Sponsorship proposals

Finding someone to sponsor your project is hard work. Writing persuasive proposal shouldn’t be. Use one of PandaDoc sponsorship proposal templates to showcase your project. All templates are based on thorough research and in-house data.

Sponsorship Proposal Templates

Based on recent research, CNBC reports that about 47% of startups worldwide failed because of a lack of investor financing in 2022. This number is twice as high as it was in 2021. Moreover, Bizzabo experts claim that 85% of senior marketers consider holding corporate events critical for companies they worked at in 2020. And typically, such occasions also need to be sponsored.

Finding a supporter is one of the essential tasks for any business. However, it’s only impossible to attract a good funder with a good sponsorship proposal. Business owners should consider plenty of specifics when creating such offerings. Otherwise, the offers won’t have the necessary effect. To help entrepreneurs, sportsmen, and artists get a funder, PandaDoc experts made plenty of qualitative templates for sponsorship proposal making.

Benefits of Having a Sponsor

The first and most obvious advantage is that funders may offset different corporate events costs. This helps expand the budgets for such occasions. Also, if you make a proper sponsorship proposal template and get a funder, your business will obtain the following pros:

Your business will probably get all the mentioned pros if you use a PandaDoc sponsor template. Just pick a suitable sponsorship proposal sample at pandadoc.com.

Do You Need a Funder?

This question should be answered separately in terms of businesses generally and corporate events in particular. Companies need to send sponsorship documents to probable supporters in the following cases:

Entrepreneurs should make a business proposal for sponsorship of an event and send it to potential funders in the following cases:

Business holders can find a comprehensive corporate or event sponsorship proposal template for any highlighted case at pandadoc.com.

What Types of Funding Offering Samples Does PandaDoc Suggest?

You should create an account before getting a necessary sponsorship proposal example at the site. However, visitors may view the specified document templates even without authorization. Entrepreneurs can find the following most popular samples of event and corporate sponsorship proposals on the website:

Visitors may find even more funding offer samples at pandadoc.com. So don’t waste your time and get a free sponsorship form template by PandaDoc right now!


What are the ten elements of a successful sponsorship proposal?

They are a clarification of who you are, an explanation of what your product is, a list of reasons why a big company should invest in your enterprise, and what you can do for the sponsor, as well as how you will achieve that. Additionally, you need to know the funder and their products well. Find who is better to contact in a chosen company. Don’t entirely copy offer samples. Don’t spam. Keep it sweet and short.

What are the four types of a sponsor?

Funders commonly have bronze, silver, gold, or platinum tiers depending on the amount of their financial support. Moreover, sponsors are divided into four groups according to the type of help they provide. They may directly give money, offer some goods or services, suggest media promotion, and advertise an event or a company at separate sites, communities, and public as well as online forums.

What should a sponsorship package include?

The number and types of sections of such proposals depend on what kind of offer you want to create. However, there are some key ones. They are the About Us/Me, Why to Sponsor Us/Me, and How We/I Can Help You sections. Furthermore, experts recommend adding the available testimonials. Finally, you should place a table with the sponsorship tiers and pricing.