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This proposal template includes several standard fields that you can fill out manually using the menu on the right, or via an integration with your CRM software.


Sports Event Sponsorship Proposal Template


Sponsorship Opportunities [Event.Year]
Presented by [Event.Organizer]

About [Event.Organizer]

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[Event.Organizer] is a sports event organizer with headquarters in [Sender.City]. We’ve been in business for [Sender.YearsinBiz] years. We pride ourselves on being a leading organizer of successful sports events. We’ve the behind-the-scenes team at many events around the country, including [PastEvent.1], [PastEvent.2], and [PastEvent.3].

We pride ourselves on building strong, lasting relationships with our sponsors. In fact, most of our sponsors continue to work with us over several years, and sponsor various sports events in markets around the country in partnership with our team.

Every sponsor we work with is assigned a dedicated sponsorship account manager, who is responsible for ensuring that your partnership with [Event.Organizer] helps you reach your advertising goals.

About [Event.Name]

[Event.Name] is a [Event.Type] sports event taking place on [Event.Date]. More than [Expected.Attendance] attendees will converge on [Event.Venue] during the duration of the event. This event is highly interactive, and sponsors will have the opportunity to engage directly with event attendees throughout the venue.

Here’s a bit more background regarding [Event.Name]:

Sponsor satisfaction is extremely important to the [Event.Organizer] team. Without satisfied sponsors, we simply would not be able to remain in business.

Take a look at what our past sponsors have to say about [Event.Organizer]:

-Testimonial1.Name [Testimonial1.Company] round2_small



-Testimonial2.Name [Testimonial2.Company] round2_small


Sports Sponsorship Options

Gold Sponsors’ Package

Many first-time sponsors and small businesses choose to test sports event sponsorship for the first time by partnering with [Event.Organizer]. We created the Gold Sponsors’ Package as an entry-level sponsorship opportunity for companies who are eager to explore the benefits of sports event sponsorship, but aren’t quite ready to allocate substantial financial resources.
The Gold Package includes the following:

  • [Gold.Perk1]
  • [Gold.Perk2]
  • [Gold.Perk3]

Silver Sponsors’ Package

Once you’re sure that sports event sponsorship works well for your brand, we recommend the Silver Sponsors’ Package. This package increases your brand’s exposure in the event’s promotional materials and throughout the venue during the event, and gives you a few extra perks that you’ll find extremely valuable.
The Silver Package includes the following:

  • [Silver.Perk1]
  • [Silver.Perk2]
  • [Silver.Perk3]
  • [Silver.Perk4]

Platinum Sponsors’ Package

The Platinum Sponsors’ Package is limited to one sponsor per event. This package is reserved for our headline sponsor, and is a wonderful opportunity for a brand that really wants to maximize exposure during [Event.Name]. If you’re interested in becoming the Platinum Sponsor for [Event.Name], you’ll take part in our sponsor selection process. Should your brand not be chosen as the Platinum Sponsor, you’ll still be able to participate as a Gold or Silver Sponsor.
The Platinum Sponsors’ Package includes a wealth of sponsorship benefits, including:

  • [Platinum.Perk1]
  • [Platinum.Perk2]
  • [Platinum.Perk3]
  • [Platinum.Perk4]
  • [Platinum.Perk5]
  • [Platinum.Perk6]

Selection & Package Costs

The table below displays the prices for each of the above listed sponsorship packages. To begin the process of becoming a sponsor for [Event.Name], simply choose your desired package below and sign the bottom of this proposal.
A member of our team will reach out to you to discuss your sponsors’ package selection and begin the process of gathering the assets necessary to include you in our promotional material.

Thanks for considering joining [Event.Organizer] as a proud sponsor of [Event.Name]!

This pricing table has a wealth of hidden features that you can use to transform it to suit your needs. We’ve started out with three optional line items, but you can take things a step further by adding items, enabling editable quantities, and adding discounts and taxes.


Subtotal   $0.00
Total   $0.00

This proposal template can be signed from any computer or mobile device, all without your client needing to download any special apps or software!

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