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Job Quote Template


Prepared for: [CUSTOMER NAME]


This job quote may be used for any job that has a start and end date and completion criteria. By job here, we do not mean employment, as the latter involve submission or a resume or application, not a quotation per se.


Thank you for the opportunity to submit a quotation for the [DESCRIPTION] job.  I understand this job will consist of the following tasks:

  • [TASK 1]
  • [TASK 2]
  • [TASK 3]

As is the case with most, if not all quotes, this job quote includes pricing information, along with the assumptions upon which the pricing is based. Assumptions, such as terms and conditions to be used, or the tasks above, and examples below, are very important.

Additionally, I understand the completion criteria for the job to be as follows:

  • [EXAMPLE 1]
  • [EXAMPLE 2]

The estimated number of hours to complete this job is [HOURS] hours, and I hereby quote a rate of [DOLLARS] per [HOUR OR DAY].

This quote is a level of effort quotation specifying the estimated number of hours required to complete the job.  The job may require more or less hours and the customer is responsible for all hours worked.

If you have any questions regarding this job quotation, please don’t hesitate to contact the undersigned at [PHONE] or [EMAIL].





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