files, both physical and virtual, in an updated and orderly manner at all times and should be made available should the Employer’s Board of Directors require inspection.

  10. The Executive's decisions should be based on the data the offices will provide him/her, and he/she should propose intelligent solutions without compromising the other employee's welfare. He/she should always give his/her best interests for the benefit of the Company and its workforce.


The Executive, [Executive.Title], is entitled to the below compensation:

Base Salary:

(amount in figures) in (currency) annually

  1. Internet Allowance – $

  2. Clothing Allowance – $

  3. Laundry Allowance – $

  4. Medical Reimbursements – $

  5. Food Allowance – $

The Executive shall receive the amount of (amount in figures) in (currency) on a bi-monthly basis.


The Executive, (executive position), shall enjoy these benefits the Employer offers as follows:

  1. Company Mobile Device (based on Executive’s preferences)

  2. Corporate Card/s

  3. Group Insurance Policy

  4. Life Insurance Policy

  5. Property eligibility: Car and House & Lot Loan

  6. Leave Credits

    Leave 1

    Leave 2

    Leave 3

    Leave 4

    Leave 5

  7. Retirement Benefit

  8. Profit sharing/Dividends

  9. Equity Awards

  10. Overseas Business Travel

  11. HMO Coverage

  12. Tuition Fee Reimbursement for Professional Development


The Executive shall be employed by the Employee on:

Commencement Date: (day – month – year)

End Date: (day – month – year)

Termination of the Executive will be on the end date as specified in this Agreement.

Post-termination restrictions

The Executive is not allowed to work with any other Company under the same industry for twelve (12) months from the date the resignation has been effective.






State/Republic of _____________

County/City of _______________

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO BEFORE ME, a NOTARY PUBLIC from (County/City), (State/Country), this (Date) day of (Month), (Year); personally appeared bearing the government identification with details provided below, to wit;

Name ID Type/Number Date/Place of Issuance

[Employer.FirstName][Employer.LastName] (Employer ID) (details)

[Executive.FirstName][Executive.LastName]​ (Executive ID) (details)

Known to me and known to be the same parties who executed the foregoing instrument consisting of five (5) pages, including the page where this acknowledgment is written, and they acknowledged that the same is their own free and voluntary act and deed and that of the corporations represented.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and the notarial seal on the date and in the place herein above written.

Notary Public

Doc. No. _____;

Page No. _____;

Book No. _____;

Series of _____;

Executive Employment Agreement Template

Used 4,914 times

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