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Music Event Sponsorship Proposal Template


Sponsorship Opportunities [Event.Year]
Presented by [Event.Organizer]


About [Event.Name]

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Our sponsors enjoy a wealth of brand exposure opportunities. Depending on the sponsorship package your organization chooses, you can expect your brand's name and logo to be featured on [Event.Name] websites, social media posts, emails, apparel, and merchandise before and during the event.

About [Event.Organizer]

[Event.Organizer] is an experienced music event organizer. We've planned and executed successful concerts and music festivals across the country, including:

  • [PastEvent.1]
  • [PastEvent.2]
  • [PastEvent.3]

In this proposal, you'll discover the sponsorship opportunities for our upcoming music event, [Event.Name].

We realize how important our sponsors are to an event's success. That's why we have a dedicated sponsorship services team who will work with you to ensure that your experience as a sponsor of [Event.Name] exceeds your expectations.

Take a look at what our past sponsors have to say about [Event.Organizer]:

-Testimonial1.Name [Testimonial1.Company] round2_small


-Testimonial2.Name [Testimonial2.Company] round2_small


Music Sponsorship Options

Gold Sponsors' Package

This entry-level sponsorship package is great for local businesses who want visibility at an event expected to draw [Event.Attendance].

  • [Gold.Perk1]
  • [Gold.Perk2]
  • [Gold.Perk3]

Silver Sponsors' Package

This package is perfect for companies who are serious about supporting [Event.Name] and creating great visibility for their brands.

  • [Silver.Perk1]
  • [Silver.Perk2]
  • [Silver.Perk3]
  • [Silver.Perk4]

Platinum Sponsors' Package

This sponsorship package has limited availability, and is available to sponsors who wish to be featured prominently on all [Event.Name] signage, promotions, and apparel.

  • [Platinum.Perk1]
  • [Platinum.Perk2]
  • [Platinum.Perk3]
  • [Platinum.Perk4]
  • [Platinum.Perk5]
  • [Platinum.Perk6]

Selection & Package Costs

To become a sponsor for [Event.Name], simply choose a sponsorship package below and sign at the bottom! Our sponsor success team will be in touch to get started.

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Name Price Subtotal

Subtotal   $0.00
Total   $0.00

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Music Event Sponsorship Proposal Template

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