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Showcase your proposal clearly and persuasively with one of PandaDoc’s tailored templates. We have proposals for all types of web development fields, including eCommerce, WordPress, SaaS, IT, and more. We thoroughly research and test all of our templates.

Cybersecurity Proposal Template

Cybersecurity Proposal Template

Deploy a Cybersecurity Proposal Template when presenting a detailed plan to enhance or establish robust cybersecurity measures within an organization.

Big Data Project Proposal

Big Data Project Proposal

Leverage a Big Data Project Proposal template when outlining a detailed plan for implementing a significant data-driven initiative within an organization.

Development Proposal Templates

According to Statista, there were approximately 5.16 million Internet users worldwide in January 2022. That’s over 60% of the world’s population. And DataReportal claims that this percentage permanently rises. The year-to-year growth of Шnternet users is currently about 2%. 

BankMyCell also reports that more than 86% of people worldwide use smartphones to go online. That’s why it is so important for companies across the world to create their own websites, as well as mobile apps. Such a trend opens wide business opportunities for programming teams and freelancers.

Experts believe that an IT enterprise may get a good client only if an impactful development proposal is in place to attract a prospect. Such offers have numerous specific features. You can make your life easier by using high-quality templates to create such offers. 

Providers of all purposes and sizes can find various samples of development proposals at PandaDoc examples are made by highly qualified specialists. That’s why you’ll probably hook a customer by employing them.

How to Create a Development Offering

A web proposal should contain only checked information. Experts recommend programmers learn about their potential clients as well as services proposed by those customers deeply before sending offers to them. Qualitative development offerings should include the following information:

Each PandaDoc web design proposal template involves the necessary features and examples of what information every section should include.

Development Offering Benefits

Such documents allow your clients to make sure that you’re really able to create a suitable online platform or application. The other advantages are:

The mentioned pros work only if an IT specialist makes the right offer. You can use a PandaDoc website development proposal template for not to fail.

Types of Web Offer Samples at PandaDoc.Com

Among the most popular examples of web creation offering examples, the following ones should be highlighted:

FAQ: Development Proposals

What is a development proposal?

A development proposal is an offer by an ordinary coder or a programming team to create from scratch, renovate, maintain, etc., a website, mobile app, or piece of software. Such an offer should include detailed information on what developers can improve/create and how it would help a business owner. The specified offers have to contain the ultimate price of the proposed services.

How do I write a web development proposal using PandaDoc?

Initially, visitors need to create an account or log in. The registration process is entirely free. Developers should enter their email and come up with a reliable passcode to sign up. Authorized users can get any development proposal template for free. They should find the necessary sample and click the corresponding button to download the needed example. After that, coders just have to fill the empty spaces and lines in the template.

What should be included in a website redesign proposal?

Such offerings usually involve information about a development company, what problems a potential customer currently has, how the IT enterprise may help a prospect to solve the issues, which tools programmers will use to achieve the set purposes, and why a potential client should choose the particular software engineering team. Finally, the proposed services and CTA should have a final price. Here, prospects may get a fresh site appearance, new logo, different site map, etc.