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Letter of Reprimand Template

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Letter of Reprimand Template

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This is an official written reprimand for your failure to perform the functions of your position appropriately, which has led to a violation of confidentiality rights. Revealing information that was shared with you in confidence by one employee, to other employees (reveals this same knowledge about them) is not appropriate behavior.

Even if the employee had not specified that this information was confidential, discussing it with another employee is a failure on your part to perform your expected management role. The severity of this action warrants disciplinary action which could lead to you being terminated from employment.

You were previously reprimanded for revealing confidential information to an employee, and you will now be receiving a written letter of reprimand as a reminder. In this letter, I am reminding you of the importance of safeguarding any confidential information that your role requires.

As an employee that has been entrusted with management responsibilities, you are expected to exercise your dependable good judgment. The future of this business relies on the diligence you demonstrate in carrying out your duties.

If we find out you violate our confidence in your ability to carry out any of your expected managerial roles, there will be additional disciplinary action up to and including the possibility of terminating your employment.

A copy of this reprimand will be placed into your official personnel file.





Acknowledgment of receipt:

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I, [Employee.FirstName][Employee.LastName], acknowledge receipt of this letter of reprimand. I understand that a copy of this reprimand will be placed in my official personnel file and that I have the right to attach a written rebuttal to the original letter of reprimand.





Letter of Reprimand Template

Used 4,912 times

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