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Music Artist Sponsorship Proposal Template

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Music Artist Sponsorship Proposal

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About the band

(Use this page of the template to describe your band thoroughly. Who are you? What’s your style and genre? Do you tour nationally, locally, or internationally? How long have you been around? What’s the average audience size at your shows? What’s the demographic data of your audiences? Who sponsors you already?)

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What we provide to our sponsors & partners

Music artist sponsorship is a great way to drive organic brand impressions and positive interaction. As a natural part of doing what we do, our band provides an exciting, engaging atmosphere where our audience comes together to enjoy our work. These live events represent a strategic opportunity for brands whose target audiences intersect ours. Here’s how your company can benefit from sponsoring our live events:

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On-stage mentions

Our sponsors are afforded the opportunity to place signage at key areas throughout the venues we perform in, including on our vehicles and stage. This provides high-value brand visibility.

We show our appreciation for our sponsors and partners by mentioning them on stage. We may give your company a “shout-out” between songs, or mention your products during a performance. We’ve also used or consumed products from our sponsors during live shows, and encouraged our audience to do the same.

In addition to interacting with our audience during our live shows, we employ a concerted digital marketing effort to build our brand online. This represents an opportunity for our partners and sponsors in the form of:

  • Band Website: We will list [Client.Company] brand on our website as an appreciated sponsor.

  • Newsletters: We will highlight your products and services in our email newsletter.

  • Video Content: We will appear in videos promoting your product or service at your request.

  • Social Media: We will promote your brand, products, and services to our audience via social media.

What you’ll provide to support the partnership

A music artist sponsorship is a true partnership with both sides contributing to success of another party. In addition to an affordable sponsorship fee, you’ll need to provide the following:

  • Signage: If you’d like signage posted during live shows, you’ll need to provide it to us. We’ll pass it on to the venue for hanging/posting.

  • Product: We’re happy to use your products in front of our audience in an organic way. [Client.Company] needs to provide any product you’d like us to use this way.

  • Logos/ Graphic Assets: You’ll need to provide us with any digital visual assets you’d like us to place online in places including our website and social media.

Sponsorship Rates

Music artist sponsorship is one of the best ways to reach an active and engaged target audience, while also being extremely affordable. Here’s a breakdown of the fees we ask of our partners and sponsors:





Item 1

Description of first item




Item 2

Description of second item




Item 3

Description of third item




Ready to Rock?

Just sign below to approve this sponsorship proposal. We’ll be in touch to schedule a meeting to discuss next steps.




Music Artist Sponsorship Proposal Template

Used 6,591 times

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