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Create, customize and publish online forms with PandaDoc. Collect the information you need and turn it into a task in seconds. Easily share your forms by copying the direct link.

Opt-in form

Opt-in Form

Create opt-in forms quickly and easily with drag-and-drop form fields, automated workflows, and secure data storage.

Form 5695 template

Form 5695

Form 5695 is a crucial document the IRS provides to any homeowner looking into clean energy. This form helps homeowners calculate and claim tax returns on energy-efficient residential properties.

TD1 Form 2022

TD1 Forms: A Complete Guide for Employers and Employees

TD1 forms are essential business documents. PandaDoc provides a range of TD1 templates, both federal and provincial (for numerous years), thus allowing employers to create and host their own custom TD1s. This approach saves significant amounts of time and money.

TD1 Form New Brunswick

Free Electronic TD1NB Form (TD1 New Brunswick)

Download and customize PandaDoc’s digital TD1NB form (also called a New Brunswick Personal Tax Credits Return). Creating your own form has several benefits. It allows you to simplify data entry for your employees. It provides increased security. And you can sync your form with your database, enabling the speedy, automated transfer of information and removing the need for manual data entry.

TD1 Form Manitoba

Free Electronic TD1MB Form (TD1 Manitoba)

Employers are required to collect TD1MB forms from their employees. Use this free template from PandaDoc to create your own custom form, distribute it to members of your team through a secure online portal, and automate the collection and storage of confidential data.

TD1AB Form

Free Electronic TD1AB Form (TD1 Alberta)

Use this electronic template of the TD1AB (Alberta Personal Tax Credits Return) for 2021 to create forms and distribute them to your employees through a secure online portal. Collecting tax information from your workers in this way is much quicker than relying on paper forms.

TD1ON Form

Free Online TD1ON Form (TD1 Ontario)

Create a custom TD1ON form (personal tax credits return for Ontario) and distribute it to your employees through a secure online portal. Automatically collect, store, and access data on PandaDoc’s secure servers.

Student loan application form

Student Loan Application Form

Use a free, customizable template to create student loan application forms in a few clicks. Provide your contact information, school information, loan details, and signatures directly through your form.

Loan exit interview

Loan Exit Interview

Create a free loan exit interview form with PandaDoc’s free, customizable template. Add electronic signatures and store data securely while saving time and resources.

Site Safety Inspection Report Forms

Site Safety Inspection Report Forms

Create site safety inspection forms, site report forms, and inspection checklists. Customize reports for each site and location, and update as necessary.

New Customer Registration Form

New Customer Registration Form

‌Use PandaDoc’s free template to create a beautifully designed new customer registration form. Introduce your new customers to your brand and gather key information to develop a lasting relationship.

Job Safety Observation Form

Job Safety Observation Form

Easily customize job safety observation forms to increase inspection efficiency. Complete observations in the workplace with PandaDoc’s easy-to-use mobile app to improve workplace safety.

Commercial Loan Application Form

Commercial Loan Application Form

Create commercial loan application forms in minutes, complete with electronic signatures and drag-and-drop information fields. Streamline your document workflows and save time and resources for your financial organization.

business loan application form

Business Loan Application Form

Build business loan application forms quickly and easily with PandaDoc’s drag-and-drop template. Customize your forms in minutes and streamline your financial organization’s document workflow.

IT Service ticket form

IT Service Ticket Form

Improve productivity and efficiency with easy-to-use IT support ticket templates. Organize IT service requests from customers for timely responses.

time off request form

Time Off Request Form

Customize your time off request form easily with drag-and-drop form fields. Streamline employee time-off requests with complete information. Create a printable form or keep it digital.

hipaa authorization form

HIPAA Authorization Form

Edit HIPAA authorization forms in a single click. Customize documents with intuitive drag-and-drop tools. Collect eSignatures and payments in real-time.

counseling consent form

Counseling Consent Form

Use PandaDoc’s free, customizable template to create counseling consent forms with just a few clicks. Streamline your healthcare organization’s entire document workflow.

Financial aid application

Financial Aid Application Form

Use PandaDoc’s free, customizable template to create financial aid application form with just a few clicks. Add electronic signatures, rich media, and drag-and-drop information fields.

home loan application

Home Loan Application Form

Create a custom home loan application for your customers with easy drag-and-drop form fields, automated workflows, and convenient electronic signatures.

Expense Report Form

Expense Report Form

Download PandaDoc’s free expense report form template to streamline your document workflows, and save time and resources.

Equipment Loan Form

Equipment Loan Form

Edit forms in a single click. Customize equipment loan forms with intuitive drag-and-drop tools. Collect eSignatures and payments in real-time.

Consumer Loan Application Form

Consumer Loan Application Form

Create your consumer loan application form in a few clicks. Add unique links and drag-and-drop information fields. Streamline your document workflows, get reliable data, and save time and resources.

information request form

Information Request Form

Create information request forms quickly and easily with drag-and-drop form fields, automated workflows, and secure data storage.

Tax Registration Form

Tax Registration Form

Edit forms with a single click. Collect and submit all information needed. Register as an individual or business taxpayer. Stay compliant with tax regulations.

Dealer Registration Form

Dealer Registration Form

Use this dealer registration form template in your organization to collect information from third-party vendors. Cut down on administrative tasks, and stay ahead of your competitors.

Loan Pre-Application Form

Loan Pre-Application Form

Easily create a customized loan pre-application form in a few clicks. Streamline contract management of the loan process in a timely manner. ‌

Covid-19 (CoronaVirus) Questionnaire

COVID-19 Questionnaire

Customize your COVID-19 Questionnaire. Record, and store important information online. Easily access data from any device.

Auto Loan Application Form

Auto Loan Application Form

Use PandaDoc to efficiently create and complete auto loan application forms across departments in minimal time.

Business Registration Form

Business Registration Form

Use this free business registration form to register your business with the relevant agency in your jurisdiction. All of the fields are fully customizable and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Product Survey Form

Product Survey Form

Create product survey forms in a few clicks. Add rich media, unique links, and drag-and-drop information fields. Streamline your document workflows, get reliable data, and save time and resources.

Appointment Request Form

Appointment Request Form

Create appointment request forms in a few clicks. Add electronic signatures, rich media, and drag-and-drop information fields. Streamline your document workflows.

Online Donation Form

Online Donation Form

Create and host fully customized online donation forms quickly and easily. Leverage drag-and-drop form fields, ready-made templates, and time-saving automation tools.

Psychology Informed Consent Form

Psychology Consent Form

Create detailed psychology consent forms quickly and easily with drag-and-drop form fields, reusable content libraries, and workflow automation tools.

rental application form

Rental Application Form

Create detailed, comprehensive rental application forms in minutes with drag-and-drop form fields, reusable templates, and customizable automation tools.

Employment Application Form

Employment Application Form

Streamline your internal application, evaluation, and hiring processes with PandaDoc’s employment application form template, form builder, and automation tools.

Job Application Form

Job Application Form

Streamline your recruitment processes and create job application forms quickly and easily with PandaDoc’s suite of document creation tools.

petition form

Petition Form

Gather support for your cause quickly and easily. Use this simple, fully customizable, and free petition form template to create petition forms in minutes. It is available in several formats and integrates with your data management software for secure storage of responder details.

Dental Consent Form

Dental Consent Form

Use Pandadoc’s free, customizable template to create dental consent forms in a few clicks. Streamline your healthcare organization’s entire document workflow.

Signup Form (Membership Application)

Signup Form

Create signup forms in a few clicks. Save time and resources with PandaDoc’s drag-and-drop form builder, payment buttons, and automated online storage syncing.

Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Application Form

Create volunteer application forms in a few clicks. Add electronic signatures, rich media, and drag-and-drop information fields. Streamline your document workflows, find the best volunteers, and save time and resources.

Order Form

Order Form

Quickly create customized order forms using PandaDoc’s intuitive online form builder and free order form templates.

Telehealth Consent Form

Telehealth Consent Form

Create legally-robust telehealth consent forms with PandaDoc’s drag-and-drop form builder and automated approval and collaboration tools.

Online Form Templates

Save your time and resources by eliminating the need for writing forms from scratch. At PandaDoc, you can find the largest collection of free online form templates for any purpose. Download and print the blank forms templates to complete them at your pace if you need a physical document. Or just open and access our sample forms to fill out, e-sign, and share online. 

Why Use Form Templates

What are Printable Information Form Templates?

Printable form templates are pre-formatted blank form samples that you can fill out and share online or print out and fill in manually. They are generally used to create legally binding agreements between two or more parties or create a document that lets one party formally contact the government, institution, company, or organization.

Even though the printable informational samples suggest a type of physical document, you can still interact with them online – fill out, write, sign, and send, which is why they are most commonly known as online forms.

Types of Informational Form Templates

The list of online form samples is not complete and may be extended to more narrow domains and specific use cases. To find the right sample per your needs, use our navigation bar or just type the title in the search bar. Here, you can browse the most common types of free information forms available at PandaDoc.

More examples include loan forms to manage loans, educational ones to communicate with establishments, rental to handle rent/lease activities, notary ones that go with obligatory notarization, and so on. 

How to Create Form Templates Per Your Needs

The first step in creating a sample online form is to determine its purpose and select the right type of template. Creating one from scratch may be a daunting task, therefore, using an editable sample that meets your needs is more than justified. Here are the general sections you need to examine and fill out when creating your document:

What are Web Form Templates?

Website forms are web-based samples used to collect information from website visitors. They are an important tool for interaction with web visitors and communicating information in a structured way. By its nature, they are user-friendly and allow users to enter information quickly and easily from any device.

By using website forms, you can:

Website Forms by Type

Knowing the purpose of the website and the required features of your website form will help you choose the right type and sample. In most website templates you can customize text, colors, and fonts so that the sample placed at your resource would match your brand identity. Here are the most common samples are:

This list can be extended with application form examples, subscriptions, quote requests, and feedback polls. 

Online Form FAQ

What are form templates?

Form templates are pre-designed fill-in-the-blank layouts that let you gather data from people. You can use it for surveys, registrations, quizzes, and other online activities. The PandaDoc free downloadable forms can be customized with text, images, logos, and other elements to match the look and feel of your website.

What is a form format?

A form format defines the type of user interaction and its overall look. By format, we can distinguish:

  • Structured. These forms let you collect data in a consistent, pre-defined manner. They often include a set of question-answers options and guide the user through the data collection process.
  • Free-form. Such documents imply a flexible data collection process. The users are not limited to the information choice and can fill in the fields in writing. Use PandaDoc fillable form templates for collecting open-ended information, such as opinions or feedback.

How can I create an online form template using Pandadoc?

Creating an online form template with PandaDoc is easy and takes just a couple of minutes. Register or log into your PandaDoc account and select the template sample. Begin editing the sample information and fill in your data where required. You may also add fields to your template including text fields, tables, check boxes, and more. When you’re done creating your template, click “Save” to save your changes. You may add your e-signature on the spot or invite other members to add theirs. To share the form with others, click the “Share Template” button. You can then email it to whoever you’d like to share it with.