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Comprehension and Background
Work Schedule
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Treat this section as a primer for what’s to come. Identify the reason you’re writing the proposal to begin with, then an overview of how you plan to execute your proposal and solve the issue of your potential client. As an example, we’ve used software engineering, but this template can be adapted for any type of engineering project.

Thank you for taking the time to review my company’s proposal to develop software for your dog-walking service. After speaking with [Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName], I understand [Client.Company] is seeking to expand its business through a new mobile app for customers to manage their dog-walking schedule.

As it stands, [Client.Company] has a website in which appointments can be made and schedules can be changed, but it has not been updated in some time and clients are increasingly asking for the convenience of a mobile app. [Client.Company] is satisfied with its current website, but would like to integrate a mobile app to satisfy existing customers and hopefully attract new ones.

[Sender.Company] has a well-rounded history in software engineering, and particularly in the field of mobile app design. Our team of 12 engineers can build applications for the web, home computers, office networks, and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. In fact, we’ve recently built apps or improved upon existing ones for companies such as Munchery, Lyft, Yahoo, and Indeed.

I am confident [Sender.Company] can meet your needs and deliver an exceptional product on time and within budget. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly.


[Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName]



Comprehension and Background

Here’s where you show the client that you have a technical competence for the task at hand, although being concise here is important as well. It’s unlikely minutia will sway a client either way, so don’t get too in the weeds when it comes to the process. Show the client your technical prowess, and any relevant images you can use will help boost your concept. This is also where you show clients that you did your homework about their company and their needs.

[Client.Company] has been operating a dog-walking service in the San Francisco Bay Area for 15 years. Originally a two-person team, the company has grown year after year and now employs 45 professional dog-walkers, an office staff of 7, and a management team of 4. [Client.Company] is known as one of the top dog-walking providers in the Bay Area, and often receives new business through word-of-mouth.

In the past year, [Client.Company] has recorded a large uptick in customer requests for more access. Customers would like to have the ability to manage their accounts via mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

[Sender.Company] envisions a simple but effective app that will allow people to manage their accounts, make immediate changes to their dog-walking schedule, communicate with their dog-walker via the app, and use GPS technology to track their pets while they are being cared for. The app will also be the go-to platform for signing up new customers. It will be created for both iOS and Android operating systems, free to download.

Because customers’ financial and other personal information will be stored in their accounts, and the app will also collect location data from customers and employees using the app, [Sender.Company] will employ the latest security features to ensure safety. We will also rigorously test these security features before launch to ensure they are properly functioning.

Also before launch, [Sender.Company] will conduct focus groups and perform product testing to work out any kinks and develop an understanding of what existing and future customers want from the app. This will be done with existing customers and randomly selected people.

Upon launch, [Sender.Company] will also collect analytics information and review it with [Client.Company]. This will provide a comprehensive window into customer engagement with the app, and any issues/complaints customers or employees have. This information is valuable for future versions of the app and will greatly inform updates.

Work Schedule

This section is straightforward, but it’s also a good way to keep yourself organized. While your clients will have an understanding of the time commitment in hiring your company, you will also be able to visualize the scope of the project. If your company works better on time estimates, make sure that’s clear.

Here is an estimate from beginning to launch for the new app:



This is the “in-summary” section, essentially describing the various outcomes that could happen. If you are only partially engineering something for a large-scale project, tell your clients how your work fits into the overall project. This section might not be necessary for all types of engineering projects.

Once [Sender.Company] completes and launches a new app for [Client.Company], we expect an instant positive reaction from existing customers since this is something they have been requesting. Customers will have better control over their accounts and dog-walking schedules, as well as new features such as GPS monitoring and account suspension or cancellation features. They will also have a place to log and/or resolve complaints, change their billing information, and also recruit new users if they so choose.

Meet Your Engineers

By the time you get to this section, you will have already given a brief introduction of your company. This is the part where you hold nothing back, while not going overboard, to show clients that you and your team are the experts they want to hire. Give a bio on the essential team members who will be working on the project and why they are qualified to do so. Include photos as well to personalize the bios. This is basically the “resume” section.

[Sender.Company] has been developing software for companies large and small since 2002. We have a core team of 12 engineers with diverse backgrounds in software engineering who’ve never met a project they couldn’t handle. Here are a few of the folks who will be developing your new app:

Copy of girlJane Smith, Lead Engineer

“Jane came to [Sender.Company] through an internship while studying at Dartmouth. We were so impressed with her that upon graduating with honors five years ago, Jane accepted our offer to move to California and help change the world. She has a particular affinity for app development, since she herself sees the great potential for apps to make people’s lives better and less stressful. One of her recent projects was redesigning the job-search app for Indeed, which led to a 20% increase in users in the three months since its launch.”

cleaning-guy-bossJohn Smith, Director of Development

“When it comes to software engineering, it’s not about the product, it’s about the users. That’s John’s mantra, but he’s full of other sage advice. John did his undergrad in engineering at Cal Poly, and received his master’s from CIT. As one of the founding team members of [Sender.Company], John is the visionary and leader of the staff, and also the grease that makes the engine run smoothly. He oversees all projects and will intimately involved in every development process.”

Budget and Agreement

Make sure you account for all costs associated with hiring your company so everything is clear from the start. Also make clear when you expect to be paid and how.


Upon signing this agreement, work can begin immediately with a payment of one-third of the total project budget. Another one-third is due midway through the project, with the remainder payable upon launch of the app.


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