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Website Quote Template

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This free and professional Website Quote template can help grow your budding website design business. Feel free to customize it where necessary.

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Website Design Quote Template

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Web design isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula, but there are a few things that make a website flourish while others stay stuck in the mud. Our objective at [Sender.Company] is to increase the number of leads to your website. We’ll do this by doing two extraordinary things:

First, we’ll figure out the true value you provide. This is your “unique value proposition.” In other words, what you do that nobody else can do. We’ll ensure your brand speaks to your audience.

Secondly, we’ll use SEO and modern lead-generation tactics to up your conversion rate, which is currently at (insert conversion rate).

We’ll expand on what we’ll do and how we’ll do it in the following sections.

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Content for the site

Having designed and redesigned multiple websites in our (insert years) years as web designers, with many of my clients being in the same situation you’re in now, there are multiple components of your website that will help you scale.

Web page selection

Here's what will be included on your website:

Image 20

Homepage:We’ll help you establish a relationship with your buyers from the get-go!

Image 21

About us: Who are you? What’s your story? Why should clients buy from you?

Image 22

Products & services: Don’t forget to include what you’re selling!

Image 23

Case studies/reviews: Positive reviews and case studies help conversion.

Image 24

Your process: How do you work? Should we detail your process in advance?

Image 25

Calls to action: We’ll strategically place contact forms on your website.

Image 26

Blog: You need a blog to generate consistent leads to your website!

Image 27

Photo gallery: Have some photos you want to show off? We’ll display them beautifully!

Image 28

Pricing/FAQ section: Reduce client emails by giving them the information they need.

Image 19

Contact us: How can your clients reach you?

Image 29

Privacy policy and terms & conditions: We’ll ensure your website is legally compliant.

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Process and time scale

Step 1: Complete this form

We need to understand who you are, who you stand behind, and what you stand for. Once we have an idea, we can begin to create a design that portrays your ideal self as reflected in your brand. In the end, your website will resonate with the people who matter most: your clients.

Step 2: Design presentation

(Insert amount of design concepts) new design concepts will be designed. There will be a common theme to each design, but we’ll also think outside of the box to come up with something that isn’t obvious. We’ll go through these options together and pick the best one.

Step 3: Content

Our copywriter will discuss the “voice” of your brand, along with a few samples. We’ll need all photos or graphics once we reach this stage.

Step 4: Building the website

Next, we’ll build your website. Once your website is completed, we’ll present it to you. Any amends can be made at this stage. You’re welcome to (insert amount of rewrites) rewrites.

Step 5: Launch

We’ll go through our checklist to ensure your website is ready to launch within (insert time span. Choose a time frame. For example, 3-6 weeks, 2-4 months). We always launch on (insert date of launch) to give us the best chance of ironing out any issues.

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Design interview

Please complete the following information below.

Web design goals

What is your main web design goal?:

☐ Business portal

☐ Business intranet

☐ Provide product information

☐ Sell products online

☐ Provide a community service

☐ Create a portfolio

☐ Other: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Please list some of your goals/objectives for the site


Web design elements

Colors: Please provide us with your brand colors or, if you don't have them, provide links to two or three websites in the WEBSITE MODELS section.


Look and feel: Please provide us with a general idea of what you want your website to look like. If you have some examples of websites you enjoy and wish us to use for inspiration, please place their URL in the WEBSITE MODELS section.


Website models

Which websites have layouts and navigation that you enjoy?

www. _________________________________________

www. _________________________________________

Which websites have a look and feel that you want?

www. _________________________________________

www. _________________________________________

Which websites have features that you want?

www. _________________________________________

www. _________________________________________


What tone-of-voice would you prefer for your website?:

☐ Conservative

☐ Corporate

☐ Knowledgeable

☐ Academic

☐ For children

☐ Friendly

☐ Fun

☐ Feminine

☐ Masculine

☐ Other: _______________________________


What features would you like us to include on your website?:

☐ Flash animation

☐ Streaming audio/video

☐ Downloadable images

☐ Downloadable audio/video

☐ Custom graphics/logos

☐ Website search engine

☐ Chat room

☐ Message board

☐ Feedback form

☐ Newsletter sign-up form

☐ Integrated Google Maps location

☐ Password-protected pages for client-specific content

☐ Other: _______________________________________________________________________________________

Social media

Do you require social media integration?:

☐ Yes

☐ No

What social networks would you like to integrate?:

☐ Facebook

☐ Instagram

☐ LinkedIn

☐ Twitter

☐ Other: _______________________________________________________________________________________

Shopping cart (if applicable)

An approximate number of products:


Method of payment processing:

☐ Online

☐ Offline

☐ Both online and offline

What shopping cart software do you currently use?

☐ Shopify

☐ WooCommerce

☐ CubeCart

☐ Zen Cart

☐ Magento

☐ Other: _______________________________________________________________________________________

Do you currently have a merchant account?

☐ Yes

☐ No

Features required:

☐ Meta tags

☐ Flash animation

☐ Photo gallery

☐ Website search engine

☐ Message board

Client to-do list

How will you provide our designers with desired text?

☐ In an electronic format

☐ Copies of brochures/literature the designer can copy

☐ Will require the development of new, custom text

Please list the keywords that will help your audience find you on the web:


What graphics/logos should our designers use on your site?

☐ Use the graphics/logos from our present site

☐ Will require redevelopment of existing logos

☐ Will provide designers with graphics/logos in an electronic format

☐ Will allow designers to use stock graphics/logos

☐ Will require the development of new graphics/logos

☐ Undecided

If you would like us to design a new logo, please describe the elements you would like included:


Image 14


Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about your web design goals?


Image 15


Below you can find the one-off cost of our web design services.





Item 1

Description of first item




Item 2

Description of second item




Item 3

Description of third item




Image 16

Terms & conditions

A 50% deposit is due on or before (MM.DD.YYYY). Any remaining payment is due upon project conclusion. Please allow (insert number) weeks for completion. This form is intended for web design quotes only. Some services may not be available to some clients. Other services are sold separately. We reserve the right to refuse any service.

Image 17

Agreed and accepted

This quotation is subject mutually acceptable terms and conditions and payment of the total price 50% upfront and 50% upon completion of development.









Website Design Quote Template

Used 7,981 times

4.3 Rating (9 reviews)

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