Idaho Bill of Sale

If you’re buying or selling a car or boat in Idaho, you’ll need a bill of sale to transfer the title. A bill of sale can also provide legal protection and documentation for transactions involving firearms, computer equipment, and other valuable property. Learn how to prepare a legal bill of sale in Idaho and what needs to be included.

Idaho Bill of Sale Forms by Type

Important Terms for a Bill of Sale

  • Seller(s): The party or person(s) offering an item for purchase in the transaction
  • Buyer(s): The person(s) or the party paying money for the item in the transaction
  • Payment: The money given in exchange for an item in the transaction
  • As-Is: Indicates that the item carries no warranty or promise of fitness for a particular purpose
  • Gift: Indicates that the seller intends the buyer to receive an item without any compensation in return
  • Notary public: A public officer who has no interest in the transaction and can attest to the signatures of the parties involved

1. Idaho Bill of Sale Requirements

Idaho requires a bill of sale for all vehicle and boat transactions. Although gun sales don’t require a particular document, a bill of sale is commonly created as a record of the transaction. 

All bills of sale need to include information that clearly identifies the seller, the buyer, and the item being transferred, and record the details of the transaction itself, such as the price and date.

For vehicles and boats, the buyer will turn in the bill of sale when they register their purchase with the state. The seller should always keep a copy of the document, since it could establish the date that they are no longer liable for any injuries or damage caused by the property. 

Why Use a Bill of Sale?

For the buyer, a bill of sale can be used as proof of ownership while waiting for a new title or other documents. The bill of sale also serves as a record of the purchase price and seller.

For the seller, a bill of sale specifies the date you gave up ownership of the item, which can prevent you from being held liable for any accidental damage or injuries that occur after you’ve given up possession of a car, boat, or firearm.

Additional Considerations

Language Requirements

Idaho doesn’t have a language requirement for bills of sale, but it is advisable to use English or provide an English translation to be sure that state employees will be able to properly process and file the form. 

Number of Copies

You’ll need to make two copies of the document in addition to the original — one for the seller, and one for the state. The buyer generally holds on to the original. 

Junk Vehicles

The State of Idaho considers a vehicle “salvage” when the owner or insurance company decides that the cost of parts and labor compared to the value of the vehicle make it uneconomical to repair. In most cases, your insurance company or salvage yard will take care of the paperwork for you, but the state offers a salvage certificate form in case you need one. 

After Purchasing a Vehicle

Your vehicle must be titled in Idaho before you can register it. If you buy from a dealer or finance through a bank, they will handle the titling for you. If you buy from an individual, you can apply for the title and registration at the same time. 

To register your new vehicle, bring the following items with you to your nearest county assessor motor vehicle office:

  • The vehicle: A deputy will need to inspect the vehicle identification number (VIN) in person. 
  • Current title and registration: If the title hasn’t already been changed to your name, make sure it’s been signed by the seller and that you have the bill of sale document. 
  • Your valid identification:Bring a state-issued driver’s license or ID card.
  • Cash or check: You’ll need to pay taxes and fees.
  • Proof of insurance:Your car insurance provider can send this via mail or email if you don’t have a copy on hand.

If you are staying out of state when you buy the car, contact the motor vehicle office to ask about handling the registration by mail. 

2. Idaho Car (Vehicle) Bill of Sale

You can download an Idaho bill of sale for vehicle transactions online. 

Make sure you fill out the form accurately, including

  • Buyer & seller’s personal information
  • VIN 
  • Title number
  • Vehicle year, make, and model
  • Description of the vehicle and its condition
  • Odometer reading (note whether the miles are actual)
  • Selling price
  • Sale date
  • Details of any liens, including name and address of the lienholder.

The seller’s signature area should include a disclosure that says they’ve agreed to the price, the odometer reading is accurate to the best of their knowledge, and they’ve disclosed all known brands to the buyer. 

The buyer’s signature area should include a statement that they are aware of the odometer reading and that they agree to apply for a title within 30 days of the transaction. 

3. Idaho Boat Bill of Sale

The bill of sale for boats in Idaho is similar to the one used for cars. The form needs to include:

  • Buyer & seller’s personal information
  • Hull ID and registration ID
  • Title number
  • Boat year, make, and length
  • Description of the vehicle and its condition
  • Whether a trailer is included and, if yes, the make and model
  • Whether an outboard motor is included and, if yes, the make, year, and horsepower
  • Odometer reading in hours
  • Selling price
  • Sale date
  • Details of any liens, including name and address of lien holder.

The seller’s signature area should include a disclosure that they have informed the buyer of any known defects. Both the buyer and seller should sign and date the form. It’s not necessary to have the bill of sale notarized. 

4. Idaho Firearm Bill of Sale

Idaho doesn’t require guns to be registered, but it’s still a good idea to execute a bill of sale as a record of the transaction.

Be sure to include:

  • Buyer & seller’s personal information, full address, date of birth, and drivers license number
  • Date of the sale
  • Make, model, caliber of the firearm
  • Serial number of the gun
  • Purchase price and date of payment
  • Any other conditions of the agreement.

While private gun sales aren’t regulated in Idaho, note that it is illegal to sell a gun to a minor without parental consent, or to a gang member or someone who will give the gun to a gang member. You might want to include a statement above the buyer’s signature noting that they are not associated with any gangs or gang activity. 

5. Technology Bill of Sale

Although it’s not required by the State of Idaho, you might want to issue a bill of sale if you give away or sell a computer or mobile device. Phones, tablets, and computers are increasingly used in cybercrime like cyberstalking, child pornography, and identity theft. If such a crime were traced to a device you formerly owned, a bill of sale could protect you from liability by recording the date you ceased to control the device.

In your bill of sale, include:

  • Buyer & seller’s personal information
  • Manufacturer, model number, and serial number of the device
  • Features and condition
  • Selling price
  • The date that control of the device was transferred to the buyer

If you don’t know the buyer, consider having the document notarized for an extra layer of protection.

6. Other Bills of Sale 

You can create a bill of sale for any large purchase, such as horses, antiques, art, collectibles, or sporting equipment, even if it’s not required by Idaho law. 

FAQ: About the Idaho Bill of Sale

Can I create my own Idaho bill of sale?

You can create your own bill of sale as long as you clearly identify the seller, buyer, property being transferred, and date and price of the sale. If the property is a car, it’s important to include the VIN number and odometer reading. Both the buyer and seller need to sign the document.

Does a firearm need a bill of sale in Idaho?

Guns do not need to be registered in Idaho, so a bill of sale is not required by law. It is a good idea to create one in order to record the date of the transfer and protect the seller from liability after that date.

What information do I need for an Idaho bill of sale?

Your document should include:

  • Buyer & seller’s personal information
  • A description of the goods being sold, including any identifying numbers or information
  • Other information that impacts the price, such as the dam and sire of a horse or history of ownership of a collectible item
  • A careful description of the condition of the item
  • Statements about “as-is” condition or “final sale” if there are no warranties or promises attached to the sale
  • The selling price
  • The date of the transaction
  • A signed statement by the seller that they have revealed everything they know about any defects, damages, or other issues
  • Signatures of both parties

Bill of Sale Forms by State

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